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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 10

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Chapter 10



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Authoress Ella






It was a really sad week. I had visitors trooping in and out of my house, expressing their sympathies with me. I accepted all their condolences. Some gave me money both in cash and cheques will some offered to sponsor the burial then the others just brought gifts and offered to visit more often so I won’t get lonely and I was grateful to all of them.


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I got to the hospital and I met Mirabel first.


“I’m so sorry Charles.” She said.


“Nah it’s okay. God has a reason for everything.” I replied.


“Is doctor Sharon here?” I asked.


“No she just stepped out but she’ll be back in a few.” She replied.


“So there’s no way I can just take my baby home?” I asked.


“Of course not.” She said giggling and I smiled, a little happy to see someone else laughing with me this sad week.


“Alright I’ll just wait in the waiting lounge.” I said and made my way to the lounge.


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I picked a drink on my way there and just relaxed trying to forget the thoughts of my late wife. I stayed there for about 15 minutes then Mirabel came to join me.


“You really do care, don’t you?” I asked smirking.


“I do. I’m just trying my very best to support you in anyway I can.” She said smiling.


“Can I join you?” She asked.


“Of course, I really need that right now.” I said.


“So what do you do for a living?” She asked.


“I’m a neurosurgeon.” I said.


“Wow! Similar field. You must be so smart.” She said smiling.


Her smile was so gorgeous. I knew I shouldn’t have been thinking about that at that moment but she was so nice and she was a beauty too. She had curves any man would die for.


“You can say that again.” I said smiling.


She made me feel happy after all that has been going on.


“Well… I’d really like us to be friends.” She smiled.


“Can I have your number?” She asked giving me her phone to type in my pin and I did.


“It must be really nice having a smart friend like you.” She said giggling.


“Yes. But you’re smart too.” I said.


“But not as smart as you are. I wanted to become a doctor you know, a paediatrician.” She said.


“Nice choice, then what happened.” I asked concerned.


“I couldn’t do it, so I applied for nursing instead. So you see?” She said smiling.


One thing I liked about her was that she was so full of positive energy even when others around her are sad.


“I see.” I said laughing.


Then Sharon walked in.


“I see someone’s keeping you company.” She said smiling.


“Uh… Yes. I feel so much better after speaking with her.” I said smiling.


“That’s her talent.” Sharon said giggling.


Then Mirabel blushed.


“Uh… Shall we proceed to my office to sign a few documents?” She asked.


“Yea sure.” I affirmed standing up from the comfortable sofa.


“I’ll see you later?” I said to Mirabel.


“Alright.” She smiled and I left with Sharon.


We were in her office already and she offered me a seat.


“I’m really sorry for the loss of your wife. She was a dear friend and my favorite patient too.” She said sympathetically.


“Well… I have to remain strong for my child.” I said.


“It’s a girl.” She said smiling.


“Yes!” I shouted excitedly.


At that moment, it was as if God was compensating the death of my wife with a daughter.


“Can you carry a child?” She asked.


“I’ve not really held one for long before. I’m even the only Child my mother and late father.” I said.


“Okay, I’ll have nurse Mirabel help you. Is that okay?” She asked.


“That’s fine by me.” I said.


“Alright you have to sign here so I can take you to where your baby is.” She said showing me some documents which I signed.


We went to the crib where my child was kept and she was so beautiful, she reminded me of my wife Lisa and I started crying again.



“Oh no Charles. You have to learn to let go and move on. What has happened, has happened.” She said, touching my shoulders then I wiped my tears and forced a smile. I had to be strong for my child.


“Okay nurse Mirabel will be your baby’s personal nurse. She’ll help you with whatever you need for your child and she’ll babysit your child when you’re not around. She’s very trustworthy and reliable.” She said.


“I’m so grateful. I was actually wondering how I was going to manage.” I said smiling.


“It’s her job. Let me let her know and then you guys will be good to go.” She smiled.


Mirabel was happy to hear that she was appointed to do the job so she quickly packed her things into her handbag and followed me to my car. It was about 20 minutes drive before we go to my house.


“So what will you name the child?” She asked.


“Well in memory of my late wife may her soul rest in peace.” I said closing my eyes for a while.


“I’ll name her Lisa.” I added.


“That’s really great Charles.” She said.


“Oh hey little baby Lisa.” She said, teasing and playing with the child.


It was a beautiful sight for me. It made me remember my wife over and over.


We got inside and she was looking around.


“You have a beautiful place.” She said with the baby in her arms.


“It used to be more beautiful with my wife around.” I said and bowed my head in sadness.



“It’ll be fine dear. Just focus more on giving your daughter the best life can offer.” She said.


“Thanks a lot Mirabel.” I said


Then my mother In-law came down the stairs.

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“Charles, you’re welcome.” She said.


“Good day ma.” Mirabel smiled with the baby in her hand.


“Good day my dear, is that my grand daughter?” She asked walking over to Mirabel and collecting the child.


“Yes ma.” Mirabel said.


“Mama this is the nurse appointed to take care of the baby, she’ll be helping you out.” I said.


“Oh that’s wonderful, she’ll play the role of a mother. Oh my Lisa.” She said and her eyes were getting teary.


“Well God always has a reason for everything.” She said.


“I believe he does.” Mirabel said and smiled.


“Mirabel make yourself at home. Sharon told me you’ll be staying here till the child is about 10months old.. But you can stay for as long as you want.” I said.


“Oh that’s great Charles. I don’t really live with anyone so I’ll go get my stuff and move in here till my job here is done.” She said.


“I really appreciate if you do that. I’ll pay you handsomely.” I said.


“I know you’re capable.” She said smiling sheepishly.


“Gina!” I called.


“Yes sir?” She said and rushed to the living room where I was.


“Please show her where she’ll be sleeping. Choose the most comfortable room for she and the baby then you show her around the house. Am I clear?” I said.


“Yes sir.” She said rubbing her palms on her sweaty face.


“Uh… I have somewhere to go. I’ll be back soon.” I said to Mirabel.


“Good bye mama.” I said giving Mrs Sarah a peck on the cheek.


“Oh take care of yourself my son.” She said.


Then I walked out through the door happy that everything was settled.





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