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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 7

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Chapter 7



Author Ella






I got back from partying with my girls hoping I’d find something to eat but the kitchen was locked. “Regina!” I yelled at the top of my voice. “Yes aunty.” She shouted and approached me. “Where is the key to this door?” I asked. “My madam said I shouldn’t allow you in there ma.” She said. Then I landed a slap on her left cheek. “What did you just say to me? I said where are those keys?” I shouted furiously. “They’re with madam’s mother.” She said already crying. “I haven’t even beat you yet and you’re already crying.” I said and shoved her aside then ran upstairs to Lisa’s mom’s room.


“How dare you barge into my room like that are you mad?” She said to me. “With all due respect old woman, give me the keys to my kitchen.” I said. “Which kitchen?!” She shouted. “Do you own anything in this house?” She added. “Give me the keys!” I yelled. Then she landed a dirty slap on my face. “You don’t come into my room shouting!” She said. “Will you get out!” She added pushing me out. “You slapped me?” I said. “And I will slap you again evil child!” She said slamming the door on my face. “What type of insult is this?” I said to myself. “I can’t take this in this house! I cannot! I have to do something else they’ll kill me!” I said to myself then ran outside and drove off.


I drove to Mrs Lucy’s house, she was Charles mother. We actually planned everything together. She never liked Lisa and she wanted her out of the way and I was the best person for that job. I was sick and tired of staying in that house, I wanted to leave.

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“No! You can’t until your job is done. I want my son to dump Lisa and possibly take you as a wife.” She said. “But Lisa is already pregnant, what more do you want?!” I yelled. “My son disrespected me many times because of that girl. I don’t like her and I want her out.” She said. “How long will I continue like this?! I’m practically dying in that house, I don’t even love your son. I need my own life.” I said folding my arms. “Please my child, don’t do this. Complete this thing for me. Forge a pregnancy or something.” She said. “I already did that! But I’m not really pregnant you know! I can’t keep it up. I stay with Charles in a room.” I said. “Don’t worry my child, everything will be fine. Just continue, I’ll pay you handsomely. Please my daughter.” She pleaded. “Okay oh. But the next time I’ll get disrespected like that,I may kill someone oh! Or better still I leave.” I said. “Mbanu!(no now) don’t talk like that. It will be well.” She said. “I’m just doing this because of you



and your relationship with my father oh. You see, now my mother is late, I now see you as a mother.” I said. “Come here.” She gestured then I hugged her.






“So I have the doc*ments.” I said to Nnenna. “That’s great! How did you get it?” She asked. “They left early this morning so I saw that as an opportunity to get it from their room.” I said smiling. “That’s perfect!” She said looking at the doc*ments. “I knew it!” She said. “What is it?” I asked. “These doc*ments are not even legal, she has got nothing against your husband.” She said. “Really? This shady bitch!” I said. “Babe just calm down. We’re going to take this case to court and win it.” She said smiling. “And then She’ll be out of my life forever!” I said smiling. I was so happy that finally I could have a quiet home.


“So we are going to send the police to your house tomorrow to arrest her for forging of doc*ments and threatening your husband.” She said. “Nnenna you have no idea how happy I am. This is great! I can’t wait till my husband knows about it.” I said smiling. “Your husband can’t know about it Lisa! Do you want him to spill it to Vanessa. Just keep your mouth shut and everything will go as planned.” She said.


**The next day**


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I heard noises from my room and I rushed to the window to know what was happening. When I opened my curtains I saw a police van and three police men leading Vanessa to the police van.

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“But officers, where are you taking me to? I’ve done nothing wrong.” She yelled in her usual British accent. “Ma’am move! Or we’ll be forced to push you.” One of the officers said. “Yes!” I said to myself smiling heartily. “See you in court Vanessa.” I said to myself again but this time wearing a scornful look on my face. I so hated that girl the very first day she stepped foot into my house then I heard a voice behind me. “Do you know what’s happening?” Charles asked. But my door was closed. Maybe I was too excited to notice someone step in. “Baby don’t worry, all our trouble are over.” I said smiling. I walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “No they are not!” He said. “Do you know what Vanessa will do to me if she finds out you’re behind this? I’ll loose my job.” He added. “Baby this files are



fake.” I said walking over to my bed to sit down. “What files are you talking about?” He asked wearing a confused look. “The files she asked you to sign of course. And apparently asking someone to sign illegitimate files is illegal so we got her arrested for it.” I said looking straight at his face. “By we you mean?” He asked but this time looking even more confused. “Nnenna and I of course! I couldn’t just let this woman ruin me you know.” I said. “It’s your carelessness that made this mess. Just pray we win the case.” I said and stood up gently then walked out of the room.


I went to my mother’s room but I didn’t find her there so I a*ssumed she would be in the kitchen so I went downstairs and I wasn’t wrong.


“Lisa I’ve seen your good works! Very good!” She said referring to the arrest of Vanessa then hugged me. “Aw!” I shrugged. “Mummy be careful with the way you hug me, have you forgotten that I’m heavily pregnant.” I said. “Ewo nwa m(oh! My child) gbaghalu(forgive). It escapes my mind sometimes. You act too strong for a pregnant woman.” She said laughing. “Okay mama. Ehm… Have you taken your pills?” I asked. “Don’t bother about me Lisa, of course I’ve taken them.” She said. My mother was hypertensive so the doctor put her on daily drug intake and I didn’t want to loose my only mother that why I was always reminding her about her drugs.


“Mummy what are you cooking?” I asked looking into the pot. “Lisa go and freshen up! When you come down, you’ll eat.” She said nudging me a little. “It smells like Ofe nsala(nsala soup is a native soup where I come from)” I said with my nose up in the air. “It’s not for breakfast oh!” She said smiling. “No now! But you know I love this soup so much.” I said frowning a bit. “Yes that’s why I’m making it for lunch. You’ll have tea and crackers for breakfast now go and freshen up, so you’ll smell nice.” She said. “Okay mom. Let me go and shower so you’ll stop using it against me.” I said and left her alone in the kitchen. On my way upstairs I met Charles coming down. I made to pa*ss him but he held me back. “Lisa if there’s any way you can forgive me please do.” He pleaded. “I was a big fool by even allowing her to come and ruin our home please forgive this idiot standing in front of you please.” He said with teary eyes. I knew he was deeply sorry, but I had to be sure she was out before I return back to my normal life. “Leave me alone jare!” I said and swung my hand out of his grip then continued



moving upstairs. “Nonsense!” I said to myself while climbing the stairs and I said it to his hearing.





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