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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 9

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Chapter 9



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“My wife was always one step ahead of us.” I said to Chris one of those days.



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“Can you believe she actually figured out that those documents were fake and jailed Vanessa.” I said.


“I’m not surprised. I think my wife helped her with it.” He said.


“You mean Nnenna?” I asked just to be sure.


“What type of question is that? Which other wife do I have?” He asked frowning.


“I was just surprised because she hasn’t been to my house in a long time.” I said.


“How could she go there with that witch around?” He asked.


“Anyway, women have their ways.” I said.


“But no celebration yet till victory.” He said smiling.


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“Yea. Everyone involved is needed at the court tomorrow.” He said.


“My wife happens to be Lisa’s lawyer too.” He added.


“These ladies never seize to amaze me.” I said smiling.


“What we couldn’t handle. Just imagine.” I added.


“We are busy men now. No time.” He said.


“Well let’s use that to console ourselves.” I said and we laughed it off. Lisa


“Oh Good morning.” Charles said as he opened my door to come in. I was still putting on my ear rings while looking at the mirror.


“I see you’re still preparing for the day in the court.” He said trying to sound casual.


“What do you want?” I blurted.


Charles sighed and walked over to where I was and held me on my waist then I melted.


“Come on babe. You’re my woman, we haven’t been together for weeks now.” He said.


“So?” I asked pretending not to care.


“Please Lisa, I’m sorry. At least we’re getting rid of her now. Forgive me please.” He pleaded.


Then I turned around to face him and my belly pushed us apart.


“I forgive you.” I said smiling.


“Thanks babe. You’re the best thank you so much.” He said jumping around.


“So are we leaving or what?” I said grabbing my purse from my dressing table.


“Yea, you first.” He said giving way for me to leave the door first.


We got into the car and drove out to the court.


The lawyers made their arguments and the judge made his judgement.


“Miss Vanessa. What you have done is wrong and I’m supposed to jail you for that.” He said.


“But you’ll sign an undertaking instead never to go close to that man and the rest of the members of his family again. And if you do, you’ll be arrested for falsification of documents and repetition of crime. Remember that the court is always ready to assemble again to judge your case.” He dismissed and stood up to leave.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Vanessa signed the undertaking and finally we were free.


“We did it!” I said excitedly giving Nnenna a high five within the premises


“Thank you so much. None of this would’ve happened without you.” I said gratefully.


“It’s no problem dear. What are friends for?” She said hugging me from the side.


“So when will you come and visit?” I asked.


“For?” She asked.


“For this victory of course, it calls for celebration.” I said.


“Yes. Expect me there tomorrow. But for today? I’m very tired, we both need some rest.


“Yes, alright bye.” I said to her and left.


I saw Charles from afar standing by the car waiting for my mom and I so I rushed towards him and got in the car, soon my mom was out and she joined us then we left.





“You see? I told you none of this was a goof idea. You know what? You’re very lucky I didn’t get sentenced to imprisonment. Very lucky!” I thundered.


“I’m so sorry my child, I should have listened to you.” Mrs Lucy said apologetically.


“Okay fine, but this would be the last time we meet to talk about this your son’s issue.” I said walking out of her house.


“Where are you going?” She asked.


“Back to the states of course. What else am I doing here in this hell of a country!” I yelled and stormed out of the house.



“I’m still sorry!” I heard Mrs Lucy shout after me.






A few months later


I went to visit my doctor for a quick check up then I went into labor.


“Sharon.” I said touching my belly.


“I think it’s time.” I added.


“Well that’s great, let’s enter the theatre.” She said trying to help me up from the chair.


As we made our way to the theatre, I was panting really fast like a dog.


“Please call my husband.” I said.


“I will do that once I get you settled with the nurses.” She said.


“Okay.” I said panting.





I left her in the care of other nurses and midwives and went outside the theater to call her husband.



Charles:: Doctor Sharon! What a pleasant surprise. How are you?



Me:: I’m sorry but there’s no time to exchange pleasantries.



Charles:: What? What’s going on?



Me:: It’s your wife. She’s in labour.



Then he hung up.


“He’d better come over here as soon as possible.” I muttered to myself then went back into the theater.





I drove as fast as I could to the hospital. I couldn’t believe it. Finally my baby would be born. I got to the hospital and one of the nurses, Mirabel recognized me and directed me to the theatre my wife was in.


The midwives and doctor Sharon allowed me to enter the theatre so I could be there with my wife.


The sight was horrible, seeing my wife pass through so much pain as she was pushing. I noticed she was loosing her strength.


“Stay strong for me Lisa, stay strong please.” I said holding her hands.


I was already crying. I didn’t want to loose my Lisa. She was already worn out.


Then she stopped pushing.


“Doctor she’s loosing her strength, what’s going on?” I yelled panicking.


“Mr Charles, you will have to leave now.” She said.


“You can’t ask me to leave, I need to be here for my wife!” I thundered.


“Alright, let’s talk outside.” She said and started walking out and I followed behind her.


“Look Charles. It’s been 5hrs already, your wife can’t continue to push. I’m afraid she has to go under the knife.” She said.


“What? No!” I yelled holding my head, tears just rolling freely down my cheeks.



“Doctor, anything. Just save my wife please! The child can go but just save my wife I beg you.” I pleaded on my knees.


“We’ll try our best Charles.” She said and went back inside the theatre.


I couldn’t believe it. I quickly took my phone and called her mother, Mrs Sarah and Nnenna.


They came over to the hospital as soon as they could but while I waited, nurse Mirabel kept me company.


“Don’t worry, this hospital is one of the best. Your wife and your baby will survive this.” She said and gave me a reassuring smile.


“Thank you so much Mirabel. My name is Charles by the way. Really, thank you so much.” I said to her amidst tears.


“What’s going on? Where’s my daughter?” Mrs Sarah practically ran over to where I was with Mirabel. And Nnenna and Chris followed after her.


“Mama she’s undergoing c-section.” I said.


“And what’s that?” She asked.


“She’s going under the knife mama!” I said holding my head.


“Ewo Chi m o!(oh my God!)” She said holding her head.


“My daughter will survive this. I know she will.” She said with so much faith.


“Please Lisa stay strong for us.” Nnenna said.


“Don’t worry man. She’ll come out healthy and strong.” Chris assured me.


“How long has it been?” Nnenna asked.


“Ten hours.” I said crying.



“That’s too long!” She said.


“We need to pray.” Mrs Sarah said.


Everyone started blasting prayers including Mirabel then Sharon came out from the theatre.


“Doctor how’s she doing.” I asked nervously.


Her face was not looking bright so I got scared. More interesting stories available (Also more stories on Topster Stories App)


“Doctor what’s going on!” I thundered holding her shoulders trying to search for answers in her eyes then she started crying.

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“Why are you crying? Tell me what’s going on?” I yelled.


“I’m so sorry.” She said holding her head and shedding tears.


“We tried our best.” She added.


“Oh! No no no no no no!” I shouted holding my head.


“We lost her!” She said and burst into uncontrollable tears.


“My daughter! My Lisa! No! It can’t be true!” Mrs Sarah yelled shedding tears.


“Noooo!!!!!!!!” I got on my knees crying. Soon I sat on the floor. Mirabel was trying to console me but I refused to be consoled. Everyone was crying.


“This can’t be happening.” I said.


“This can’t be happening to me.” I cried.



“Charles calm down okay. We’re really sorry just calm down.” Sharon said holding my shoulders trying to console me.


“The child made it alive.” She added.


I looked at her with teary eyes.


“All I want is my Lisa back! I want her back!” I yelled.


It was a very sad evening. Even people we didn’t know cried for us.


“Who’s going to take care of my child? Who’s going to mother my child?” Were thoughts that kept running through my head as I drove home.


Sharon told me that I could go take my child from the hospital in a week’s time. So I set out for home with my mother in-law.





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