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Dragon Girl – Episode 11

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Previously on Epic diaries “The Dragon girl”


Officials from Fillory village cane to chance land after hearing information on the missing dragon.They went to Star falls college for the kids.


Now on Dragon girl.


Sandra:They look.more like babysitters to me..look at that old man.. stomach so big and almost touching the ground like elephant.


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1st subject:you guys are really interesting with your rotten mouth..I hope you cooperate with us


2nd subject: especially this tall one (Dash)


3rd:I keep getting weird feelings about that girl (Judith)my instincts is never wrong


Judith:tour instincts?have you started the test already?if it’s based on instincts you will get everyone killed Mr Subject


1st subject:well we’re going to run a test on you all.we can do that at least


Principal:base on the contrary you have to discuss with their parents first


4th subject:we already discussed that with your parents,the second thing is to allow you all to follow us back to Fillory


Dash:what?that village?


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Juliet:wow..I really love that village especially with the beautiful ancient clothes worn by the royals not to talk of their designs on the silk.


Dash:what can you possibly like in that cloth!


Judith: I’m not wearing that cloth with you


Dorothy:I won’t even step that village


Sandra:it’s a cool village even if we end up going it will be cool


1st subject:well excuse us for now


The four subjects went to the PTA hall to discuss with the parents while Judith and the rest collapsed weakly on their chairs cuz of the mess they are in.


Two hours later


The meeting with the parents was really a tough one that it got the subjects sweating profusely.


1st subject:you guys are lucky I guess


2nd subject:Your parents disagreed on taking you now..but


Dennis:but what?


1st subject:since your graduation from middle school is in four years..so we are to stay here and continue our investigation with the police..and anyone weird among you all is following us to Fillory.


Rise: I’m very sure I’m not following you


Closing hour, Students went home and the envoy departed to their lodge.anout Judith’s behavior changing after the excursion,her classmates testify to that so Judith is the one on the first row of the list.then after that five more people appear on the list.


Judith Home


Judith:Dragon,what can we do before I graduated school now?

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Dragon:(turning on the ground playfully)stop asking me questions because I have no idea what you can do at all


Judith:look at how you’re playing with my life on the floor…how many people are left on the list?


Dragon:My dragon diaries?there are 20 people left on the list


Judith:All of them are corrupted?


Dragon:yes,they are involved in the act of chaining me down… I’m sure we will turn the paper blank before four years.


Judith:and I will be free?


Dragon:yes…I will save my friends at Fillory alone


Judith:why don’t you call Athusar for help?


Dragonilla:Athusar cannot return back to Fillory.hes still cultivation his chi


Four years later


It’s the day for the farewell party for the seniors,it was a memorable day for them all and the envoy came with flowers to congratulate them and also disclose the people going to Fillory


Dorothy:had I known I would have travelled out of the country..


Denis:but you still have the chance to graduate..


Dorothy:you’re very lucky you’re gonna take over your father’s business


Sara:that’s right since you’re prince charming


Dash:what brings about prince charming in this situation?do you wanna be his Cinderella?


Sara:ah uhm well


Judith: Denis has many lovers




Judith:stop dreaming Sara he’s got his Cinderella already.


Then the envoys joined them


1st envoy: Congratulations to you all and good morning


Rose:what’s good about the morning?


4th envoy: During the past four years we only had 5 people on the list but now you’re seven.. because 7 out of 19 of you are strange.


Rose:who are those?


1st envoy:Lisa,Diana,Ellen,Adam,Carl, Desmond,Olive,Shittu,and Sara you nine are safe…but Judith, Juliet,Dennis,Dash,Gareth, Katherine,Dorothy and Sandra you’re on the suspicion list.


Katherine:what? I’m innocent!


2nd envoy:yes, according to our investigation you’re easily scared scared,careless and gentle but still there is something strange with how you look


Juliet:it’s a pity Dennis,you won’t be able to take over your father’s business anymore


Rise:well farewell to you guys


Dash:oh what a wow. The village girls will be so pretty in that ancient clothes I’m gonna flirt with them


Juliet:Flirt with death


3rd envoy:end if discussion..so go home now and pack your bags.


Dennis:you want us to go home now and follow you?


Juliet:to go home and shout happily saying”mama,mama ,I’ve been picked”we’re not even traveling abroad


2nd envoy:Girls a special warning to you.there are two princes in Fillory so mind your ways of interacting with them


Katherine:may I know their name?


2nd envoy:That’s exactly what’s strange about you.








To be continued




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