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Edge Of A Knife – Episode 3

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Episode 3


I followed potoki, and it didn’t take long before we arrived a portable cool mansion, that was behive with activities, i met boys moving about the place, engaging in one activities or the others, while some where playing drafts, others were playing cards, and roulette, and on each table, nothing less than 10 boys gathered around, the atmosphere there was terrible, stench smell of



Strong Gin (alcohol) and Igbo (weed) filled the air, it was so strong, that it made me nearly throw up but i had to comport myself, the boys looked very deadly some had dreadlocks on their heads, others with tattoes, that contains pictures of axes, guns, cutlass, and any kind of weapon you could think of. They seem very much, not to be interested in my presence, they only hailed potoki, and continued what they were doing, my heart was racing fast, so i followed his lead, he knocked on a door in one of the numerous rooms, available at the down level of the house, and waited a little before the door opened.


I could tell our presence interrupted something, because i saw bunches of half claded girls, leave the room through the back door as we came in. Hmm the building structure was really amazing. those girls were actually attending to someone before we came in, and from my observation, he should be the ‘D’baba’ that potoki had mentioned earlier, he sat gracefully, on a massive chair, relaxing his back on the chair, and his both hands rested on the arms of the chair, one of the hands held up a cuban stick cigar that was emanating smokes like a thousand car tyres being burnt, which made the atmosphere inside the room, not any different from the other rooms we passed before getting to his. The only difference in the rooms was that there was a soft music that was playing on the background of the room, it was Stiches – Shawn Mendes


I thought that have been hurt before


But no one’s ever left me quite they saw


Your words cut deeper than a knife

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Now i need someone to bring


Me back to life….


He gesture for us to sit, even when the lumination in the room was very poor due to the closed windows, i could still depict something out of his face, it wasn’t a good one, it was as scary as watching a horror movie, scars of all nature was available on the face, he didn’t say anything, he only let silent linger on, as he kept on puffing his stick, and this increased my uneasiness, i looked at potoki, but he seem not to be interested in the unbecoming silence, i was tensed, the only my timid brain could write at that time, was Fear.


Did this guy actually call me here to come watch him puff cigar, and perceive the smell? I was about to speak up, after much battle in my mind, on whether to speak or not because i was dead scared, when he finally spoke up.


D’baba: You are welcome to my Carbal, I won’t beat around the bush, i am going straight to the point, by offering you an invitation to come join our frat, he said bodly, without blinking an eyelid, and i was like this guy get mind oo, see they way he is saying it, as if i don’t have a choice. Hmm do i even have a choice before? I decided to speak up.



Me: Ok sir can i go and think about it? I asked, not sure if i said the right thing, i even stuttered, i don’t know why, but he had this aura around him, that made it seem like what whatever he says was the final.


D’baba: Sure boy but make the right choice, i am only after you because you have a big brain, and your name has been making waves for quite a while now. And I can’t risk losing you to our opponents. He said, and this made me a little relaxed. As much as I hate to admit it, but I must confess his fluency in English language marveled me, it was highly unexpected from a gangster like him, i was expecting full time pidgin just like his counterpart, the Junkie Potoki that brought me here.


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Just as I was free to go once again, potoki stopped me halfway.


Potoki: Sorry For the bully out there buddy, he said for the first time in clear English, What?? It’s was foreign! But I wasn’t that surprised, at least he was a student before he became a cultist, so what did I expect, it was even evening self, the guy say na only afternoon em’ nor take dey hear english (Haha).


Me: oh it’s nothing. Can i go now? I asked


Potoki: sure! But a little word of advice, make the right choice josh, or i will haunt you down. He said, and all air of seriousness could be depicted from the way he said it. I only gave a nod for an answer, reality of the trouble I have involved in stared clear at me, why all this God? I asked, why did that lecturer ever made it known that I was a geek, realisation done on me, I started regretting that very day, what will they do to me if decline their offer, potoki had made it known to me that he was going to haunt me down.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


My thought was hazy, i kept cursing the lecturer under my breath, without looking, and there it was, an oncoming taxi that ran the axis and lanes within the school environment, for commercial transportation of students, almost knocked me down. But for the timely intervention of the sharp brake of the cab, was my saving grace if not, it would have been a different story entirely the occupants of the vehicle, started raining abusive words on me, with the local pidgin language, words like ‘ode, you nor dey look road, na your papa you go put for trouble this evening, was what I heard, i knew that last sentence was from the driver of the cab, I calmly apologise to them and whisked off.


I didn’t head straight home, i went to Nelson’s, he was quick to open the door, and once he did, he hugged me so tight like his life depended on it, I could tell he was glad to see me alive, after going to a death hole and coming back alive.



Nelson: Good boy, thank God you obeyed my wish of coming back to me alive, I was a the verge of calling your parents, when you knock came in bro. He said happily


Me: Thank heaven i came back in one piece, and for obeying your wish, do I have a choice, I always have to obey your wishes because they are my command I said playfully.


Nelson: That’s why i said you are a good boy, so what did the Creed do to you? He asked inquisitively. And I let the cat out of the bag, telling him everything that happened, including the accident part.


Nelson: What?? So you mean the creeds wants you to become their member? I thought as much when i heard the word chosen one from that stupid potoki’s mouth. So what should we do now bro? He asked in concern.


Me: I don’t know bro, i am dead scared, and i can’t run away from school, potoki made it clear to me that if I made the wrong choice, that he was gonna haunt me down.


Nelson: We are in deep shit. But let’s be careful Josh, reporting them to the police or even your parents would be a bad idea, the creeds cult, have connections everywhere, they might win you from the police, and eventually hurt you parents.


Me: yes you are right bro, i said confused, is it even by force to belong? I asked myself. And nelson came to me, pulled up at my shoulder, bracing me up and telling me ‘‘we were gonna pull through.


I managed to brace up, and we did. a little chitty chat, before I went back to my off campus apartment that evening.


Our conversation was majorly about the cult groups in school, Nelson told me more about the creed, including the two siblings, that founded the group, one of which was D’baba, whose real name was Desmond, and Rhico his elder brother who is of blessed memory now. Nelson told me that the two brothers had thrived in superiority, when they newly found the group, they engaged in many illegal deal, and had many top citizens of the country including politicians as clients, and they help them do their dirty work, like drug smuggling, ballot theft during elections, election rigging amongst others, they had continued in the operation for a long time, until one day, they had gone for a deal, the deal was to steal a vehicle, containing, a pack load of hard drugs, they were paid heavily for the deal, they both succeeded in doing the Job, and got their pay of a million dollar, the deal was an elevation for the two brothers, and their group Creeds cult, that was already gaining popularity at that time, alongside Flame Fox. But then calamity struck, the owner of the stolen drugs paid Oscar The Leader of Flame Fox, a huge sum of money, to get his drug back, and oscar was ready to do anything just to get the money back, so he dug up the case with



his men, and found out that the Creed brothers were the once behind the theft, so he placed a tag on bother brothers, unknowningly to them, Rhocos was a little bit careful, but Desmond (D’baba) was a little careless, and oscar nailed him, he abducted and asked his men to give him thorough torture just for him to give up the name of the person that sent them on the deal, but desmond didn’t comply, even when they tortured him to the point death, so oscar opted for asking Rhico who had since bee looking for his brother, buy when oscar told him the crap he had pulled up just for him to offer the name of the deal client, or he will have his brother killed, Rhico didn’t flinch, instead he had his men break Desmond out from oscar’s custody, which they succeeded in a killing spree that claimed many lives, the Flame Fox, were now down with lesser men, and this brought rage upon oscar, he went to the brothers home town at ogba and slayed their mother, he sent her head with a message to the brothers, this was devastating for them, and the creeds, declared war on the Fox, the war was so intense, that curfew was first declared in the school, but later on as the battle got intense, with many innocent lives, dying from stray bullets everyday, the school authority dime it fit to ask student’s to evacuate the school, and go to their various home, while the government, shut the school down, for the time being, it was during the war that Desmond lost Rhico his brother, and oscar went hiding, desmond could still remember how Tiger had pulled the bullet on his brother, as they were running towards the awaiting car, Samba was the driver, ever since that day, The Fox and the Creed became sworn enemies, no one knows if Oscar is still alive. After that time no one had heard of him, except for Tiger, who now oversees and run the affairs of the Fox.



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