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Dragon Girl – Episode 5

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Judith who is now in her dragon form hid behind her bed not knowing how to put out the fire before the smoke escape into the sitting room.


She turn her back to the fire and a sticky liquid came out from her tail and it put out the fire.The dragon spirit came out from her body and she returned back to her normal self.she was scared to see the dragon again.


Judith:you…you tricked me?


Dragon: I’m so sorry about that Judith but I have no choice than to fulfil your destiny


Judith:you’re the one interfering with my destiny by possessing me.


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Dragon:really?your destiny of bring step upon and spit on..being bullied everyday by cla*ssmates?


Judith:how did you know that?


Dragon: we’re one Judith..I have access to your memories.


Judith:then why can’t I have access to yours?


Dragon:the secret in me is too much for you to keep ..when it’s time you will unravel the mystery yourself.


Judith:(she sat down weakly)but..but why me?


Dragon:you’re the only one who can do it


Judith:do what?


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Dragon:order must be restored.you have to fight crime in your city and after that?we need your help to free us and give us back the village.




Dragon:Yes..being the first female dragon they confined me in that cave so I won’t awaken the other spirits..it’s been 40 years already.Judith..will you help me?


Judith:(she look at her body)oh my God..look at me..my body it’s changed


Dragon:you now look s3xy and beautiful..you’ve gained more strength and fast speed you’re now an immortal


Judith:even when you’re not in me?


Dragon:yes but I have to live in your body..we need to be one so as to activate it.


Judith:but..about the changing…it’s painful I don’t wanna experience that again


Dragon:it’s painful because it’s your first time..now your body have mastered the changing effect it won’t be painful anymore


Judith:will I always be nak3d like this after every change?


Dragon:yes Judith..and there is a warning


Judith:(getting excited already)what?


Dragon:you must never get hurt during the possession else I’ll be trapped in your body forever Judith:what!?I don’t want to be a dragon


Dragon:that’s why we need to be careful..So your first mission will be Mr Robbins


Judith:that pedophile!!


Dragon:we will kill him tonight


Judith:Miss Dragon this is not a village we will go to jail if we kill anyone here


Dragon:who will arrest a dragon?dragon in the city is 0% unbelievable


Judith:wow that’s right..but killing him is too much


Dragon:if you don’t start it now how will you face what’s coming for you later?A big storm is coming for you.More interesting stories on Topster stories app


Then Mrs Brian knock on her door after hearing her conversing with nobody Judith:oh mom’s here.Hide


The dragon entered her and she fell because she couldn’t handle the force yet.she opened the door halfly


Judith:(rubbing her eyes and yearning)mooom I’m sleeping why are you disturbing me? Mr Brian:so sorry honey I thought I heard you talking


Judith:no mom I wasn’t talking…it’s past 3 o don’t wanna be late for school tomorrow


Mrs Brian:oh ok… I’m sorry.


Mrs Brian left for her room and Judith closed the door and fell in her bed grinning about the beautiful morning that awaits.


The next morning Judith took her bathe and checked her shape once more in the mirror..oooo ma Goodness she’s charming and curvy.


Judith:Money make a man indeed but Dragon made me..lol


She opened her wardrobe to pick a cloth and she saw the clothes she has been wearing all these while


Judith:am I the one that owns this wardrobe why is my life like this..?no wonder why they call me freaky nerd.wait..im not wearing my gla*sses and my vision is clear..this is gonna be interesting.


She saw a long red skirt and a blouse.she ripped the skirt and turn it into a mini skirt she put on the blouse she could manage and put on her jacket she loose her hair and it’s up to her waist level.she adorned herself with her birthday chain she got from her mother she apply lip Gross and put on a boot to die for.She picked her bag and head to the dinning


Mrs Brian:(surprised)Judith…did you went for surgery overnight?what Happened to you(she touch her body to check her temperature)


Judith:mom I’m fine don’t worry…I just thought I should learn to stand up for myself.


Mrs Brian: thank God you realized how weird you are.sonetines you wear three clothes together even when it’s damn hot you will claim to be feeling cold


Judith:get rid of those clothes for me mom we will go shopping after school(she pick her bag after checking the time)I’m late mom I’ll be back soon take care


Mrs Brian:okay baby.


Judith ran out of the house and to her surprise she stopped and saw herself in the school building


Judith:what just happened?can I teleport as well?or…wait I just ran to school in 2 minutes even by bus is 30 minutes….awesome (she grin and went to cla*ss)


The cla*ss has not started yet and when she entered all eyes were on her this time not to insult her but they were drooling over her Wondering who the new comer is and how beautiful she is.


Dorothy:Jjjjjj j Judith? What Happened to you?


Judith:(she smiled)nothing Doro….I was just inspired by you and decided not to be a saddist…I changed


so as to meet up and be qualified to be your friend.


Dorothy: still I mean. You’re so pretty I’m falling for you right now


Judith:(she poke her nose)silly you


Katherine:please teach me how to be beautiful Judith!



Sara:it’s not about teaching because no matter beautiful you are you are still ugly in everyone’s eyes. especially you Judith to us you’re still a freaky nerdy girl who trip on her own clothes


Shittu:.you tushing up should not affect your brain that you still need to do my work.


Judith:And why should I ?


Shittu:(she picked a pen and head towards Judith)because I want you to.


She raised the on up to stab her shoulder when Judith hold her hand and twisted it ..shittu’s finger dislocated and now she’s screaming for help.the rest of shittu’s gang left their seat and surrounded Judith.The rest of the cla*ssmates packed the chairs and lock the door from behind


Dorothy:what’s going on here…if you touch her I’m gonna report you guys.


Judith:Doro baby…take a seat and enjoy




To be continued





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