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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 13

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Chapter 13



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Authoress Ella






Its been three years and my daughter had grown so much. We were at the basketball court in my compound, me, Lisa and Mirabel.


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“And score!” I said and threw the ball and it went right through the net.


“Oh God! It’s a wrap.” Mirabel said.


“Oh no!” I said still wanting to play more.


“You guys didn’t even let me win.” Lisa whined.


“Oh sorry baby, next time, you’ll score all the points. Is that good?” I said and lifted her.


“God! You’re heavy!” I groaned.


“Okay daddy. But aunty Mirabel why are you tired?” She asked Mirabel.


“Oh my god!” Mirabel said with her hands on her waist.


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“You guys are unbelievable.” She said and started going inside.


“Are you quitting?” I yelled after her.


“Yes sir!” She said with her right hand in the air and opened the door and went inside.


“Alright baby, let’s go inside too.” I said to Lisa.


“You’re a quitter like aunty Mirabel.” She said.


“You calling me a quitter? Huh?” I said tickling her and she started laughing (sounded so much like giggling.)


We were inside already and I called for Regina to run her a bath. Regina came and took Lisa with her.


“Alright now go and have a shower, daddy has work to do.” I said kneeling so I could measure up to her height lol.


“Okay.” She said and practically ran up the stairs. She was a lively child and I adored her a lot. Her little mouth, pretty face and brown, flawless skin constantly reminded me of her mother.


I went to my room to get dressed then I got a call from work so I had to rush.


**At Work**


“Mary what’s the emergency?” I said to Mary in my office. I was trying to settle a few things and I was doing it really quick.


“Who said there was an emergency?” She said and smirked.


Then I looked up to her.


“What?” I said.


“I didn’t say there was an emergency, I just needed you around.” She said.


“So you made me leave the comfort of my home for nothing?” I thundered.


“Oh come on. I’m not nothing.” She said.


“I’ve been giving you greenlight all these years and you’ve refused to notice me.” She complained.


“What rubbish are you spitting here.” I asked loosing my temper.


“First it was your wife, now it’s that silly girl Mirabel!” She yelled.


“I will not have you speak about them in that manner!” I warned.


I knew Mary had feelings for me and she was a pretty woman but then she was a nurse in the place I worked. And I didn’t want my work to clash with my love affairs so I brushed her off. Moreover she tended to be I’ll mannered at times.


“Anyway I have something for you.” She said wearing a serious face.


“Whatever it is, its has got to wait. I’m going back home.” I said.


“Not when it has to do with your girlfriend slash fiancée.” She said doing air quotes.


Then I got interested.


“Alright make it quick.” I said.

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Then she handed her phone to me.


“And what am I supposed to do with it?” I asked impatient.


“Look at what’s in it.” She said smirking.



I looked at the phone and saw a picture of Mirabel with a young man. He was fair and had a good body physique.


“And what’s this?” I asked.


“Just keep swiping.” She said.


Then I kept swiping and the pictures I saw kept getting nasty. In some pictures, she was kissing the man, in some they were holding each other and then I got to the last one where she was in bed with the man and I became furious.


“You have got to be kidding me.” I muttered to myself.


“It’s no joke, as you can see they’re real.” She said.


And the pictures looked so authentic and at that moment I really wished they weren’t real.


“Mirabel has been cheating on me.” I said.


“Yes! With my ex boyfriend!” She said.


“You know the guy?” I asked.


“Yes! We broke up about 2 years ago.” She said.


“Oh you were even dating and you wanted me to be your lover.” I said.


“It’s not like that.” She said looking guilty.


“Why are girls like this?” I asked myself.


Then I put my hand in my pocket and brought out a package and opened it.


“Gosh, is that a ring?” She gasped with her palms on her mouth.


“I wanted to surprise her today.” I said.


“Oh my God!” She said.


“Well I guess we weren’t meant to be anyway.” I said.


“Your number that I have is on WhatsApp right?” I asked putting the ring back in my pocket.


“Yes.” She said.


“Alright send me those pictures as soon as possible.” I said and made to leave.


“I’m so sorry Charles.” She said after me.


“Yea, thanks.” I said trying so hard to fight in my tears then I opened the door and shut it behind me.


By the time I got into my car, she already sent the pictures to me. I just couldn’t hold my tears anymore.


“So after all, she isn’t the one.”


“She has been using me for 3 years now!” I said.


“God thank you for making me find out so I won’t marry a cheating woman.” I added.


“It’s official, I’ll never find anyone like my dear Lisa. May her soul rest in peace.” I said and hot tears just made it’s way freely down my cheeks.


“Stop this Charles, you’re a man.” I said pulling myself together.


I took my phone and forwarded those pictures to Mirabel via WhatsApp and started my car then made for home.





I invited my boyfriend John to the house because I thought Charles was going to spend a long time performing a surgery at the hospital.


We were making out and things were getting hot when my phone beeped.


“Hold on baby.” I said and made to reach for my phone from the desk that was close to the bed John and I were laid on.


“You were always addicted to this internet thing. Could you turn that thing off? So we can continue.” He said.


I saw what Charles sent to me and I was horrified. I held my mouth in awe and John started asking what was wrong then I gave him my phone and he also saw the pictures. But he seemed so calm about it.


“Well now he knows, what do we do?” He asked.


“I think the question should be who gave him these pictures?” I asked.


“How do I know?” He said.


“Let’s get out of here babe.” He said.


“And go where?” I asked worriedly.


“You’ve saved enough money over the years you’ve been with him right? So let’s go somewhere! Anywhere!” He said.


“Alright good plan.” I said and quickly stood up to pack my things nervously.


“Won’t you help me?” I yelled at John that was just relaxing and watching me.


“Okay okay” he said and came to help me with the packing.


When were done we started going down the stairs with my luggage. And I met Lisa in the living room.



“Aunty where are you going?” She asked innocently.


“I’m leaving, but I’ll be back soon.” I said.


“Why are you even replying this kid?” John said impatiently.


“Who’s this man?” Lisa asked.


“He’s going to drive me there. I promise I’ll buy a lot of sweet things for you okay? Just expect me in three days okay?” I said and rushed out of the house with John then I heard Lisa crying and my heart broke at once. Lisa and I had bonded already and I loved her like I was her own mother. We succeeded in leaving the compound without any troubles and I took one of the cars Charles got for me.


“So now where do we go?” I asked.


“I don’t really know, maybe a hotel or something.” He said.


“Where is my phone?” I asked.


Then I looked back to check if my phone was there.


“Watch out!” John shouted and I lost control of the vehicle and we fell into a Ditch.


I was bleeding profusely and so was John. I called and called his name over again but he couldn’t hear me then I went unconscious.





I entered my house and met Lisa sitting on the floor in the living room crying.

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“Oh honey, why are you crying?” I went close to her and wiped her tears then lifted her.


“Aunty Mirabel left me.” She said sobbing.



“How and when?” I asked


“She left with her bag and with one man.” She said rubbing her eyes with the back of her palms.


“Thank God she’s gone.” I thought.


“Don’t worry baby, I’m sure she’ll come back.” I said.


“Are you sure?” She asked peering into my eyes.


“Yes I’m sure.” I said and smiled.


Then Regina walked in through the door with bags of foodstuff in her hands.


“Oh you’re just coming back now.” I said.


“Yes sir, the market was crowdy.” She said.


“Alright baby, go and join your aunty.” I dropped her on the floor and she followed Regina to the kitchen.


I went upstairs to the room where Mirabel slept just to be sure she was gone for good. And I confirmed it.


“Thank your stars I didn’t meet you here.” I muttered to myself.


“Stupid girl.” I said again and left happy that I didn’t make the mistake of my life proposing to her.




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