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Dragon Girl – Episode 21

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Market square


Judith threw a fireball at the Gorgon and she crashed roughly to the ground turning repeatedly.


Derek:We need to get out of here


They helped each other up and


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Arien:Are we leaving her here?


Anita:She is very dangerous right now she will destroy everything on her path let get out of here.


The Gorgon rose up on her tail and charged towards Judith, Judith raised her feet and she soar really high to the sky the Gorgon twirl like a whirlwind and wrap itself across Judith’s body. The fire on Dragonith was unbearable for her and she fell. Judith jumped on her giving her a knee kick and she use her hand full of fire to uproot all snakes on the Gorgon’s head she pluck it all and burned them to ashes.


Judith:(in a deep monsterous voice) what makes a Gorgon if not her snaky hairs….hmm I’m missing out


something here your eyes)

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Judith sprang her hands up and her dragon claws came out she insert it into the Gorgon’s eyes and finally slit her throat with her long dragon tail. The Gorgon fell to the ground and died. Judith determined to finish everything on her path off start flying around the town. Even the innocent chickens


and goats of the kingdom were killed.




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They got to the palace and saw everywhere in a mess. Broken doors and stone statues of maids and palace guards. Arien rushed to Prince Fredrick room and could not find him but saw blood on the table and his bedspread


Arien:No no no way…. Fredrick no


He went to the king’s room and saw that the king has been turned to stone already and not only that, the statue has been broken so it won’t be restored ever.


Arien: (he fell on his knees crying)Father I’m I’m so sorry…how I wish to see you before you die I’ve been a very disobedient type I know … I’m sorry


Then Prince Fredrick came out of his hiding place,he came to the light and his clothes is covered with blood and scratches all over his face, his lips has turned purple and his sword was dripping with blood


Arien:Brother…what happened here? Did Medusa do this?


Fredrick:Medusa was here…also with A Basilisk





Fredrick:She killed father and the Basilisk is very strong for me…she’s still in the palace..we need to evacuate the palace


Derek then came in with the rest


Derek:What about the innocent citizens how are we gonna get them out?


Fredrick:I will stay here and buy time while you guys should go to the secret building to get the citizens to a safe place


Arien:No Fredrick the Gorgon is too dangerous for you . The saviors will accompany you and the citizens to a safe place I will deal with things here




Alice:Judith will be here soon


Arien:Main reason why I want to be the one staying behind… That moment is too dangerous for her…I have to be with her


Antonio:Best of luck.

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Antonio helped Crown prince Fredrick up and he also support himself with his sword they exit the palace to get the people.


Athusar indeed got trapped with his dragon but never make use of his Orb. He summon his Orb out to help save Judith when she’s here.


The Basilisk and the Gorgon came walking into the palace ground.( A Basilisk is a creature like dragon but with no wings and it can kill anyone with it’s gaze so it’s somehow like the Gorgon as well) Judith walked into the palace ground as well in her human firm and with two swords in her hands but she’s still possessed by her dark side. She faced the Gorgon and Athusar faced the Basilisk.






The people are already in a safe place and Alice helped in treating Fredrick. She got the poison that Basilisk sent into his body with it’s claw and he lost consciousness


Antonio:Is he gonna make it?


Alice:He’s the crown prince the only hope for Fillory he must not die


Derek:I’m not sure if anything now I just hope Arien is doing okay






4 hours later


It’s almost Dawn and it’s 5:00 in the morning, they’ve been fighting for 4 hours straight.



Snakes heads, blood and cliter could be seen on the palace ground as a result of destroying buildings and falling on things.


Judith is seen lying unconscious in Athusar’s arm. After the fight Judith attempted to fight Athusar thinking he’s a threat and Athusar knocked her out. Tears trickle down his cheek because he has used his Orb for Judith but she’s still unconscious. He carried her and lay her on his bed. He wrote a letter and sent it through a pigeon that the palace is safe.


The saviors arrived at the palace with the people and they worked together to tidy things up and clean the palace. The saviors revived the people that turned to stone


And in a matter of three days everything is back to normal. The subjects returned back to their position and few guards that are left.


Tomorrow is Prince Fredrick’s wedding and also his Coronation day to become the king. Judith has been sleeping for 3 days straight and she’s not breathing or even sneezed once.


Prince Arien’s Chamber


Derek: We’re leaving today..we will have to take Judith with us Mother asked to bring her


Arien:Is that the only way you can help?


Antonio:She will be living in the spirit world forever as a spirit so as to prevent further damages


Anita:I feel really bad for your love… Alice ask your mother if there’s other alternatives


Alice:There us but….




Fredrick:Say it please


Alice:You have to follow us to the spirit world yourself…we will collect your fire element to save her completely


Fredrick:What us a dragon without the fire element?


Arien:I’m ready to do anything for her.


Antonio:Your fire element will be siezed and you will turn to a cold dragon


Anita:The snow dragon it’s only in books but you will be the first snow dragon ever.


Arien:Please when she wakes you don’t ever tell her what I’ve done for her .


The saviors left with prince Arien to the spirit world.


Prince Fredrick got married and became the king.Katherine became the Queen and her parents moved to Fillory entirely. Judith woke up 5 days later and her mother came to pick her. Although on the wedding day, Dash Dorothy and their classmates came for the wedding. The were so happy for her.



Judith asked about Prince Arien and she was told he returned back to Switzerland. She was hurt and felt betrayed. She got into College . Now it’s been 7 years but she didn’t move on nor stop thinking about Arien.


One day


She came late to class and the lecturer asked her to go out of his class. She bowed her head down in embarrassment and went to the school garden without looking she bump into someone . He’s wearing a red robe and dressed like a prince of Fillory to her surprise it’s Arien.




He didn’t let her utter another words before he shut her up with a passionate kiss. Judith under misconception that Arien left her couldn’t control her feelings she closed her eyes and hot tears trickle down her cheek. She succumbed to the embrace and hold him tightly. They find somewhere to sit and discussed making up for lost years. She found out his sacrifice for her and cry even more. She took him to her hostel and hand over a juice to him. He touch it and the juice froze into ice.


Judith:what the!!!


Athusar:I’m now a snow dragon the first in the entire world.


Judith:I caused everything for you I’m so sorry


Athusar:No Judith I’m glad I could save you.


Judith introduced him to her mother and king Fredrick sent a royal procession to her home. She got married to Arien and got the title of a princess. Arien took her and her mother (Mrs Brian)to Switzerland to live together.

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