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Edge Of A Knife – Episode 24

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Semi Final


In my bizarre state, my mind traveled down memory lane, I discovered I never got the chance to call my family together, to let them know what has become of me, and this was one of the promise I made to myself the day Nelson died, What is wrong with me and unkept promise, I promised kemi that I wasn’t gonna die but look at me now, I am been trapped in the web of the enemy and awaiting slaughter, I don’t even know my fate. I also remembered promising Nelson mom on a revenge for her son who was like a brother to me, Oh dear Nelson it will be a little moment longer before I join you in the land of the great beyond, there we can continue our bond of friendship.


This were the thought that ran through my head as I sat straddles on a chair, with all my limbs tied like a goat awaiting slaughter the Foxes melted all their anger on me they did all manner of torture on my body, Load of slaps I couldn’t count, turned my fair bright cheek into a chunk of Reds, I felt the pain and wrath the angry Mob dealt me. After some time, one of the boy had asked one who seem to be the new Tiger (Replacement).


Boy: Baba abeg when aunty go come na? To lite this dude Just dey hungry me.


Tiger(Replacement): Boye calm down na nor be you go lite am na, na aunty get the Job, he replied and took out a stick, he lit it and puff the smokes right on my nose.



I was thirsty and lost in thought.


Me: Please can you give me water, I am very tasty I asked

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Boye: My guy na die you wan die so na, just patient if you reach hell you go tell devil make e give you water, or you go like drink kai kai take shine eye?


I didn’t respond to his sarcasm, after his response I directed my thought to who the hell the Aunty they were talking about was, I didn’t imagine that apart from the Fox, no one else was interested in my life.


With the scars and injury I obtain from the accident and the gruesome drilling they were given to me, I broke, I fell unconscious.


I didn’t know how long I was knocked out, but a splash of water on my nubile body, brought me back to reality, my lip was sour and broken. The room was dark and hazy, I could not see clearly, I tried to get my eyes accustomed with the Obscurity of the room, and little by little the people I once thought were silhouettes became clearer and clearer in my head.


What??? Kemi!!!!!!!!!!


I screamed as I sighted her familiar figure holding out a gun to me, she stood by Oscar who was all smile.


Me: Baby what the hell are you doing here with a gun, I asked totally in shock and surprise


Kemi: Am sorry it’s the game! Sorry you have to die like this, but the thing is you trust too much Josh, I Love you she said in a mocking tone, But that love stop when you killed my father!

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Me: What me kill your father?? I said still in shock


Kemi: Yes darling you the creeds were working with Mr Ajayi who was my fathers political opponent, and you succeeded in killing him, you did the Hit Joshua. She said as tears roll down her eyes.


Me: No No!!! Kemi wait there is a miss information, we did not take down the senator, not me kemi, why did you decide to take side with this psychopath? I said referring to Oscar who was busy displaying his immaculate dentition in mockery of my predicament.



Kemi: No no Joshua don’t make that mistake again even in your next life, he is not a Pschopath, he is my Boyfriend and lover, the word hit me like Asteroids falling from the sky to the earth with full velocity,


Me: WHAT??? is this a Joke if it is kemi please stop it, Oscar didn’t mind my outburst instead he came forward and planted a kiss right on her lips. Ohhh My God I have been fooled I lamented inwardly.


Kemi: No Joshua it no Jokes, what you see going on right now, are sacrosanct and the out stretch of the arm of Justice. My Judgement are Sagacious she said. I am having my pound of fles…….


She made to say when I heard a shot, I expected it to be my last moment on earth and I closed my eyes to accept death as it comes, but after a few moment of tranquility, i was forced to open my eyes, and when I did, I saw oscar Lying down in the pool of his own blood, I could read the shock on kemi’s eyes, I was too The shooter soon Came to view and we saw Samba and the remaining guys they quickly bundle Kemi and took her away, for proper drilling.





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