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Dragon Girl – Episode 8

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Judith:How could you?!how can I kill my best friend’s father


Dragonilla:I don’t know anyone and I don’t want to recognize anyone Judith.What about those you’ve killed?they have families and loved ones as well all we should care about is justice not partiality.


Judith:what wrong has he done exactly?

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Dragonilla:Mr Hikes is a very wicked being.he collided with terrorists in bombing the state hospital also he betrayed his friend few years back.There is a man called Brian,he was Hikes partner and they were both secret agent working for the state until their last mission when Hikes turn in his friend and partner in to the enemies.He received bribe and won award from the state for completing the mission alone getting all the credits.he is such a green one as well


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Judith:still I don’t wanna do it please leave me alone for a while.


Dragonilla entered her and they went to sleep.


The next morning Judith dress up for school feeling sad and down she walk weakly downstairs only to see her mother crying and holding her father’s frame.Judith collect the frame from her and console her making her sit on the sofa.


Mrs Brian:(sobbing)Today is his Death anniversary..I miss him


Judith:I know Mom I miss him too. I’ll be back early today for his rituals.


Mrs Brian:I want to tell you about your father today


Judith:mom you’ve been telling me about him countless times


Mrs Brian:no about who he really is..He was a secret agent working for the states but he wasn’t allowed to tell his family and even me his wife.but when I found out I pretended not to know because I don’t want to be a burden to him until..(she wipe her tears to sound clear)until one day that He was brought home dead that he betrayed his country and was killed.they couldn’t find his body.few weeks after his death I went looking for him in a strange country where I know no one but then I realized I was pregnant it was so tearful I returned back home and raised you up single handedly.


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Judith:Mom so they liked on my dad?and there is no one to prove his innocence?


Mrs Brian:His friend who could prove his innocence was kidnapped and taken to different location so he fulfilled the mission and cane back home not knowing your father is dead


Judith:(wait this is going somewhere it sounds familiar)who was his partner?


Mrs Brian:Mr Hikes,Dorothy’s Father



Judith:What (she felt dizzy and all what Dragonilla said came rushing to her head)no no it must not be.Mom I need to get to school on time don’t think okay?


Judith went to the back of her house and ran with her super speed she arrived at school in 10 seconds.She keep searching for Dorothy in all the periods but didn’t see her.when it was lunch period Dorothy showed up looking worried.


Judith carried her tray of food and joined her at the cafeteria.


Judith:hi what’s up?why are you late today?


Dorothy: I’m so much happy to see you I thought I wasn’t going to see you again


Judith: why saying that?


Dorothy:you won’t believe my dad almost got killed yesterday!


Judith:I don’t get it who tried that?


Dorothy:he said it was an angry thief that wants some change from him and he refused so he want to kill


him..thank God we arrived earlier yesterday then he escaped.judt imagine how that must have felt


like…life without a father..oh God I would have killed myself by now..I mean my dad always take me out


he’s always there when mom is not around I just love my dad he’s the best


Judith(she look sideway to hide her eyes full of teras from Dorothy)yes I guess(tearfully)


Dorothy:oh my God I’m sorry Judith I’ve forgotten about you..I’m so sorry I feel horrible right now


Judith :no it’s okay.


She left her food and went to the restroom crying.then she feel her inside burning up very bad like she’s Changing

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Judith:oh no…Dragonilla we can’t change here…then she felt a sharp cut inside her trachea.she scream and her voice echoes throughout the school she changed to a dragon but this time around Her colour from Golden yellow turned to red


She turned to a red dragon burning with fire.The stress and sadness she went through turn her into that.She broke the restroom door and she lost control.






To be continued




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