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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 11

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Chapter 11



Quick Appreciation



Happy New Month Ellanites


It’s first May


And we should be grateful to God about that


New month, new achievements, new goals, greater heights


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May this month be blissful for you and I



Back to the real deal



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Authoress Ella






“I’ve only been in his house for two days and gosh it’s heaven.” I said to myself in my room.

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I just feeding baby Lisa and I was rocking her so she could fall asleep. She was a really beautiful and lively baby. Poor thing her mother died before being able to carry her.


“I’ve never slept in an air conditioned room before.” I said again staring at the AC at the top corner of the room.


I didn’t have enough money at that time to buy one for myself.


“Well now I’m here, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.” I said smiling.


“Thank God for you baby Lisa.” I said looking at the baby.


“I think I like your dad.” I said giggling.


Then I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t want to wake the baby up so I just quietly dropped her in her crib and went to open the door.


“Oh good morning Charles.” I said leaving the door open for him to come in.


“Hey Mirabel. How’s my daughter doing?” He asked and walked over to her crib.


“As graceful as ever.” I said smiling.


“You smile a lot you know.” He said smirking.


“Yes its a thing I love doing.” I giggled.


“Well continue, it really gives some people a reason to be happy.” He said.



“Uh… I spoke with my mother In-law and she said the child will be needing a few baby things?” He added


“Uh.. Yes. A few napkins and pampers with baby wipes and baby oils and so many more.” I said.


“Yea yea. She has briefed me on it already. I sent about 600 000 naira to her account so you guys can go get the stuff.” He said


“What the hell? 600k?!” I thought.


“Oh that’s good.” I said.


“I want you to go with her so she doesn’t get the wrong stuff.” He said.


“I would but who’ll stay with the child?” I asked.


“Oh Regina will do that.” He said.


“You just need to direct her on what to do before you leave so she won’t make mistakes.” He added.


“Okay.” I said.


“Don’t worry. She’s capable and I trust her.” He said smiling.


“Alright I’m off.” He said looking at his wrist watch. Then he Kissed his baby on the cheek.


“I love you baby, I’ll be back for you.” He said.


“She’s in safe hands.” I said reassuringly.


He walked towards the door while looking back at his child. I felt for him. He’s a really nice man and he was lonely at that time. I had to do anything within my powers to make him happy.


Then I smiled to myself and left the room to find Regina.


“Gina come with me.” I said and started moving up the stairs.


“Okay ma.” She said.


“Please don’t call me that. I’m Mirabel and we’re almost age mates I guess. How old are you?” I asked taking a good look at her.


She had a pretty innocent face and well carved eyebrows. Her lashes were really curly and she had a dimple.


“I’m 19 ma.” She said.


“Sorry Mirabel.” She added.


“Oh that’s good. I’m 24.” I said smiling.


“So you see? We’re within the same age rank so call me by my name.” I said.


“Okay.” She nodded.


We entered the room and I showed her the baby’s feeding utensils and the milk.


“Make sure the water you use is lukewarm.” I explained.


“And wash off the bottle with warm water and rinse then keep it back in the baby’s bag. Am I clear?” I said.


“Yes. I got everything.” She said.


“And please pet and rock the child when she starts crying so she can fall asleep.


And don’t make any noise to wake her up.” I said. And she nodded.


“It’s not about nodding oh. Don’t mess up.” I said.


“Okay.” She said.



“And don’t drop the baby please.” I pleaded.


“How can I.” She giggled with her dimples flashing.


“Okay.” I said and walked over to my wardrobe and pulled off the clothes I was wearing.


She just stood there staring at me and I became self conscious.


“Is anything the problem?” I asked concerned.


“No.. No.. Nothing.” She stammered and looked away.


“Why are you shy? Am I not your fellow girl?” I smiled.


“You are but this is awkward.” She said.


“Oh so you can even speak English fluently.” I said laughing.


“Yes now. I completed my secondary education and I even took external examinations.” She said.


“So what’s keeping you from entering the university?” I said putting on a new skirt.


“Uh… I failed the exam so I’m waiting for next year.” She said.


“Oh sorry dear but you have to be more serious about your studies so you’ll get somewhere in life.” I said wearing my shirt.


“Yes. Thank you.” She said and smiled.


“Aunty why are you wearing the clothes now?” She asked and I was shocked.


“To go out of course.” I said.



“But you look so beautiful without clothes.” She said and I was surprised she summoned the courage to tell me that rubbish.

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“And what’s that supposed to mean?!” I thundered.


“Relax now. It was just a compliment.” She said smiling.


“Oh I hope so.” I said looking at her suspiciously.


I finished preparing and took a book and a pen to write down the list of things the baby would need.


Then Mrs Sarah opened the door without knocking. Gosh no manners.


“Oh you’re here.” Mrs Sarah said to Regina.


“Yes ma.” She said.


“Okay I hope you’ve coached her on how to treat the baby?” She asked.


“Eh.. Yes ma.” I said smiling.


“So are you set? Let’s start going before the weather becomes hot.” She said


“Okay.” I muttered and put the list and the pen in my purse then I stood up and looked at the mirror. Then I brushed through my hair with my hands. I was satisfied with my look and I followed her out of the room and out of the house.


“Emeka!” She shouted.


“Yes ma.” He replied from a distance and started running.


“We want to go to the market, get the keys to the car.” She ordered.


“Okay ma.” He said


“Welcome oh Aunty nurse.” He said with his hands in the air.



“Eh thank you.” I said smiling.


“What a character.” I thought.


He ran into the boy’s quarters and ran out almost immediately with the keys to the car. He rushed to open the gate and got back to open the car for us. Then we drove out of the premises.





CrAZy VaNNeSsa

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