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Endless Obsession – Episode 16

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Episode 16









I carefully slide the card back inside the envelope and put it on top of the lid, then reach out for the sheer material. It feels so soft and smooth in my hand. I’ve always had a thing for expensive lingerie; it’s my guilty pleasure. I know it’s a habit I shouldn’t have, since it’s such an expensive one, but it’s one thing I refuse to give up. There’s no better feeling than having the softest silky material against your skin all day. The contents of my underwear drawer are probably the most expensive thing in my house.




What I lift out of the box has me gasping in delight. It’s a white Juliette babydoll with a lace-covered satin bodice and short flowing sheer skirt that I know will show more than hide. There’s also a pair of satin white low-rise bikinis that would barely cover the curve of my ass, and a piece of soft scarf-length material. I pull the long piece of fabric out and run my fingers over it. It’s just as smooth as the babydoll.

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I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t wait to feel this against my body. I should be scared


of the possibility of meeting Sterling, and yes, I am a bit nervous, but the anticipation outweighs the nervousness tenfold. I just hope he’s everything I’ve dreamed of him being, and not the psychopath he could be.




I carefully put everything back inside the box and carry it to my room where I put it on the bed. I’m not sure what Sterling has planned tonight, or what time I should be ready, but I figure it won’t be until later.




Leaving the gorgeous lingerie behind, I walk back to the kitchen to finish my food, bouncing on my heels the entire time with a huge grin on my face.



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I step out of the shower after spending a good thirty minutes underneath the spray. I’ve shaved and reshaved my legs, pits, and my girly bits. With regards to my girly



bits, I left a small patch of hair in the center. I’ve shampooed and deep conditioned my hair so it will be soft and glossy once it dries. Standing in front of the mirror, I apply a sweet lavender scented lotion all over my body. Next, I brush my teeth twice and swish around some mouthwash until my mouth feels like it’s on fire. After drying my hair and leaving it falling loosely down my back in soft waves, I leave the bathroom and walk to my bed where the lingerie is still sitting in its box.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Some people may say I’m crazy for going to such lengths to impress a guy I’ve never met, and they’re right. But you know what? I have no fu.cks to give and have decided to throw caution to the wind and take a chance. It’s a chance I may well regret, but it’s one I’ll regret even more if I don’t.




I’ve never had a man think so much of me that he would go to the lengths that Sterling has just to know me. For eight long months, he’s taken the time to send me flowers that he knew I loved. Who does that? Every woman wants such a man, but even I have to admit the circumstances here are worrisome. But I have to know what this is, and figure out if it’s something worth going forward with.




He talks to me like he’d do anything to please me. He’s already shown me that he wants to take care of me, making me think of him as one of the heroes you read* about in romance novels. You know, the guys that will do anything, be anything, and will drop everything for the girl? The whole idea of him is like a fantasy come true. I want that fantasy to become a reality so bad.




I slide the lingerie out of the box and run my fingers over the lacy cups. I haven’t heard from Sterling yet, and the more time that passes, the more anxious and nervous I get. I let my towel slide to the floor and slip my feet into the panties. Just as I predicted,my ass hangs out of the sides. But it looks sexy. I pick up the nightie, slip it on, and let it glide down my body. The material feels like heaven against my skin.



Walking back to the bathroom, I look at myself in the mirror. Although I love expensive bras and panties, it’s not often I wear nighties. I sleep na.ked, and I haven’t had a sexual relationship in over a year, so there wasn’t really any need. Looking at myself now, with my hair down around my shoulders, my tanned skin against the stark white of the nightie, my cheeks pink from excitement, and the smile I can’t keep off my face, I have to admit, even to myself, I look sexy.




The cups of the nightie hug my breasts and push them up, giving me ample cleavage. You can see my dark nipples through the material. Right between my breasts, it separates and flows loosely down my stomach until it reaches just below my waistline. I feel sensual and decadent.




I walk out of the bathroom, unsure of what to do next. Obviously, he has something planned, but I have no idea what. It could just be him calling and us talking on the phone. I want to hear his voice again, but I’d rather hear it in person.

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I grab a bottle of Moscato from the fridge and a wine glass out of the cabinet before walking back to the bedroom. I pour myself a glass and set it on my nightstand, just as I settle down on top of the covers with my phone in my lap. I feel like a desperate hussy waiting on a booty call, and it makes me giggle.




I decide to bring up the kindle app on my phone and read for a bit while I wait on whatever is going to happen next. I recline back against my fluffy pillows and curl my legs beneath me. I admire the silky feeling rubbing against my stomach and upper thighs.




A few minutes later, I’m so absorbed in my book that I jump when my phone starts playing Take Me To Church by Hozier. My stomach quivers and my palms start to sweat as I look down at the screen and see Sterling’s name. I wipe my palms on my bedspread and swipe my finger across the screen. I can’t help the rush of excitement I feel as I bring the phone to my ear.



“Hi,” I say breathlessly.




“Hello, Poppy,” comes his deep, velvety reply.








I slide from my car and quietly close the door behind me. Walking across the dark street and into Poppy’s front yard, I make my way to the side of her house. I stop by the electrical box that’s screwed to the siding, pick the lock, and disengage the floodlights that are placed on both corners of Poppy’s house in the backyard. Next, I pick the lock on her fence, leaving it slightly ajar behind me. If tonight doesn’t go according to plan, and Poppy doesn’t cooperate, I’ll need to get away quickly. She may be reluctant at first, but I think she’ll see the benefits of what I have planned. Her need to see and know me is almost as strong as my need to touch her, and that makes me a very happy man.




I come up to her window and peek inside. I know she’s in her room, but it’s not because I’ve been watching her all day. I only watched her as she opened her gift, but then I made myself turn the video feed off. It was pure torture, but I wanted to see her in the lingerie I got her in person, not from my phone or computer screen. When I pulled up a few minutes ago, I brought up the video feed just long enough to see that she was reclining back on her bed with her phone in her hands. I forced my eyes to stay on her face and not travel down her silk-clad body.




My cock turns rock solid when I see her curled up on her bed, her breasts almost popping out of the satin top of the nightie. Her thick brown hair is left down to fall over her shoulders. The length is long, and will be a good way to keep her in place as I fu.ck her from behind. I can see the dark points of her nipples poking out of the soft material.



She’s slightly facing me, so I can see a glimpse of toned stomach peeking out of the split of the fabric.




My mouth waters at the thought of sliding my tongue all over her gorgeous body. I was intent on waiting until we went to Dallas to finally touch her, but I just can’t wait any longer. Seeing a new side to Poppy and having her really talk to me without intimidation has really pushed my buttons. I found myself several times damn near snatching her body to me and devouring every inch of her skin. Sitting across from her at dinner on Wednesday and seeing her relax in my company gave me one of the best feelings in the world. It’s a damn good thing she got in her car when she did, because I was seconds away from saying fu.ck it and pinning her to the door and fu.cking every hole she has. I feel crazy with need for her.




Although I’m allowing myself to give into the need to touch her, I’m still not giving my identity up yet. That’s where the scarf comes in. A wicked smile touches my lips with all the things I could do with that scarf.




Keeping my eyes pinned on Poppy, I pull my phone from my pocket. It’s not my usual phone. I bought one specifically for Poppy. As her boss, she knows my personal cell number, so I had to buy another one when I came up with the idea to start texting her. Her number is the only one programmed in, so I don’t need to search for it. I hit the green phone icon by her name and bring it to my ear. Satisfaction soars through me when I see her reaction at seeing my name on her screen.




“Hi,” she says, her soft voice making my already rock-hard cock to jump.




“Hello, Poppy.”




I watch through the window as a stunning smile crosses her lips. It almost takes my fu.cking breath away.




“What are you doing right now?” I ask, just to see what she says.




“Lying on my bed, talking to you.”




“Did you like my gift?”




“I did… it’s beautiful. Thank you.” She lovingly fiddles with the hem of the nightie. “I’m wearing it right now, actually.”




“I know,” I reveal softly.




Her fingers stop playing with the material and her body gives a small jerk. Her eyes begin darting around the room. “What? How?”




“Hush,” I soothe, and watch her body relax slightly, although she still seems a little tense. “I’ll explain later. Tell me how it feels against your skin.”




It takes her several seconds, but she lays her head back against the headboard and lets out a small sigh before answering.







“It feels good. It’s soft and smooth, and it feels cool. I love how it fits perfectly against my curves. It makes me feel incredibly sexy. Cosabella is one of my favorite lingerie makers. How did you know?”



“I’ve already told you, there’s a lot I know about you. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted, Poppy, and I needed to know what those things were. I plan to be the man that gives you everything your beautiful heart desires.”




“What if I want to play with a skunk? Will you let me play with one?”




I chuckle at the ridiculous question. This woman can be so damn funny sometimes. I’ve never seen her silly side up close, but I’ve witnessed it a few times when she talks with Olivia from work. During those times, a wave of jealously washes through me. I want to be the one she feels comfortable enough to joke around with.




“I’ll buy you a damn skunk, along with a hazmat suit so you can play with it any time you want.”




She giggles. “But what if I want to play with a skunk in your house?”




“Then I’ll buy us both a hazmat suit and prepare myself to buy all new clothes, linens, and furnishings.”




“Wow, you must be loaded to be able to do that.”




“I am, but even if I wasn’t, I’d find a way,” I say truthfully.


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“Are you real?” she asks in awe, making me smile.







“Well, what happens if I want a fat, paunchy, unemployed man that drinks beer all day in his favorite thirty-year-old tatty recliner watching football while he drops pizza crumbs on his hairy beer chest?”




“Jesus, where do you get this shit?” I mutter into the phone while shaking my head.




Poppy laughs, and the sound has my body tightening. I grip my phone tighter in my hand and clench my other hand into a fist. I want to yank the window open and jump the woman lying in the bed only feet from me.




There’s mirth in my voice when I say, “I guess I’ll give away my company, go to an old furniture store, invest in a rotted out recliner, stop my workout regimen, and become best friends with beer and pizza.”




“Ahh… a man after my own heart.”




I’ve had enough of the joking. As much as I enjoy the sound of her laugh, I need to hear the sound of her moans more.




“I have a confession,” I whisper to her.




Through the window, I watch as Poppy adjusts on the bed and scissors her legs, like she’s trying to relieve an ache between them.




“What?” It sounds like a moan and my body goes completely rigid.




“I can see you.” The whisper comes out huskily.



I’m prepared when Poppy quickly sits up in bed. Her gaze snaps around the room for a split second before it lands on the window. I’ve already stepped back into the shadows so she can’t see me.




She scoots to the side of the bed and prepares to get up when I demand, “Don’t.”




It’s obvious she’s waging a war in her head as she sits on the side of the bed, her eyes stuck on the window and her body tense.




“I know it’s not exactly what you wanted, but we do this my way for now. Okay?”







Fuck if I know what I’m going to do if she says no. I don’t know how much longer I can hold off. I need the extra time to worm my way in, but if she’s not willing to give it, I may go insane.




She stays silent. Through the darkness and into the light of her room, I watch as her chest rises and falls with her heavy breathing. Her back is straight with her feet planted on the floor. The split in her nightie is open enough that I can see her flat stomach and the tops of her thighs. The wisp of material covering her pussy is so small, it’s barely noticeable. She bites her bottom lip, mimicking what I’m dying to do.




I wait with bated breath as she comes to her decision. I release a relieved sigh when she finally relaxes and whispers quietly,“Okay.”




Although she agreed, she still keeps her eyes on the window.





“Do you have the scarf?” I ask.




She doesn’t answer verbally. Instead she nods, knowing I can see her.




“I want you to use it to cover your eyes. Tie it good for me.” I keep my voice low.




She hesitates, thinking through if she should do as I ask, I’m sure, before she gives another nod.




“Good girl. After you do that, I want you to lie back against the pillows and wait for me.”




“But how will you get in?” she asks with uncertainty.




“Don’t worry about that. But you have to promise not to remove the scarf.”




Time stands still as I wait for her acceptance. I wonder if I’ve pushed too far and asked too much of her. I can understand her reluctance. I’m a stranger, and I’m asking her to trust me with not only entering her home, but also with her body. She has no reason to, but obviously there’s something about me that makes her want to. Even the fear that I’m sure she’s feeling of knowing I’m so close and can do irreparable damage to her won’t keep her from saying yes.




“I promise.” She says it so quietly, I barely hear it.




A bout of pleasure rushes into my chest and goes straight to my cock. It pulses in my jeans, and I feel a drop of precum leak from the tip.




“Go ahead, Beautiful,” I coax in a strained voice.




I stand in the shadows and wait with anticipation as Poppy grabs the silk scarf from beside her and presses the material against her eyes. After she ties it in place, she slowly scoots back until she’s lying with her head on the pillows.






“Stay there and wait for me.”




Even to my own ears, my tone sounds rough.




I turn away from the window and am about to hang up, when her frantic voice stops me.








When I turn back, her body’s as stiff as a board. The hand that’s not clutching the phone is balled into a fist at her side. Even through the window, I can feel the tension radiating off her body.




When she speaks next, I have to press the phone harder to my ear to hear her.




“What in the hell am I doing, Sterling? How do I know you won’t come in here and hurt me?”

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The vulnerability I hear in her voice damn near crushes my lungs. I hate hearing this scared and uncertain side of Poppy. As Sterling, she’s only shown me the strong and confident woman. As her boss, yes, she’s been nervous and jittery around me, but there’s also an underlying self-assuredness about her that she can’t



hide. Seeing her now, uncertain and completely exposing her weakness, hurts something deep in my chest.




I make sure my voice is strong when I reply. I want her to take my words to heart and know them for the truth they are.




“Poppy, I would rather cut off all my limbs, then soak in a bath of acid than hurt you. You have no reason to trust me, but I swear on everything I am that I would never hurt you, because if I do, I would be hurting myself.”




She takes a shaky breath that I not only


hear over the phone, but also see. It’s hard to stay on this side of the window when I see her struggling with her decision. I want to go to her and show her that I would never hurt her. I hope she gives me the chance.




After several tense seconds, her chest deflates and the tension in her body lessens.


The ache in my stomach decreases.






“Okay,” she says delicately.




“Just breathe, Beautiful. I promise you won’t regret letting me in.” Not only into her home, but also into her body and heart, I silently add.




“Okay,” she says again.




“I’m going to hang up now. Stay there, okay?”



She nods.




I hang up and pocket my phone. With one last glance at Poppy lying in bed, waiting for me, I walk to her back door. I


unlock it without a sound and close and lock it behind me. My only focus at the moment is getting to her before her nerves start to take over again. On my way to her bedroom, I light two candles that I spot on an end table in her living room and take them with me.






When I make it to her room and silently slip inside, I’m not prepared for the sight that meets me, no matter how much I thought I was. There’s a huge difference between watching her through a thin pane of glass and seeing her only a few feet away, lying in bed in the nightie I bought for her. Her lavender scent assaults my nose. I promise myself that tomorrow I’m going to buy whatever scent she’s wearing so I can smell her any time I want.




She notices my presence and sucks in a sharp breath before letting it out slowly.




“Sterling,” she breathes.




On unsteady legs and my stone-hard cock pressed against the rough material of my jeans, I take a step closer to her. I set the candles down on the bedside table and flip off the lights.




“I’m here, Beautiful,” I tell her gently, keeping my voice low. It’s hard keeping my accent in check, because the sight before me has the real me wanting to come out. In anticipation of tonight, I also bought a new cologne. I can’t very well show up smelling like her boss.



The soft moan that slips from her lips at the sound of my voice has my already precarious control slipping several notches.




Why in the hell have I waited so long? Right, because my fu.cking body wouldn’t cooperate. And then my twisted mind thought it was smart to just watch her for a while before making myself known, I answer my own internal question.










Endless Obsession

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