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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 1

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CrAZy VaNNeSsa



Chapter 1



Author Ella





“So Doctor, help me out please.” I pleaded with Doctor Divine. She was the doctor that always helped me to take care of my unwanted pregnancies. “See this procedure is going to be very dangerous. But I’ll see what I can do.” She said. “Thank you so much doctor.” I said. “Yes, I’ll be expecting you tomorrow.” She said. “But doctor, I’m supposed to meet someone tomorrow.” I said. “Do you want this or not?” She said almost yelling. “No! I want it please, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said leaving her office.


I used to live a reckless lifestyle back then in University of Ibadan. I kept bad company and always went out for parties. Sometimes I got loose and ended up having an unwanted pregnancy.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

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“So babe how far na.” Kira said. Kira was one of my friends, she was a loving person that never took anything seriously, including her studies. She always went



with me to clubs and parties. Kira was already fed up with terminating her unwanted pregnancies so she removed her womb and advised me to do so too. “Never oh. Have you forgotten the type of family I come from? They would never hear of such rubbish.” I said to her on one of the days she was trying to convince me. “Fine then, do whatever you like. Your womb will still die with all these abortions you’re going for.” Kira would say. “Look Kira, I’m going to the hospital tomorrow.” I said. “Great news. Finally all the morning sickness would be over.” She said. “Kira I am tired of this kind of life.” I said wearing a worried look. “Babe its a battle for survival. This is Nigeria! Person go chop oh!” She said almost shouting.


**After the abortion**


I was in so much pain. “Doc, why is this one so painful?” I asked. “There were some complications Lisa. I really advise you to quit this lifestyle else you’ll ruin your chances of having your own child in the future. ” oh come on doc, I don’t wish to even get married.” I said forcing a smile. “Hmm. You can’t be so sure about that Lisa. Stop talking now and get some rest.” She said and left me in the ward.


My mom called and I picked. “Hello mummy.” I said. “Lisa! Lisa! Where are you?” She yelled over the phone. “Mummy I’m at.. At.. Ehm..” I stammered. “Lisa I’m in your lodge now and your friend, what is that her name? Sekinat is telling me nonsense. Tell me where you are biko!” She shouted. “Mummy I’m coming.” I said. “Hei! This girl has killed me oh. She wants me to die. Lisa I said where are you and you’re telling me you’re coming.” She said, dramatically. I didn’t know what to say again. I panicked then hung up. My mom, Mrs Sarah Ekeh as I call her whenever she has done something amazing, was always a strong woman. She was a no nonsense woman and she was also a good disciplinarian. At that moment, I knew I was in big trouble, I had to go back to my lodge quickly and act like everything was normal.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


**At the lodge**


I was not even discharged from the hospital yet, I sort of escaped. I got to my lodge, wriggling in pain, I just couldn’t help it. So I started vomiting blood. “God


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oh! What have you done to yourself this time!” I heard my mom shouting on top of her voice. So I passed out.



Mrs Sarah Ekeh



We quickly rushed her to the hospital after she passed out and I called my son and her only sensible friend, Nnenna to come and sympathize with me.


“I told you your sister is an idiot! I told you she’s a bad influence. Now look at what she has done to herself.” I said to my son, Tony. He was already done with school then, and working already. I felt as if he was my only child because he was the sensible one. I prayed countlessly for my daughter, Lisa but nothing happened. She was still the same reckless and heady girl since she entered Uni Ibadan.


“I’m afraid, we’ll have to remove her womb.” The doctor said to me. “God forbid!” I said standing up abruptly. “Doctor, anything! I’ll give you anything just please make sure her womb does not get damaged or removed. She needs that to continue our family line.” I pleaded. “Okay ma’am, we’ll see what we can do. But it’ll cost much more.” Doctor said. We were not very rich, we were in the middle-class but I could afford whatever that concerns my children and I. They went into the theatre with my daughter and all I could do was to pray for her. I invited my pastor, Kevin to the hospital so he would join me and pray too. After 30minutes, he finally showed up. “Sarah, I rushed immediately you called me. What is the situation now?” He asked, panting. “Pastor the operation is still going on.” I said trying as much as I could to sound calm. “Don’t worry Sarah. The Lord is with you and your family, shall we pray?” He said motioning me to stand up. I did and we started praying.


They were finally done with the operation and I requested to see my daughter. They allowed me, but I was to see her through a transparent door. “Don’t worry ma’am, in a few hours, after some rest, she’ll be up and doing.” The doctor said to me when I was still staring through the transparent door. “In a few hours? That’s great! Let me go home and prepare something for her then. I went home and in a few hours, I was back. My daughter was already awake and hungry so I sat her up to feed her because she was weak. “Mummy I’m sorry.” She said so weakly. “Keep quiet Lisa and eat.” I said trying to save her from stressing herself. “Mummy I promise I won’t go back to such a life again.” She said and I was very very happy



when she said that. “Are you sure?” I asked her. “Yes. This operation has taught me a very big lesson.” She said and started crying. “No! Don’t cry angel, it’ll be fine, I have forgiven you and so has God. Just promise you won’t go back to your past ways.” I said holding her head to my chest. “I promise mummy.” She said. I was happy that my daughter had finally come to her senses but she still had bad friends she was squatting with so I resolved to get her another lodge where she would stay alone without bad friends and maybe with Nnenna. Nnenna had been her childhood friend and I knew her mother. They were very good people and i was okay with Nnenna as my daughter’s friend. Finally she was discharged by the hospital, we packed our things and left for my house in Enugu. I wanted her to stay with me till I found a new apartment for her in Ibadan.





“Guy, problem dey oh.(there’s a problem)” Chris said to me. Chris was my best friend back in Uni Ibadan. I always shared my secrets and food with him, though we didn’t stay in the same lodge. That was because I was studying medicine and surgery while he was studying mechanical engineering. “Wetin dey happen? (What is going on?)” I asked with food in my mouth. I was eating my local food rice and ofeakwu(palm kernel soup). Back in Enugu, where I come from, we ate that meal a lot. “You know that girl, Lisa.” He said. “The one you adore so much.” He added laughing. “Yeah? What about her?” I asked between smiles. “She was hospitalized.” He said. “Seriously? Why? What happened?” I asked concerned. “I’m just coming from her lodge now and her roommate was telling me that she fell sick so she was hospitalized but she’s discharged now.” He said. “Okay okay, I’ll call her once I’m done with this meal.” I said, going back to my food. “Guy, remember the boys na(can I join you?)” He asked. “Dude the only thing you know is food. If I want to sell you now, I can just use food.” I said jokingly. He started laughing and went to my kitchen to get a spoon to join me.


Later that day, I picked up my phone to call Lisa. I wasn’t sure if she was going to pick my calls because she’s been blowing me off. But I wouldn’t give up on her yet. “That’s the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.” I said to myself. There was something special about her that I couldn’t figure out. Though she wasn’t perfect, she was a party freak, I still loved her anyway. I summoned the courage to finally call her and take whatever insults she would pour on me.



Me:: “Lisa, I know you never liked me and I’m not your favourite person but please don’t hang up.” I pleaded.


Lisa:: “oh don’t be silly Charles. What’s up?” She said giggling.


I was shocked that she was actually giggling and speaking with me.



Me:: “I just wanted to check up on you. I heard you were hospitalized.” I said trying hard to hide my excitement.


Lisa:: “Yes. I was. You’re actually the first person from school calling to see how I’m doing. That means a lot to me. Thank you.”



Me:: “okay, just take care of yourself, I’ll be calling from time to time.” I said smiling sheepishly.


Lisa:: “okay, good night.” She hung up.



“Why was she being the nicest person? Lisa has changed.” I said to myself. I was very happy that now I could actually make my way into her heart smoothly. “How a girl can make a man go crazy.” I said to myself and smiled. I slept with a smile on my face that night.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen





“Tobi, you didn’t even call me to know how I was faring at least.” I said to Tobi on the phone. Tobi was my boyfriend then. He was a heavy drinker and smoker and a well known and feared cultist.”I thought you were still at the hospital babe.” He said “I got back from the hospital three days ago.” I said. “And you couldn’t even ask any of my friends.” I added. “Look b*tch! This shouldn’t be the reason you should shout at me like a child.” He said sternly. “But you’re even the one responsible for that pregnancy that led me to the hospital.” I said, almost whispering so my mom wouldn’t hear me. “But the child is gone right?! Then deal with it!” He shouted. “You’re so unbelievable. We’re done!” I said and hung up. I blocked his number immediately and blocked him in all my social media accounts. “Useless human being.” I said to myself referring to Tobi and sighed.






“She had the guts to block me! Me Tobi!” I said beating my chest. “Guy just cool down.” Mark said. Mark was my partner in crime, member of the same cult. He always had my back. “What else can explain this madness?” I said. “She has gotten a new guy of course!” I added. “No na. Lisa no fit try am (Lisa can’t do such).” Mark said. “And if it’s true? What do we do.” I said. “Then we destroy.” Mark said ferociously.





“Nnenna, the guy is so nice.” I said to my friend, nnenna. She came over to see how I was faring and we started hosting ourselves. “Really, I never thought you’d like Charles ever in your life.” She said laughing. “I was blinded by Tobi.” I said. “Charles tolerates me unlike Tobi. Charles has never given up on me although I was always insulting him. Charles is smart and caring. Can you imagine he called me before Tobi after the hospital incident.” I added. “Just be very careful with this Charles. If Tobi finds out, you know what he can do.” Nnenna warned. “Tobi can’t do anything, he doesn’t want me again! He won’t do anything.” I said, trying to convince myself of the obvious truth.







CrAZy VaNNeSsa

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