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Dragon Girl – Episode 3

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Judith woke up late so she decided not to go to school when Mrs Brian came in ruining all her plans. Mrs Brian:it’s past 8:00 already you’re late get your butt out of that bed


Judith:(lazily )mom no I’m not going to school today


Mrs Brian:Judith sweety you know I’m the only one for you in this world don’t stress me okay?


Judith:mom I wanna change my school


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Mrs Brian:why …are those kids bullying you again?


Judith:no mom Dorothy is always there for me


Mrs Brian:now get up and go I cooked your favourite today


Judith:owwwk mom(not happy)


Judith entered the cla*ssroom with all eyes on her and the cla*ss has begun already.she muffled a sorry and bent her head till she got to her seat


Mrs Greene’s:who is this saddist late comer


Judith: I’m sorry sir


Mrs Greene’s:this is my first day here and you’re late… first impression last longer I’m watching you


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Juliet:the poor girl must be busy stiching her torn bed


Mrs Greene’s:anyway cla*ss were going on an Excursion tomorrow with the explanation on Dragons I’ve given so far it’s time to see one.


Mr Greene’s left the cla*ss and Shittu a spoilt rich girl went to Judith and slam her head on the table she fell to the ground bleeding.No one even interfere with them


Dorothy:what the hell is going on with your damn brain what has she done again?


Shittu:she came late.. I asked her to sweep the floor on my behalf but she came late


Henry:you are sick do you know that?


Juliet:why is she sick?little Henry shut your mouth up


Henry:stay out of this


Juliet:or what?


Dorothy:I will get back at you.


Dorothy helped Judith up and they went to the nurse’s office.she was treated but she pleaded to Dorothy not to do anything bout it that she will soon change school anyway.


The next morning they all packed their stationeries since it’s a day Excursion but they will sleep over at the village.


Fillory is an ancient village the best and full of royal technology reached everywhere but Fillory chose to stay ancient so it’s very far from the city and full of wild animals.you will know more about Fillory’s secret because Judith is coming.


It’s been 12 hours already and they reach Fillory the king welcomed them personally and explained everything about Dragons to them.


Dennis:so do you have a dragon in your palace?


King:ah ah no but we do have a painting


Dorothy:I thought we’re gonna see a live Dragon


Mr Greene’s:let go you guys should sleep now it’s a tiring day today I guess




Everyone was sleeping when Judith started hearing strange voices more like a whisper calling her name”Dragon girl…come”She was frightened she tried waking Dorothy who is sleeping beside her but it was fultile she got up with 30 minds telling her to shout,run or sleep back.but she traced the voice to a an underground tunnel.There she saw a real Dragon chained down with puffing out of it’s nostrils and tail.Judith fell on her butt with her heart out of her already


Dragon:Don’t be scared chosen one.i mean you no harm


Judith:bbbbbbb..but…b krup(she hiccups)I thouggght there was no dragon in this palace ?please don’t hurt me don’t eat me please I’m the winner bread oh sorry bread winner for my family


Dragon:until me first I promise I won’t eat you




Dragon:they are bad people in this kingdom plz Judith


Judith:you know my name?


Dragon:pleease,(he stretch the please to the extent that it’s sharp teeth could be seen)


The sharp teeth scared Judith and she removed the chain


Dragon:indeed you’re the chosen one I’ve been trying to break free for the past 20 years.my name is Dragonilla I’m 60 years old


Judith:okay? Nice meeting you sir..I think we will see later(smiling but not happy o)she started walking backwardly when the dragon possessed her.She fainted and she disappeared back to her bed




To be continued…







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