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Endless Obsession – Episode 22

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Episode 22








I stand in my closet and stare at the contents. Why didn’t I buy more clothes when I went boot shopping yesterday? I have skirts, dresses, slacks, and every color blouse imaginable, but not one damn thing I can wear that has a western feel to it. I’m such an idiot. I should have done what Asher suggested and bought a plaid shirt. Maybe I can talk him into letting me shop if we have the time while we’re there.






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A stirring of desire blasts through me when I think about spending the next few days with him. But then guilt trickles in when I think about Sterling. Both men have me tied in knots and fill me with confusion. I have no right to feel the way I do toward Asher. He’s my boss for Christ’s sake. I’ve worked for him coming up on a year and yes, I’ve had several fantasies featuring him, but it’s one-sided. He’s not interested in me. And Sterling, I still don’t know who he is. But the pull I feel toward him is undeniable and won’t be ignored.







A hand pushes me aside and then extends out to reach for a blue silk shirt, then a red one. Without saying a word, Liv leaves the closet. Slumping my shoulders, I follow her and plop down on my bed.




“Why did you let me leave the store without buying something that would help me blend in with the locals?” I whine. “I can’t go dancing in that.” I pluck up the blue shirt and let it drop back to the bed.




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“Oh, stop pouting,” Liv reprimands. “You don’t even know if you’ll have time to do anything. And, if you do, just insist that you need to go shopping.”






I watch Liv fold my clothes and place them in my suitcase. I’m nervous and excited all at once, which has my body both jittery and jumpy. The only thing I’ll miss is Sterling and the chance of him coming to me. Today’s Thursday. When he got back to town on Monday evening, not Tuesday evening as he previously said, he told me he had some things that came up and wouldn’t be able to come to me until tonight. He hasn’t brought up my impending trip with Asher again, but he knows I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. I wonder if this visit is a reminder to me that I belong to him. I have no idea what tonight will entail. Is he planning on revealing himself, or just claiming my body so thoroughly I won’t forget him while I’m gone? He doesn’t have to worry about that. I’m one of the last people Asher would want to have an affair with. My only problem is, I don’t know if I would refuse Asher if he did want me. I want to say no, just for the simple fact that I have Sterling in my life now, but I’m not entirely sure I could. And I worry that makes me a terrible person.






“Get off your ass and help me pack your suitcase. I have to meet Tony in an hour.” Liv swats me on the butt.




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I stick my tongue out at her, earning me another swat. Laughing, I walk over to the dresser and pull open my top drawer. The memory of finding it open and gone



through flashes in my mind. I still don’t think I left it open, but the alternative is shudder worthy, so I try to ignore it. I pull out several pairs of bra and panty sets, along with a few thigh-highs and walk them over to the suitcase.






“I think Asher wants to fu.ck you,” Liv says out of the blue, shocking the shit out of me.






I look over at her with my mouth hanging open to see her looking at me out of the corner of her eye as she continues packing.






“Have you lost your mind? Where in the world did you get that from?” First Eric, and now Asher. The girl is delusional.






“You really have no idea, do you?” she asks curiously and turns to face me, her head tilted slightly.






“No idea about what?”







“How amazingly beautiful you are.”



A soft smile forms on my lips at her words. Liv can be so sweet sometimes, even if other times I really think she’s gone off the deep end. I, by no means think I’m ugly, but I also think Liv likes to romanticize men when it comes to me. She’s so happy with Tony, she wants me to have what they have, and hopefully one day I will. But she needs to stop with this crap.






“I think you like to see things that aren’t there,” I tell her, taking the skirt from her hands and folding it, then placing it on top of the others.






“And I think you need to open your eyes and see what’s in front of you.”







“I’ve worked for Asher for almost a year, Liv. I would think if he was interested he would have made it known by now. Besides, there’s Sterling.”







She sighs and pushes back the suitcase. Grabbing my hand, she pulls me down so I’m sitting beside her.




“The Sterling thing is a fantasy. He’s not even real yet, and won’t be until he actually shows his face. And Asher may not have come right out and said how he feels, but I see it when he looks at you. I’ve seen it for a while. I think he tries to hide it, but sometimes he can’t and it slips through. There are times he looks at you like you hung the stars.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me. “And sometimes, he looks at you like a starving man with a juicy steak in front of him. My point is, you can’t put your life on hold for some faceless man, not when another good man is there, willing and waiting.”




I pull my hand from hers and get up from the bed. I pace my floor in front of her.


Anytime I’m uncertain or nervous, I pace. It helps calm my racing thoughts.







“I just can’t ignore Sterling, Liv. Even without knowing who he is, I feel like I need to give it a chance. There’s something that’s pulling me toward him and won’t let me back away. As far as Asher, well, you know I’m not the type of person to just sleep with someone for the hell of it. And I think you’re way off base. Asher has never acted like he wanted a relationship with me. It’s always been business between us. At least Sterling has been truthful with his feelings and intentions. I don’t feel right stringing them both along.






I stop pacing and turn to her. Her expression is filled with pity. I hate that look.







“Just promise me you’ll keep an open mind and won’t completely close the door on the possibility.”






At her earnest look, I give into her. It’s the least I can do.







“I promise,” I tell her with a smile.



She gets up from the bed and comes to me for a hug. We break apart and she walks back to the bed and grabs her purse.



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“Okay, I’m off. Tony will have my hide if I’m late. Call me when you get to Dallas.”






I walk her to the door and pull it open. “I will.”







“And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” she says, turning around and giving me a wink.






I laugh. “So in other words, do everything?”







“Yep, pretty much.”







We both laugh and hug one more time, before she walks out, leaving me even more confused than I was before she got here.


I just walk out of the bathroom and into my bedroom with a towel wrapped around me when I feel a tingle of awareness at my neck. I freeze in my tracks and hold my breath. I don’t know how, but I know Sterling is nearby. Without moving the rest of my body, I turn my head and look around. Sterling hasn’t told me when he



would show his face, just that it would be soon, that this time next week I would know who he is. Is he here now, in my room, watching me?







My eyes land on the window and I suck in a breath when I see movement. I’m just about to move that way when my phone on the dresser starts ringing. Keeping my eyes on the window, I move to grab it. Sterling’s name appears on the screen.






“Hello?” I answer, my heart racing and my breathing turning hurried. It always does when I talk to or text Sterling.






“Hey, Poppy,” he replies, his voice deep with desire. Butterflies swarm in my belly, making my stomach flop. “You look beautiful wrapped up in that towel. I want to unwrap it and lick off all the droplets of water you left behind.”







A shiver races down my spine, and I have to put my hand on the dresser for support when my legs go weak. It still amazes me that a man I’ve never seen before can affect me so much.






“I want that, too.” Even my voice sounds weak with desire.







“Release your hair for me. I want to see it falling around your bare shoulders,” he says thickly. I briefly notice his accent seems off a bit tonight.







Without taking my eyes off the window, I reach back and release the clip that’s holding up my hair. I give my head a slight shake and the thick mass falls down. A few tendrils that managed to escape during my shower sticks to my cheeks and I push them back.




The slight groan from him makes my body tremble.







“Thank you, baby. I love your hair. Do you know what I want to do with it?”






“What?” I ask breathlessly.







“I want to grab a handful and hold your head just right for me to claim your lips. I want to wrap it around my fist as I fu.ck you with long sure strokes from behind. I want to fill both hands with it as I guide your head, while I fill your mouth with my cock.”






I hold tight to the dresser as visions of what Sterling just said run through my head. I want that so much. I want his hands on me again. I want to feel him pull my hair as he fu.cks me senseless. To feel his lips glide across my skin. The mark he left on my neck the other night tingles. It’s faded and hardly noticeable now, but I want him to mark me again, except all over my body this time. I want everyone to know


belong to him.







“Are you going to come in?” I ask, desperately wishing he’ll say yes.







“Not this time, Beautiful. If I come in, there’s no way I’ll leave.” His voice has deepened even more.






“Then don’t leave,” I tell him. The way he makes me feel, I’d be happy for the rest of my life if all we did was stay in bed. Anything to feel his touch again.






“I’ll be in your bed soon enough, and there’s no way I’ll be leaving it,” he says. I want to protest, but before I get a chance, he continues. “Drop the towel for me. Show me that sexy body of yours.”



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Under normal circumstances, I would never be brave enough to expose myself like he’s asking, but once again, Sterling makes me act out of the norm. Pleasing him is one of my greatest pleasures, and if that means dropping the towel and standing in my room na.ked as he watches from the window, then so be it.







I let go of the dresser and release the towel that’s tucked between my breasts. I don’t let it go right away. I stand there with it clutched in my hand as I stare at the window. Something shifts in the darkness, sending goosebumps up and down my arms, knowing he’s just on the other side of the thin pane of glass.




“Let it go, Poppy,” he demands softly in my ear.







Taking a deep breath, I let go of the towel. It drops with a whoosh and lands at my feet. The groan on the other end of the line is unmistakable, and it gives me a rush of power, knowing I can affect him so much.






“So fu.cking beautiful,” he whispers.







A blush creeps up my neck and into my cheeks at his praise. “Thank you,” I tell him.







“Go to the bed and lay down. If I can’t be in there to pleasure you, I want you to do it for me.”







I hesitate for a moment, feeling self-conscious, but oddly excited about the prospect of touching myself while he’s only feet away, watching. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude. I’ve played with myself before, just never in a situation like this.






Sterling stays silent as I work up the courage to do as he’s asked. I’m grateful he’s giving me time and not pressuring me. He knows when to push and when not to.







After several more seconds, I square my shoulders and turn toward the bed. Once I’m standing beside it, I turn to face the window again.






“Good, baby,” he continues to whisper softly. “Now lie back against the pillows.”




With the phone still clutched in my hand at my ear, I do as he says and lie down so I’m in a slightly reclined position against the pillows. I want to stay high enough so I can see the window. Even though I can’t see him, I still know he’s there, and I want to see the dark shadows he’s shrouded in.







“Bend and spread your legs for me. I want to see your pussy glistening with your juices.”







My breath gets stuck in my throat and my body is shaking from nerves with a deep-rooted need to please him. Breathing in deep for courage, I bend my knees and part my legs.






“Wider, Beautiful. I can’t see you yet,” he says gruffly. His breaths become heavier in my ear.



I spread my legs wider, and I know I’ve gone far enough when I hear his sharp intake of breath. I can feel my arousal leaking out of me and running down the crack of my ass. It feels erotic as hell, sitting here with my legs spread wide for Sterling’s viewing pleasure.







“Put your phone on speaker and set it beside you. I want both of your hands free for this.”







I push the speaker icon and set it down by my hip. The next time he speaks, his voice echoes throughout the room, almost like he’s in here with me. It feels like a caress against my skin.






“Damn, you’re fu.cking soaked,” he groans. “I can see it all the way from over here. My cock would slide right in so easily.”






“Yes,” I moan, arching my back and gripping the covers at my sides. His husky words are driving me insane. The pure need to feel him touch me has my body lighting on fire. My breaths come in puffs and my toes curl up.




The shadow at the window shifts. I can just barely make out a figure in dark clothes. I strain my eyes to try to see his face, but it’s too dark, leaving me frustrated.



“I’m so hard for you, Poppy. So fu.cking hard. Should I touch myself? Would you like that?”







I wither on the bed at the thought of him doing just that. I feel so exposed with my legs spread wide, but in such a naughty way.







“Yes, Sterling,” I whimper, still keeping my eyes on the window. “Please touch yourself.”







“Not without you, Beautiful. Strum your clit for me. I want to hear you moan in pleasure as I stroke my cock.”







With a boldness I never knew I possessed, I release one hand from the death grip I have on the covers and place it on my stomach. The minute I feel my hand, I shiver in delight. Never has touching myself felt so erotic. I slide it down over my pubic bone, then the small patch of hair until I reach the hood of my clit. I bite my lip to keep from yelling at the sensations my own touch sends through my body. I rub the hard nub in small circles. My eyes fall closed, and I imagine it’s Sterling that’s touching me. My finger turns rougher, more callused with my imagination. I whisper his name and pinch my clit, sending shockwaves down my legs.






My eyes open when Sterling says, “Damn, you look so incredibly delicious sprawled out on the bed like that. I want to crawl between your legs and feast on your pussy. Slide a finger inside. Show me how slick you are.”




Without a second thought, I do as he says and slip my fingers to my opening, and push it inside. I swear I’ve never been so wet in my life. Sterling was right, he’d have no trouble sliding his cock inside of me. I bow my back and lift my hips off the bed. It feels so damn good, but I still wish it was Sterling’s fingers in me, or better yet, his cock.


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“Another finger,” he growls. His tone and words turn my body to jelly.







I plunge another finger inside and my thumb goes to my clit. I hear Sterling groan beside me. Both of our breathing becomes heavy in the room. As much as I want to close my eyes, I still keep them on the window. It makes me feel more connected to him. I reach up with my unoccupied hand and palm my breast, pinching and twisting the nipple, just how I imagine Sterling would do if he were in here with me.






“Yes, Poppy,” he hisses. “Play with your tit. Are you imagining it’s my hand instead of yours?”






“Ahh… Sterling,” I shout when I feel my body tighten up, preparing for release.







“Do you know what I’m thinking about?” I’m so far gone I can’t form a reply. Sterling must sense my inability to speak because he doesn’t wait for an answer. “I’m thinking about your hand wrapped around my cock instead of mine. Your



mouth sucking the tip before sliding it to the back of your throat until you gag. Your pussy clenching me so tight and taking every bit of cum I have to give.”






I shudder and buck on the bed. My legs cramp from holding them so stiff. My fingers slide in and out a few more times, before I move them back to my clit. I’m right on the very edge of plunging over.






Sterling’s groans and his breaths become quicker and heavier. The shadow at the window jerks with his movements, and I know he’s working his cock faster with his hand. We’re both so close.







“Fuck, baby. When I finally get my hands on you, and you know who’s taking you, it’s going to be hard, fast, and rough.”







His words send black spots dancing in my eyes. My orgasm is so intense I feel it in every fiber of my being. My body convulses and it feels like I’m floating away in a million tiny pieces. Beside me, Sterling growls my name into the phone at the same time I hear him at the window. I know he’s finding his own release. I feel bereaved because I wasn’t able to witness it in person, but also excited in knowing it’s because of me that he did. It was me that he was looking at pleasuring myself. It was me he was thinking about as he stroked himself off. It was me he was imagining in his head.






Once I fully come back to myself, I slowly sit up. Now that it’s over and I’m able to think properly again, embarrassment starts taking over. I’ve never been so bold



before. Never would I have thought I would open myself up so completely and put myself in such a vulnerable position.






When I start to close my legs, Sterling demands, “Don’t.”







I stop and hold my legs halfway open. I’m stuck with indecision. I want to defy him and cover myself, but I can’t help but be pleased that he wants to continue to look at me. He makes me feel like I’m the most interesting and stunning vision in the world.






“Before you get dressed, there’s something I want you to do.” I hold still and wait for him to continue. “Walk to the window.”






On wobbly legs, I get off the bed and start moving forward, my heart pumping wildly with the thought of finally seeing him. I’m disappointed when I make it to the window and don’t see his shadowed figure anymore.







“Unlatch the lock.” I left the phone on the bed, so his voice is further away, but I still hear him just fine.






“Close your eyes,” he says, just barely loud enough for me to hear.




I close my eyes, and seconds later, I hear the window sliding up. It takes everything in me to keep them shut.






He must sense the war that’s raging in my head because he orders with a tone that brooks no argument. “Do not open your eyes.”






Although I bristle at his harsh words, I give a subtle nod, holding my breath with anticipation of what he’ll do next.






I don’t know how he manages to put himself at my level, but the next second I feel the whisper of his breath at my ear. He doesn’t touch me, but I know he’s only centimeters away.






“Put your fingers back in your pussy,” he whispers.







I shudder out a breath and a moan slips free. It takes me several seconds for my brain to work long enough to bring my hand back to my center. I slip my pointer and middle finger back inside my slick hole. Sterling’s breath whooshes out with a groan.






“Now hold them out for me.”

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I do as I’m told and hold my hand out. The warmth of Sterling’s mouth meets my fingers as he takes them inside and sucks greedily at them. This is so damn hot. The need that was quenched just a few seconds ago now comes back full force. My body vibrates with the need to open my eyes, pull Sterling inside the window, and demand he take me like I need him to.






Sterling’s tongue swirls around my fingers one last time before he pulls back. The loss I feel as his touch disappears is astounding. My disappointment doesn’t last long, though. The next moment, his lips are on mine and my world feels right again. It’s only his lips and tongue that touch me, but it feels like his entire body is caressing me. His kiss is addicting, and I never want to be cured from it. We tangle our tongues together, moaning into each other’s mouths.






He pulls back all too soon, and I almost open my eyes, but remember I’m not supposed to.






“I’ll see you when you get back from Texas,” he murmurs against my lips, reminding me of my upcoming trip and the time I’ll be spending alone with Asher.






With one more kiss to my lips, I feel him


back away.



I hear the slide of the window being closed, but it’s a few minutes before I open my eyes. It’s dark on the other side, with no shadowed figure. I release a shaky breath. I’m still so aroused that my thighs are wet from it.






I turn from the window and walk to the bathroom to clean up. When I look in the mirror, my cheeks are flushed and my lips are slightly swollen. My hair tumbles around my shoulders and looks wild. My eyes are bright, but have a sated look.


Even to myself, I look sexy and well-fu.cked, even though I wasn’t fu.cked at all. I can’t help the smile that forms on my face.







I grab a washcloth from the small cabinet underneath the sink and wet it with warm water to clean myself. After, with my limbs relaxed and exhaustion taking over, I crawl beneath the covers. My phone still sits on the bed, so I pick it up to set my alarm to wake up bright and early, the trip to Texas looking less and less exciting when I have a man like Sterling waiting for me.








Endless Obsession

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