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Endless Obsession – Epilogue

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I creep toward the window, making sure my feet make no noise. My heart thumps in my chest when the light filters out and illuminates the dark ground. It’s late, and I know I shouldn’t be out here, but my need once again takes hold. It’s something, still to this day, I can’t ignore.






I peek around the same window I’ve watched her from numerous times before and see her back facing me. A smile touches my lips as I step the rest of the way in front of the clear glass, making sure to stay in the shadows. She’s just slipping off her robe, one of my favorite times to watch. Her dark hair is piled on top of her head, showing off the slender column of her neck. A small red mark rests in the crook of her neck and a feeling of possessiveness takes hold.




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As the material slides down her arms, my already semi-erection goes rock solid. The beauty before me always has my body ready for taking her. Her ass shimmies when the silk material gets caught on the plump globes. Her smooth and sexy back and ass has my hand palming my cock through the material of my pants. I groan deep in my throat when she bends to pick up the robe from the floor and places it on the bed.






The temptress.





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She walks to the full length mirror, which puts her at a side view of me. I’m already unbuttoning my pants and slipping down my zipper when she runs her

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hands seductively down her sides, completely bypassing her breasts and heading straight for her pussy. Her little fingers flick over the nub at the top of her pussy. Her head tips back, and I damn near lose it when she lets out a soft moan.






A smirk comes across her lips, right before she turns to the window and says loudly enough for me to hear. “Enjoying the show, Sterling?”






Fuck me!







I love it when she calls me Sterling. It gets my blood pumping and my dick turns to stone, every fu.cking time. It started out as her nickname for when she didn’t have anything else to call me. Now she says it when I get into one of my stalker moods. It’s something I thought I would grow out of, especially in light of what happened with Eric, but come to find out, I’m still obsessed with watching her unawares. What surprised and pleased me was her acceptance of it. She confided in me that she secretly gets turned on thinking about me watching her. It’s crazy, and I never thought she would be okay with it, but I’m glad she is.






I still have my moments when we’re not together that I get an uncontrollable need to see her. I nixed the idea of putting cameras back in the house. I would never ask that of her, and I certainly wouldn’t do it behind her back. When those needs arrive, I simply skype her. She’s always happy to see me too, so it works out perfectly.



I step out of the shadows and give her a wolfish grin; her senses always alert her when I’m watching. She’s already unlatched the lock, so I push open the window.






“You fu.cking know I am. Now come closer.”







She smiles delectably at me and struts her fine ass closer to the window. Her tits are bare and sway with each step. My mouth waters with the thought of tugging on the tips with my teeth. When she comes to a stop, she puts her hands on the windowsill and leans out, putting those tempting tits closer to my mouth. I pluck the tip with a finger, making her moan the sounds that sends my body temperature up fifty degrees.






She leans down further and flicks her tongue against my lips. I grab it with my teeth and suck it into my mouth. My hands on the windowsill threaten to crush the wood.







“We don’t have time,” she murmurs, still playing her tongue with mine. “Your family will be here soon.”






“I’ll fu.cking make time. Back up,” I order.






She moves back and with a swift move, I hoist myself up and through the window.


She giggles and takes several steps back.







“Where ya going?” I taunt and move toward her.






“I still have to put my makeup on and fix my hair.”







“Screw makeup and hair. Fucking your man is more important.” I take another step closer.






“Sterling!” she scowls.







Her eyes go wide when she realizes her mistake. With a squeak, she bolts for the bathroom door. I make it there just as she reaches for the handle. My body presses hers against the wood. She moans in delight and arches her back when my hardness meets her ass.






I put my elbows on the door beside her head and growl in her ear, “Say it again.”







Her breath hitches when she moans, “Sterling.”

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I grind harder against her. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I yank her head back and take her mouth in a bruising kiss.






Once my need for her taste is somewhat satisfied, I step back and flip her around. Her tongue peeks out of her mouth and licks her lips. My eyes flare, and I reach between my shoulder blades and yank my shirt over my head. She’s panting heavily as she watches me remove my pants. Her legs automatically go around my waist when I pick her up. Her back hits the wall and her hands go to my hair, tugging my head down to her mouth at the same time I slam inside her.






Utter fu.cking bliss. That’s the only way to describe how it feels being inside her tight pussy. It’s my favorite place to be. She’s tight as fu.ck and sucks me into her body.






I plow forward, pull back, and slam back inside. She throws her head back and cries out in pleasure. I take advantage of her exposed neck and latch my mouth over the mark there. It needs to be refreshed.







“Sweet Jesus,” I grunt when her inner muscles clamp down on me. “You’re gonna suck me dry, Beautiful.”







She lifts her head and declaws one of her hands from my shoulders. With a sexy smirk, she palms one of her breasts, pinching the tip hard. The resulting moan from her makes me lose all control. With a growl, I power forward, keeping my eyes on her hand playing with her tits. She knows exactly what she’s doing.







“Bitch,” I mutter.







She laughs, but it falls away and her eyes go wide when I hit the spot I know will have her gasping for breath. My fingers dig into her ass when I lift and drop her down on my cock and thrust my hips up.






Her release hits, and I grit my teeth when she spasms around me, greedily


milking me. I bury my head in her neck and shout as she cries out her pleasure above me.






I rest my body against her, my legs turning weak. After we’ve caught our breaths, I carry her to the bathroom and set her down on the counter. Wetting a washcloth, I clean her, eliciting a moan from her lips, then clean my still semi-hard cock. It never goes all the way down around her.






She jumps from the counter and walks to me. I expect her to roll to her toes and kiss me, or at the very least, peck my cheek. Instead, she gives my chest a shove.






“Now that you’ve gotten what you wanted, out!” I raise my brow. “I need to get dressed, and as much as you like me without makeup, I prefer to wear it in company. I’ll do neither if you’re in here with me.”




I laugh and let her push me out the door. When she starts to close the door in my face, I stop it with my hand.






“Asher…” she warns.

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I grin as I lean down and give her a quick kiss, then let her close the door. Chuckling, I turn and make my way to the dresser and pull out another shirt before going to the kitchen for a beer.






I just tip the bottle to my lips when I hear the doorbell. Setting my beer down, I walk to the door and open it. My mom rushes forward, just as she does every time I see her, and envelopes me in a hug.






“Hey, Mom,” I greet her when she pulls back.






“Hey, sweetie,” she says and moves to the side to let my dad enter.







“Dad,” I say, and give his hand a shake.



“Something smells good.” He moves straight for the kitchen. My mom rolls her eyes, but follows behind him. The man would eat a live cow if given the chance.






As she’s passing by me, she whispers, “Prepare yourself.”







Before I get a chance to question her, shouts come from outside. Seconds later, I’m barreled backwards. A head of beautiful blonde hair buries itself in my chest. Kia looks up at me with blue eyes, filling with tears. My stomach cramps at the sight of the pain she’s obviously feeling.






“Please tell him to let me go, Uncle Ash,” she wails, before burying her head back in my chest.






“I’ve already given you my answer, Kia,


and that’s final,” Owen says, coming in after his distraught daughter, his jaw ticking.







I have a feeling I know what this is about, and Kia confirms it when she whips around and faces her dad. “But I don’t understand why!” she cries, stomping her feet. I have to hold back my chuckle at her tantrum. “I’m sixteen. All my other friends are allowed to go out on dates. Why can’t I?”



“Because no daughter of mine will go out with the likes of that boy,” Owen thunders, causing Kia to wince.







“You don’t even know him,” she whispers and wipes her eyes. “If you’d just give him a chance, I know you’d like him.”







Owen drops his head and gives it a shake, before lifting his eyes back to Kia’s. “I know his type, Kia. I used to be his type.”




Bea walks up before Kia can have another fit. She goes to her daughter and pulls her into her arms. She looks over to her husband with accusing eyes.






He sighs, but doesn’t give in. “I’m sorry, but my answer is still no.”







Kia cries louder against her chest and Bea leads her away. Owen faces me and runs a hand through his hair.







“I take it she’s still going on about this new boy?” I ask, just as my younger brother and Nessa walk through the door.



“Yeah. She just doesn’t get it. I’ve been in this boy’s shoes. I used to be just like him.” He looks off toward the kitchen where his wife and daughter are. “Until I met Bea.”






Owen used to be a hothead, causing problems when he was younger. Before he met Bea, he had been in jail a couple different times for theft. I can understand why he doesn’t want his daughter to become involved with someone that reminds him of himself. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t let any of my girls.






“Give her time. She’ll learn that you’re right.” I slap his back.







“Uncle Ash!” I look down at the little chestnut haired girl with big brown eyes.






“Hey, squirt.” I get down to my knees so we’re eye to eye.







She pulls something from behind her back and holds it out to me. “I made you something in art class.”






She places a glass figure in my hand. It takes me a minute to figure out what it is.


When I do, I break into a smile.


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“It’s beautiful, Nessa. Thank you.”







She leans over and kisses my cheek before scampering off toward the kitchen, where everyone else is. I stand, making sure to be careful with the fragile glass in my hand.






“Hey, bro,” Alexander says, slapping my back.







He and the woman he’s dating, Ashley, follow behind Nessa into the kitchen. It shocked the shit out of us when he brought Ashley home to a family dinner a few months ago. Up until then, he’d shown no interest in dating since his wife, Mandy, died. According to Mom, Ashley’s been an excellent mother figure to Nessa, and it seems like things are getting serious between her and my brother. I couldn’t be happier for him.






I close the door. When I turn, I see Poppy standing a few feet away watching me, a smile playing on her lips. I walk to her and wrap my arms around her waist.






“Hey, Beautiful.” I lean down and put my lips against hers.







“What did she give you?” she asks after


we break apart.







I bring it between us to show her and her hand flies to her mouth. Carefully, she picks up the small delicate silver rose. Poppy’s told everyone how our relationship started with me sending her weekly flowers. Nessa thought it was the sweetest thing she’d ever heard. She’s obviously going to be a romantic when she grows up.






I look over and spot the vase sitting on the coffee table. I still send Poppy flowers every week, and I’ll continue to do so until the day I die.






She walks over and puts the rose down on the mantle beside our wedding picture.







“How was the store?” I ask, throwing my arm around her shoulder as we walk to the kitchen.






“It was great. The new owners love the place and promise to keep all the original plans. I really like them and think they’ll do the place justice.”






The day Poppy saw the article in the paper, saying they were bulldozing her family’s old hardware store, was the same day she discovered someone broke into her house. After watching Eric in her room, I rewound the video of her that night and saw the devastation on her face as she looked at something in the paper. Later that night, I broke into her house and pulled the paper from the trash. The next day, I was on the phone with the owners, and after paying triple what the building was



worth, it was back in her name. I presented her with the deed on the one-year anniversary of the day I first saw her. I held her while she cried against my shoulder. It wasn’t until recently that she decided what to do with the building. Instead of leaving Silver Technologies and opening the store back up like I feared she would, it stayed empty. I would have supported her if she had, but I’d be lying if I said my chest didn’t hurt with the thought of not having her with me at work. A few months ago, she came to me and told me she wanted to sell it, but she wanted to sell it to someone that would open it and use it as a hardware store. It took a while, but we finally found someone that met her demands. I could see the pain in her eyes when she signed the paperwork, but I also saw the happiness at knowing the store would open again. She became good friends with new owners and visits them sometimes.






“I have a surprise for you,” she says, and I look down at her.







We’re standing just outside the kitchen door. “What do you have for me, Beautiful?”






She takes my hand and places it over her lower stomach. The smile she gives me could light an entire fu.cking stadium. The implication of what she’s saying has my breath catching in my throat.






“Are you saying…?” I ask, my voice shaky with unrestrained hope.







If it’s even possible, her smile gets wider. “Yes.”







I bend my knees, pick her up, and crush my mouth to hers. Laughing against my lips, she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me just as hard as I’m kissing her. Tears prick my eyes as I take my lips from hers. I throw my head back and yell, “It’s about damn time!” She laughs.






The commotion in the kitchen comes to a screeching halt, and everyone comes tumbling out.






“What in the world…”







I look over at our family and give them a huge smile, saying proudly, “We’re having a baby!”




“Oh, my God,” my mom whispers, tears immediately coming to her eyes.






“It’s about damn time,” my dad mimics my words.







Other words are spoken, but I don’t hear them. My focus is solely on the woman in my arms. I lean my forehead against hers.

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“We’re having a baby,” I whisper, and watch as tears gather in her eyes. She smiles beautifully at me. I wipe away a tear that escapes and trails down her face.






“We are.”







“Are you happy, Beautiful?” I ask, already knowing the answer. She shows me every day that she’s happy. I just like hearing her confirm it.






“Deliriously happy.”







“Good. We can be deliriously happy together,” I tell her, and claim her lips once more…






The End.

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