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Dragon Girl – Episode 10

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#Possesed by love and Dragon




Previously on Dragon girl


Lots of armed forces came in pointing red dots all over her body while Dragonith flew to the terrace and they followed her.


Dragonith:(in deep and electrifying voice)you’ve failed your city


Mr Hikes:you know what?I’ve changed my mind.. I’m gonna capture you alive and use you for experiment.


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Dragonith used her tail to sweep the soldiers off the building within a seconds and she puff out fire from her mouth burning the rest if the soldiers…She just defeated 50 armed forces now Mr Hikes


is all alone


Dragonith:you’ve underrated me Mr Hikes.


Mr Hikes:This city that you’re trying to protect will fall to the ground without us..the wealthy and powerful ones.If you keep killing the top highest officials like records has it you will be slaves to other countries…don’t kill me I will reform


Dragonith:(she hesitated at first)…don’t trick me with your sweet talk.Destiny can’t be changed.


Dragonith puff out fire and she burn Mr Hikes to ashes only his glass that fell escaped the fire.Dragonith flew away and Dorothy and her mother arrived home


Dorothy:Mom is that not a dragon?


Mrs Hikes:I doubt it a dragon in chance land

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Dorothy:but look..


Mrs Hikes:oh..you’re right but why is it leaving from our terrace?


Dorothy:where’s dad?..dad..dad? we’re back


Mrs Hikes:let me check the bedroom


Dorothy:okay Mom.


Dorothy went to the terrace and saw a burnt body,she didn’t know it was her dad until she saw his glass on the floor




Mrs Hikes:what’s it Doro?(looking around),oh my… Husband..Hikes Hikes


Judith House


Judith came back inside through the window as usual and changed back to her human form,she covered the window with her bedspread and went downstairs for a drink when she saw her mother in front of her door.her heart has left her chest already not almost.


Judith:ugh(she swallowed the little saliva looking for where to hide from the shock)Mom?what are you doing in front of my room?








Judith:mom I didn’t mean to..mom I’m I’m sorry


Mother:you never told me about your project the one you went on an excursion for.



Judith:oh..uhm well(she stylishly closed her door and clap her hands cuz that’s the only thing she could think of)well it’s going smoothly.


Mother:but where are your clothes again?


Judith:mom I like sleeping without clothes these days that’s why I’m always na.ked.


Mother:okay sleep tight I remember that and I decided to ask you(she went away)


Judith:(talking silently)that’s weird you woke up to ask me this?this is surely a warning to be careful next time


The next morning Judith went to class and noticed Dorothy is absent she knows the reason but decided to play it cool


Judith: Katherine..please where us Dorothy?


Katherine:she’s absent.


Cara:oh no the innocent friends mist be hiding secrets from each other


Dash:I don’t think they are even best friend or why will they be hiding personal things?


Judith:what are you rumbling about?




Cara: rumbling?


Juliet:Judith I’m warning you can you handle the consequences if I start dealing with you?


Judith: what happened to Dorothy?

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Juliet:her father died yesterday night didn’t you watch the news?


Rose:tsk tsk tsk(sympathizing wickedly)oh no her father died a day to her birthday she must be bad luck I guess


She ran out and went to Dorothy’s house,she saw everyone crying and also the relatives ,the police are already there investigating also with the dead soldiers.She met her mother there already consoling Mrs Hikes.she signalled to Judith to go and console her friend she didn’t open the door for anyone since.Judith knock on Dorothy’s door


Judith:Doro it’s me Judith please open the door


(Dorothy opened the door and started crying even more on sighting Judith)


Dorothy: I’m so happy you came


Judith:it’s okay baby don’t cry(feeling guilty)


Dorothy cry on Judith for hours before she calm down she informed Dorothy that it was a dragon and that the police are working on everything they saw.Judith stayed till night before she left for her home.



Weeks passed by and Dorothy is still absent and one day Inside the classroom


Dennis: so how’s Dorothy’s family doing?


Judith:Dorothy’s family it Dorothy?


Dennis:okay is she okay?


Judith: if you’re that curious you can go check on her.


Dennis:no I only feel sympathy for her as a fellow classmates that’s all


Judith:did I say anything?….Dennis I know you like Dorothy how can you be such a coward that you can’t


show people you love her or confess to her? Dennis:okay ..please don’t tell anyone till I tell her myself Judith:Still a coward.


Then Juliet came to the scene


Juliet:what are you guys saying?


Judith:that you like Dash and that’s why you’re always siding him Juliet:Bitch


Dash:Not her of all people.


Judith continue reading her book when Shittu and her gangs attacked her and stab her with a pen. Shittu:This is just a warning that I’m watching you


Judith fell from her chair writhing in pain as blood gush out..her body system start changing Judith:no I must not change here..no no.she gently closed her eyes and a man came in Shittu:hey who are you?you look like a new student. Juliet: who’s this new character?



Athusar: Quite (in deep and sexy voice)


Kate:oh my(drooling)he’s so sexy


Cara:his voice sounds powerful than his look


He carried Judith and Shittu trued to stop him He turn back and stop Shittu with his leg Athusar: Girls,I don’t beat.


Then he went away.He treated Judith and left her in front of her house sleeping on the floor she woke up and went inside


Judith:This bitches again?….if you(Athusar) want to help at least help someone properly…now I’ve list


my Orb…real trouble .


Mrs Brian:welcome Judith you need to hear this


Judith:mom later please I need to rest.


Mrs Brian:it’s about the dragon that killed Mr Hikes.According to all the findings it turns out to be the dragon that escaped from Fillory so they will be coming here to chance land to investigate.

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Judith:mom you’re friends are deceiving you again


Mrs Brian:you don’t get it do you? everyone of you will be interrogated because of fear if possession Judith:don’t set your mind to it mom.. I’m going upstairs


Mrs Brian:I don’t want you to be taken away from me Judith: I’m goin nowhere mom get done sleep please


Judith went to her room and summoned the dragon spirit out


Judith:I believe you heard all what mom said?


Dragonilla: everything..but what are we gonna do now?


Judith:are you asking me?you know you got me into this mess!


Dragon:are you seriously telling me that?we need to stay calm and think


Judith:well maybe you should leave next alone for a while and hide with Athusar in his cool misty cave


Dragonilla: I’m a golden(fire)dragon I can’t survive in his abode.and they will surely find me these people are powerful


Judith:gosh..then get out of the city


Dragonilla:hey I can’t do that


Judith:then you will end up chained at the end of this mystical story of us


Dragonilla:Did you forget? we’re going to be changed together since you’re my partner in crime


Judith:stop giving me that face it doesn’t fit a dragon..enter my body for now you can survive a night without killing right?




Judith:you even answer me


Dragonilla: question and answer common courtesy right?


Judith:,I wish to sleep and wake up after 10,000 years



Dragonilla:wake up from it already sleeping beauty didn’t sleep that much before orince charming woke her up


Judith:Lucky her..a prince woke her up but a huge dragon is gonna wake me up for sure






The following week Judith went to school after healing up and she saw her classmates in a confusing mood and murmuring. With some weird old looking subjects from Fillory palace,even Dorothy couldn’t travel anymore


Judith:Doro ,what’s going on here?

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Dorothy:they are going to start monitoring us from now on and we can’t even leave the city.


Subjects:Then you’re coming with us to Fillory..I mean all of you.





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