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Dragon Girl – Episode 6

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EPISODE 0 ⃣6 ⃣




Sandra:you better apologize now and we won’t beat you much


Lyra grab her hair


Judith:no no not the hair.. I’m warning you


Sandra:or what bitch?(she kicked her and she fell,Sandra grab her hair again.Kira and some other bullies hold Dorothy down from interfering.


Judith:I SAID…NOT…THE… HAIR She roared loudly and it sound as if she was possessed.

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Judith moved so fast and she flip Lyra over she crashed roughly on the table and it broke into two.She then placed a heavy slap like lightening on Sandra’s cheek oh my God nobody saw that coming..Sandra collapsed immediately with Judiths fingers clearly written on her face like tattoo.She went over to Kira and grab her hair slamming her head on the table repeatedly ….it remains three of shittu’s member…and Judith warned


Judith:if you don’t want anything to get more messy here..VAMOOSE ..Judith can be kind and FIERCE (She changed her face)her straight eyebrows is now like dragon’s)


Dorothy quickly call the school authority and they helped the injured students to the nurse’s office.When the principal asked nobody talk and since there was no allegation against anyone the case was closed and tag as rough play.But shittu’s gang promised to attack again.


They rearranged the cla*ss while Dorothy and Katherine went to meet Judith.


Dorothy:hey…girl…Judith right?


Judith:stop being silly… I’m still your Judith


Kate:but..but ….when did you learn how to fight and where?


Judith:if you’re determined there is nothing you can’t do.


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Dorothy:why are your eyebrows facing up?(she lick her thump and rub it on her eyebrows to straighten it)


Judith:I dunno I guess I’m tired from the fight


Dorothy:will you go home with me??we can hang out and shop for my birthday


Judith:your birthday is next month plus I’m gonna be busy tonight.


♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ➿➿


Home1 ⃣:0 ⃣0 ⃣


Judith started feeling something moving through her entire system like the spread of virus. for more stories. She sprang out of bed and she knelt on the floor..then placed her hand on the floor groaning in pain but it wasn’t that painful this time around…it was mystic and thrilling she gradually changed to a dragon and she removed her window panes she flew away from the house and soar high in the sky”wooah awesome”she scream out loud and keep going up and down


Dragonith:(Judith and Dragonilla)It feels so cool to be able to fly


Then she landed on a building rooftop she get down and walk majestically and with her feet thumping heavily on the ground as she walks,her footprints erased.she flip her tail forward to ring the doorbell


Dragonith:do I really have to be polite?


She kicked the door wide open and met Mr ROB in the sitting room holding a small kids panting and smelling it


Dragonith:Mr rob the pedophile who else are you planning on preying on


Mr rob froze in fear and stood still Dragonith brought him back to reality by slapping his face with her tail.


Mr rob:pl. Please have mercy


Dragonith:you’ve raped 13 girls so far but got away because of your wealthy status and influence.


Mr Robbins:no that’s not true please believe me


Dragonith:then what of a nerdy girl in your cla*ss Judith Brian?you tried to molest her


Mr Robbins:she reported me?that girl is tricky she talked me into it so I can help her


Dragonith:hmm(her voice sound heavy and deep) interesting I will spare you if you can write what I’m about to say


Mr Robbins:please go on Mr Dragon


Dragonith: I Mr Robbins ended my life because of the bad things I’ve done I’m a pedophile and many young girls have fallen to my trap so I’m fed up of it and I’m committing suicide

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He wrote it through threat and beating.Then Judith set the house ablaze and flew away…


She got home and changed back to her human form and nak3d.


She covered her window with a big blanket since she broke the window panes already,she went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of soda then her mother came out and saw her


Mrs Brian: Judith did you bring a boy home?


Judith:no mom


Mrs Brian:then why are you nak3d?


Judith:(she take a look at herself)mom..I was about to shower but suddenly felt thirsty so that’s why…um yes..that’s why I guess


Mrs Brian:shower?this is 2:30am in the morning


Judith:really. Wow(she smiled)the time is so fast


Mrs Brian:let go to your room


Judith:my room ???




To♀ be continue




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