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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 3

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Chapter 3



Author Ella






“I’m still stuck in that mess with Mr Bello and he has been tormenting me.” I said to Charles. I went to visit him on a weekend and he happened to be free then. “Okay baby. I have a plan, just calm down.” He said. “And what could that plan be.” I asked almost impatient to hear the plan. “It could work, it may not. But it requires intelligence and carefulness.” He said looking at me. “And I know my baby is intelligent.” He said and smiled. “Okay so what do you have in mind.” I said pushing him a little. “Okay fine I’ll tell you.” He said. “We’re going to set him up.” He said. “Oh Charles I’m getting impatient here, just hit the nail already!” I said. “Wait for me to land na!(wait so I can get to the point.) Is this how you’re planning to be a journalist?” He said. “You need patience babe. And I’m testing that patience.” He said. “Okay.” I said taking a deep breath. “So this is what you’re going to do. You get into his office and make him say that you’ll have to sleep with him before giving your results while your phone recorder is on so that it will record everything.” He said. “Wow! What a brilliant plan.” I said and gave him a high five. “So afterwards.” I said. “We take it to any authority including the police so they can handle him.” He said and I was so happy. “How come I didn’t think of this.” I said. “Come to think of it.” I said holding my jaw. “There is no result in the first place. So I’m still going to be stuck in this semester.” I said. “It’s simple Lisa. When we’re done recording, we use the tape to threaten him to push you to the next year or you’ll spill the beans.” He said. “Great Idea.” I said. “I didn’t know you had a dubious mind.” I added. “Sometimes, to get what you want, you have to break the law.” He said. “Agreed!” I said giggling. “Okay, I’ll set at it tomorrow.” I said and smiled.


**Mr Bello’s office**


“Sir please. I beg you!” I pleaded with Mr Bello. “I’ve already told you Lisa. If you don’t sleep with me, you’re not getting promoted.” He said. “And. Recorded.” I said smiling and saving the tape on my phone. “What’s that?” He asked. “Oh I just recorded about everything you just said to me.” I said. “What!” He yelled. “And you know you can lose your job and probably get arrested right?” I said moving closer to his desk where he was seated. “Okay okay. I’ll do what you want.” He said almost helplessly. “Just don’t tell the police please my sweet Lisa please.” He

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pleaded. “Very well then.” I said moving towards the exit. “I’ll be here to check my result tomorrow. Bye Sir.” I said shutting the door behind me.


I got outside and picked my phone immediately to call Charles.



Charles:: So how’d it go?



Me:: It worked! I’m getting my results tomorrow.



Charles:: Great news. Where are you so I can come and pick you up.



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Me:: No don’t worry. I’m going somewhere with Nnenna. We’ll see tomorrow?



Charles:: Okay bye.



Then I hung up. Charles was already in his final year. And the year I was going to be promoted to was my final year.






“Guy! This result is awesome! Congrats mehn.” Chris said looking at the picture I took of my result. “I know.. So finally, I’m graduating this year. I’m grateful to God man.” I said. “Your result is not bad at all.” I said. “Come on. Yours was way better.” He said. “Shey you fit still graduate with this one.(But you can still graduate with this result.) Big head.” I said laughing. “Have you called your babe to ask her about hers?” He asked. “No. But I’ll do that now.” I said dialing her number.


Me:: Baby how was it.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



Lisa:: It was great! I’m so happy



Me:: Really babe. This calls for a celebration.



Lisa:: yea! Where and when.



Me:: Hold on. I’ll come and pick you up from home at 6pm then we’ll go somewhere to have dinner.


Lisa:: Okay! I better get home and start preparing then.



Then she hung up. “Guy! Nawa for you oh(I’m not happy with you).” Chris said. “What is it this time?” I said. “How can you plan on taking only your babe out?” He said. “Me nko? (What about me?)” He said and I started laughing. “Alright bro. You said you always liked her friend Nnenna right?” I said. “Yes. I even plan on making her my wife. The girl is so nice. Wife material.” He said and we both laughed. “Okay. Why don’t you invite her to the date? Let’s make it a double date.” I said. “Sharp bro! Thanks man.” He said giving me a fist bump.





Me:: I would love to!



Chris:: Wow! Okay great.



Me:: But does Lisa know about it?



Chris:: I don’t think so but Charles does.



Me:: Okay I’ll let her know.


Then I hung up


“And who was that?” Lisa asked. “Guess who’s going to follow you on that date.” I said dancing. “I don’t understand.” She said giggling. “It’s a double date! Me and Chris, You and Charles in the same place at the same time!” I said jumping. “Yes Charles mentioned something about that to me. But I don’t get why you’re so excited.” She said looking at me. “Or is there anything I should know about?” She added. “Yes. I like Chris. He’s a really nice guy and I like him a lot.” I said. “So finally my friend is in love. It’s good oh. Let’s get dressing before they come to



pick us up.” She said. “Okay now. So what will I even wear?” I said looking in my drawer.


**At the date**


We all sat together, with Lisa and I on the same row and Charles and Chris on the opposite side. I was facing Chris and Lisa was facing Charles. We ordered Fried rice and Spiced Chicken with Two bottles of orange juice.


“I didn’t know you would honor my invitation.” Chris said to me. “But why.” I asked. “Because I never thought you would agree to go out with any guy.” He said. “Oh. Because I don’t usually roll with guys? Is that it?” I asked. “Yes.” He said. “Well, here I am now, proving your theory wrong.” I said smiling. “I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time now, I don’t know how you’ll take it.” He said to me and I saw Charles and Lisa smiling at him and nudging him to go on. He seemed a little nervous too. “So. What is it?” I asked. “Please Nnenna. Will you be the mother of my children?” He said kneeling and holding a ring. Then I looked the other way and I saw Charles kneeling with a ring on his hand too. “Yes!” Lisa and I said simultaneously. “This is literally the happiest moment of my life!” Lisa shouted. “Mine too!” I said then we hugged. “Alright ladies and gentlemen. Let’s make a toast.” Charles said after he had ordered a wine and poured some for each of us. “To what?” I asked. “To the beginning of our marital life. To long life and prosperity and to never ending, unconditional love amongst us couples.” He said and we all clicked glasses. We all went home with smiles on our faces.


**At home, our lodge**


“Babe you didn’t tell me this was going to happen.” I said to Lisa. “Ok.. I knew Chris was going to propose to you but I didn’t know Charles would propose to me!” She said laughing. “Wow! What a day.” I said entering the kitchen to get myself something to eat. “But babe check these rings out. They should be really expensive.” Lisa said. “Yea! Maybe they’ve got something doing now to make money. Things do happen you know.” I said. “It’s remaining to just finish school then boom! Start planning the marriage.” Lisa said. “Gini?(What?)” I said. “Yes now. This one na just fiancé things na(we’re just courting now). Or do you want to get married while in school?” She asked. “No. Shey it’s remaining just one year for



us and we’re done.” I said. “Yes. God please bless us all the way.” She said looking up.



1 year later






“Thank God this semester is over.” Nnenna said to me after we got back from the party. “Yes oh! All glory be to God oh.” I said. “Babe we have got to travel to see our parents oh. To let them know what’s up.” I said. “Yes. But it’s all the way to Enugu. And we may not even come back here again. On the bright side, both Chris and Charles are from Enugu. It makes things easier for us.” She said. “Yes. Did Chris tell you he has gotten a job?” I asked. “Yes oh! He told me immediately he was accepted in the place Charles is working now.” She said. “Things are really going well for us oh. We should go for Thanksgiving.” I said. “Ha!(exclamation)” she shouted. “Ibiakwa ozo!( you have come again)” she added. “What? It’s not a bad thing to thank God once in a while with gifts in the church.” I said laughing.


So after three days we finally packed our things and moved out to Enugu to see our parents.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


**In my mother’s house**


“Ah ah! Lisa nwa m(Lisa my child). What’s that I’m seeing on your finger?” My mom asked. “Oh mummy, I’ve not told you. I’m engaged now!” I said excitedly. “Oh that’s good. Finally my God is answering my prayers.” She said hugging me. “Remember when you used to say that you won’t get married.” She said. I did remember and I couldn’t believe that I would say such a thing. “Well mom. Love changed everything.” I said smiling. “Okwaya!(Is that so!)” She said laughing. “So when will I see this young man.” She asked. “Well mom, very soon. He works as a doctor here in Enugu.” I said. “Akokwana! (You don’t mean it!” She shouted. “Yes mom! He’s a doctor.” I said smiling. My mother was so happy that I’d be getting married to a medical doctor. “And he’s from this Enugu?” She asked. “Yes.” I affirmed. “That’s good. That’s very good. How I wish your father was here to witness all these with me.” She said. “Don’t worry mom. God has a reason for everything.” I said consoling her.



“Mom. I’ll be going to see Nnenna later today oh.” I said. “Really? What about her? I’ve not heard from her in a long time now.” She said. “She’s also engaged.” I said smiling. “Wow! God is really smiling on you girls.” She said smiling. “I give you my blessings.” She added. “Amen!” I said.


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