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Dragon Girl – Episode 19

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Judith’s body start emitting fire and she opened her eyes which is Amber in colour.


She walk towards the seal and place her palm on the forces surrounding the seal.it melt right to the ground and she screech.it was ear piercing and sharp and which make Dorothy and the rest to faint.Prince Arien saw her and trued to stop her but Derek(one of the saviors)stopped him and asked Alice(the human savior)to cast a spell to relieve her of the possession.


Alice did and Judith passed out.More interesting stories on Topster stories app


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Prince Arien carried her to his chamber for her to rest and then the king heard about this


Palace hall


King:How dare you release that dragon girl?you’re going against the royal decree


Prince Arien: Father that girl is the only hope we’ve got here she’s the only one that can help us


King:That’s so shameless and irresponsible of you. you’ve proven to me that you’re incompetent to be my prince. That Dragon is dangerous


Prince Arien:You’re more dangerous your majesty..here we are… trying to restore back what you’ve spoilt.Do you think I don’t know anything about how this kingdom came to be?


You are chaining that girl down so as to make fame for your royal regime ,to be feared and to be respected but name is not made like that Father.That girl is innocent


King:I can’t befriend a dragon


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Prince Arien:Then she’s not the only dragon you will chain down.


King:Pardon?since when did you have the gut to talk to me like that?…I am the king.Also you brought in strange people into my palace without my permission?..From now on you’re no more among the royal blood.The royal decree will be out soon.


Prince Arien:I will leave the palace as you wish.




Guest room


Dennis:Prince Fredrick what are we going to do about your bride?.you have to show her to the king tomorrow


Prince Fredrick:I got help already but either she’s alive or not the wedding can’t be done anyway… we’re under attack.


The saviors came in to check on Katherine


Judith is now awake and she accompany Prince Arien to the rest.


Anita:I need your help dragon girl


Judith:I?can I really be of help to you now?


Anita:of course I need your dragon sword


Judith:you’re mistaken…I’ve never wield a sword.


Anita:hmmm brother do you get it?


Derek:yes perfectly…she doesn’t know her true powers yet.


Arien:Is there anyway we can help her to awaken it?


Antonio:of course that’s what I’m good at.


Antonio went over to her and embrace her…like seriously he em embrace her totally for 5 seconds before Arien draw Judith from his grasp


Antonio:What is it?


Arien:If it is that simple i will do it


Sandra:What’s the difference if the saviors do it


Arien:She’s mine not anyone’s property.


Judith:( )


Juliet:now I get it.


Judith closed her eyes and she pictured a sword in her mind when two swords appear from her hands. Dorothy:Wow…what a wow Judith you’re cool


Judith:thanks baby..(she move over to her and hug her tight)it’s been long i last saw you..I really missed you Doro.abd I’m sorry about your father


Dorothy:it’s okay I understand Judith.



Judith placed her swords on Katherine’s statue and Anita scanned it with her laser eyes ,they watch it as the statue cane to life.Kate gasped for breath as if something blocked her nostrils.prince Fredrick clean the dust and sands on her dress


Fredrick:Thank God you’re back


Katherine:The Gorgons….where are they?


Dash:will you kill them if you see them?


Arien:now let restore the citizens before getting ready for tonight.


Anita:Medusa seems angry.


Palace guards marched into the vicinity and call Prince Arien’s name to come out and accept the royal decree .They we’re surprised and curious to what it I’d but Arien was not.More interesting stories on Topster stories app


Outside the room


Prince Arien went on his knees likewise the rest so as to respect the royal message


Royal advisor:You prince Arien.Son of the 2nd consort ,hear and accept the royal decree .you are hereby dethroned from the position of a prince of Fillory kingdom.Do not step into the palace ever again. Arien do you accept the royal decree


Arien:I accept the royal decree


Judith:what?what’s going on here?


Fredrick:what happened between you and Father?


Arien:He disowned me for opening his eyes and saying the truth


Prince Fredrick:I will go visit him now.


Arien:No no Frederick.i was husband son throughout the years but not anymore. I’m damn rich as well. Athusar have tons of properties in Switzerland and Seattle


Dash:Oh my God….Seattle?


Arien:yes. I guess I’m free


Juliet:Wait..so youre also a???


Arien:I’m Athusar(he said this and his eyes turn blue)


Sandra:wow he’s so handsome.


Judith:yes we know that


Katherine:I’ve missed a lot


Arien: Fredrick you should show your bride to father so you guys can get rid of Nimueh


Antonio:That Satyress?


Fredrick:you know her?


Antonio: I saw her hiding in the deep forest with some animals.




Prince Fredrick chose another royal attire for Katherine and try went to the palace hall to meet the king.


Nimueh heard about this and set to stop the discussion but met Antonio in front of the gate that leads to the palace.


Antonio:Hey what’s up?


Nimueh:Who are you?…hmmm looking hot..do you wanna mess with me?(she reveal her fingers full of sharp black claws)


Antonio:I love your claws wanna see mine?(he revealed his own which was much more longer than Nimueh’s claw and it’s made of iron)


Nimueh:(she step back very scared)you. What are you?


Antonio:Coyote… …or a Satyre just guess


Nimueh:With iron claws you must be…..the supernatural Hybrid?


Antonio:yeah(he said smiling and his smile revealed his sharp fangs which scares Nimueh the more)


Nimueh:(she swallowed the saliver that’s not even present in her mouth)what do you want?


Antonio:I want you to go in there and drop all charges on the two lovers


Nimueh:’o..okay it will be done


Nimueh explained to the king that she’s not interested in the marriage anymore and the king agreed to the alliance.He asked Katherine to call her parents for the royal wedding that is in 5 days.




Guest room


Fredrick:Do you think we can solve everything in 5 days?


Derek:we will solve everything tonight.


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Katherine and the rest returned back to the city since Prince Fredrick gave them permission.


King Topaz made prince Fredrick the crown prince,next successor after him so now he can make orders as well.Dorothy didn’t want to leave but Judith persuade her that it’s dangerous to stay there.





City. (Chance land)



Dorothy went over to Mrs Brian and inform her that Judith is the dragon also she passed on Judith’s message to her mother.


Katherine’s house


She knock on the door and her mother opened the door not recognizing her but Kate hugged her Kate:moooom,I have missed you


Mother: excuse me young miss I think you chose the wrong person I’m not your mother


Kate:mom it’s me Katherine


Mother:absurd…my daughter is in Fillory


Father:Wife what’s going on here


Mother: I think this young miss lost her mother and is going around all houses calling every beautiful women her mother


Father:maybe we should call the police


Katherine:I will be a police and use pistol to shoot out your brain Mother:Not me but your father’s mother brain Father:my grandma?!!…wait oh my God it’s Katherine.






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