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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 12

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Chapter 12



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Authoress Ella






I was carrying my baby and playing with her. She was so adorable and she looked like her mother. She was already 6 months old then and she was gradually eating other things. Mirabel was just sitting on the other side of the living room, watching us.


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Then Mrs Sarah came downstairs with her luggage.


“Ah mama where are you going with that load?” I asked.


“I’m leaving.” She said and I noticed her eyes were teary.


“The baby’s 6 months old now, I guess Mirabel can take care of her. Besides, my daughter is no more so this is not my house.” She said and wiped her tears with her handkerchief.


“Mama. Who said this house doesn’t belong to you?” I asked.



“You can stay here for as long as you want. You’re still her grandmother.” I said.


“I know but I want to leave.” She said.


“If you say so. But always remember that you’re welcome anytime and that room you stayed in will always be reserved for you.” I said.

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“Thank you.” She said wiping her tears again.


“Let me have her.” She sniffed and stretched her hands towards baby Lisa.


Lisa gladly stretched out her own arms and Mrs Sarah carried her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.


“I bless you my child. Good things will always come your way. You’re a blessed child. You’re a very lucky and brilliant child. You’re immune to all those illnesses little children usually have. I love you baby.” She said amidst tears.


“Amen!” Mirabel and I chorused.


Then she handed the child back to me and picked her luggage and left.


My own job then was to make sure she never lacked anything. I saw her as my own mother. She was a very nice woman.


“So what plans do you have for today?” Mirabel asked standing up.


“God what a beauty” I thought.


She was wearing a black body hugging mini gown that accentuated her beautiful curves. She had very tiny stomach and wide hips. She was very seductive.


“Hello!” She snapped me out of my ungodly thoughts.


“Go and get dressed.” I said.


“Where are we going?” She asked excitedly.


“To have some Chinese food as dinner.” I said smiling.


“Gosh are you serious?” She asked turning around and I could help but stare at her backside.


“Uh yea. Go and get dressed, we’re going without the baby today.” I said “Oh alright.” She said and walked away, her hips swaying side by side.


“She won’t tempt you Charles, she won’t tempt you.” I muttered to myself and continued playing with baby Lisa.


“Gina!” I called.


“Yes sir.” Regina said from the kitchen and rushed out almost immediately to where I was.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


“About to make dinner sir.” She said humbly.


“Okay don’t bother, take care of this child.” I said handing the child over to her.


“So no dinner tonight.” She said.

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“Yes we’ll be eating outside. But you can have some bread and eggs for yourself and the feed the baby too.” I said standing up from the couch.


“Okay Sir.” She said and walked out with the baby in her hands.


Then I went to my bedroom to get dressed for the outing.


“This day had better favor me.” I muttered to myself.



We got to the restaurant where we would be having Chinese food. We got to a table and I drew a chair out for her to sit.


“Oh thanks.” She smiled and sat down. Then I drew out the chair opposite her and sat down. We called for the waiter and she brought us dinner.


She was eating so gracefully, taking the food bit by bit. One would think she was a longtime princess.


“You know you’re really beautiful.” I said.


“Oh me?” She said looking up from her plate.


“No me.” I said giggling and she smiled.


“I love your smile, it highlights your beauty.” I added.


“Oh don’t flatter me Charles.” She blushed.


“Aha! That’s the one.” I said pointing at her face.


“C’mon stop.” She said and shoved away my finger.


“I will if you do one thing.” I said.


“And what’s that.” She said smiling. I assumed she already knew what I was going to ask for.


“Please make me a happy man once again.” I said touching her hands.


“Are you saying I should date you?” She asked.


“If you put it that way.” I said smirking.


“Alright. Let’s see how it goes.” She said smiling.



“Thanks dear. So that means you’ll be staying with me. No going back to your place.” I said smiling.


“Oh sure. I’ll think about it though.” She giggled.


We were done with the food and the waiter presented my bill of which I settled and we left the restaurant.


“Oh I had a lot of fun.” She said and giggled as we were entering the house very late at night.


“Oh good evening sir.” Regina said startled.


She was sitting on the floor in the living room, wearing a really transparent gown and she had no inner wears on and she was sweating.


“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.


“Oh nothing sir.” She said and stood up, her figure showing through her gown.


“And what the hell are you wearing? In my house!” I thundered trying hard to look away.


“I’m so sorry sir. It won’t happen again.” She said and turned to go to her room.


“Oh God.” I said and looked away.


“What was that even about?” Mirabel asked looking at Regina suspiciously.


“Just forget her, nothing will ruin my happiness today.” I said holding her chin up and kissed her tender lips.


“Alright go to bed.” I added.


“But why? I’m not sleepy.” She said.


“I insist Mira.” I said.



“Oh he already has a pet name for me.” She giggled.


“Go and check the baby. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said and blew her a kiss.


“Okay.” She said and walked upstairs while I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.


“What the hell just happened?” I said to myself.


I looked around to see if I could see anyone else around but I saw no one.


“Something’s really fishy.” I said again and retired to my room for the night.






I went inside my room only to find Regina there, putting on the same transparent gown.


“What the hell was that stunt you pulled off downstairs.” I thundered.


“It was supposed to be for you. I thought you’d be the only one returning.” She said.


I stood there confused as ever.


“I really need you right now.” She said and stood up. She walked straight to me, pulled off her clothes and made to kiss me. Then I landed a dirty slap on her face.


“What do you think you’re doing!” I thundered.


“I know you like me. Just stop being stubborn she said and made to kiss me again.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“I can see you drank something to day. leave my room.” I said sternly.


“But I…” She said and I cut her short.


“I said leave my room!” I yelled.


“What’s going on?” I heard Charles yell from outside.


Then she quickly put on her gown and Charles opened the door.


“What’s happening here? I heard shouting.” He said.


“Oh nothing, I was just shunning her about what she did downstairs. No need to worry.” I said smiling.


“And you! Why are you still putting on this thing? My friend will you go and change!” He thundered.


Then she ran out of the room in fear.


“Everything’s fine okay?” I said touching his face.


Then the baby started crying.


“Oh no!” I said and went to the crib and carried her. I started petting her so she would stop crying.


“There there. Stop crying.” I said stroking her hair.


“I’m sorry for yelling.” He said.


“Oh it’s fine, you did what you had to do.” I said still rocking the baby.More interesting stories available (Also more stories on Topster Stories App)


Then he came over and kissed baby Lisa on the cheek and kissed me on my forehead.


“Good night my lovely angels.” He said and left the room as quiet as he could because the baby had stopped crying.



“Oh what a weird day” I said to myself and laid the baby back down as quiet and careful as I could so she won’t start crying again.


I went inside my bathtub and took a quick shower the got dressed in my pyjamas and went to bed.





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