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Child Abuse – Episode 5

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He eyed her with a warning look on his face and stepped into his room which adjoined to his study room, kitchen, bathroom and even the sitting room. She followed him with calculating steps.




Olamide: “What is it now? What did I tell you before I went to have my bathe?”




Ahunli: “Well there is something I need to tell you. I know I did wrong and I am sorry”



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Olamide: “I guess you are about to confess to me not being your baby papa?” he said fingering through his closet to find something befitting to wear for the hot evening.




Ahunli: “That is not it. I want to tell you how it happened that you are the father of my baby” she said sadly, I could feel her sadness seeping through the placenta to nag at my green mind. I recoiled and closed my already shut eyes. I was sad too.




Olamide: “Okay, I’d be more than glad to hear your theory but make sure it is convincing enough” he said as he squeezed himself into the sport shorts that had Chelsea logo at its side.




Ahunli: “That night when we did the truth or dare game and you got tipsy. I gave you a condom that had a hole in it already” she looked down unable to meet his bewildered gaze.



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Olamide: “What do you mean by that? You intentionally did that? How dare you impose your treacherous will on me? Did you even care about the baby? Did you think it would make me marry you? You dumb ass lady”



Ahunli: “I am sorry. I just didn’t know what to do. You kept dodging any talk of us getting into a relationship proper…”




Olamide: “And you decided to use this crooked means to trap me down? I told you I didn’t want a baby just yet didn’t I?”




Ahunli: “Yes you did”




Olamide: “Even now, I still don’t want a baby. So you can keep the baby all to yourself or have an abortion. Do whatever you want with it. Now that I am done talking, you may take your leave”




Ahunli: “Hmmmmm. I cannot have an abortion”




Olamide: “That is your call to make so you don’t need to tell me. I don’t want that baby” he yelled and I cringed in the womb as minute as I was, I could feel their words to the pore of my tiny soul. It struck like electrifying waves in my beating heart.




Ahunli: “Please! Please don’t do this” she began to plead even yet again and I wanted to kick her from my abode to just shut up and get us out of the house. Why did she have to beg a man to accept a responsibility she imposed on him?




He said nothing, reached for a shirt in the closet and wore it. Made to leave the house but she jumped in front of him.




OLamide: “What now? Since you have refused to leave, I will leave for you” he pushed her aside but she jumped back to her initial position jostling me up and down.




Ahunli: “Don’t worry, I will leave” she said, stepped aside, picked up her bag from where it laid and walked out sadly leaving his rooted on the spot. He stared at her retreating figure and shook his head.




She hadn’t had been as distraught as she was that night in her life. She needed someone to talk to, she needed someone to tell her it was going to be okay, she could not think of any other person except Alexis. She boarded okada which dropped her directly in front of Alexis’ apartment which was some stone throw from express where she normally dropped at. She didn’t trust herself to trek that night as she suspected she could pass out like a drunk on the road. The pregnancy hormones and everything worked together to mush up her emotions.



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Alexis was surprised to see her friend at her place by that time knowing where she was supposed to be instead. What baffled her the most was the look on her face and the tears streaks criss-crossing her beautiful face. She fell into her arms and wept her eyes out immediately she had opened the door. I could taste her tears from the womb. Her world started becoming scarier to me by the minute I wondered if I really wanted out of my haven at that moment. What hurt me the most was the hunger I felt, rather than feed me with something delectable, she was feeding me with her tears and broken heart?




Alexis: “What happened babe? Why are you this way?” she asked after drawing her in and making her sit down forcibly.




Ahunli: “I am ruined. I have used my own hands to ruin my own life; intentionally, stupidly, naively, foolishly” she snivelled while I hiccupped.




Alexis: “Talk to me, what happened? I have a feeling this is about Olamide?” she grimaced at the sound of his name in her ears.



Ahunli: “It is about him yeah but I did this to myself, it’s I who authored and co-authored this all by myself and now I am ruined” she covered her face with her hands weeping loudly into them.




Alexis: “What did you do?” she held her by the shoulder trying to make her lift her face up and she did.




Ahunli: “I am pregnant”




Alexis: “What? You are what? Oh my goodness gracious God! And you say you ruined your own life. You two ruined it together of course. Why are you trying to put him in good light?”




Ahunli: “I made him do it. He wasn’t even aware”




Alexis: “How is that possible?”




Ahunli: “I cunningly got him drunk and put holes on the condom”




Alexis: “Jeeesus!” she jumped to her feet looking down at her friend with fury. “You did what? Can you come again please?”




Ahunli: “Yea I did that. I did it…yes I did” she gibbered.




Alexis: “I warned you this girl. I warned you. How could you have been that desperate? How could you have gone to that extent to win a man over? Besides this not even winning a man over, this is entrapping him. You acted despicably you know that?” she sat down back beside her friend.




Ahunli: “Yes I did and that’s why I am in this mess right now. What do I do?”




Alexis: “Now you are asking me what to do? Remember I told you what to do once and you discarded it as a foolish idea? I don’t even know what you should do if I’m to be sincere with you. I am more confused than you are right now”.


even I was confused. I started fretting I might be flushed out or dumped in the bin later on since I was just a means to an end- a leverage.




Alexis: “Besides what did he say about it all?”




Ahunli: “He was furious, he said I should do whatever I want with it since he isn’t taking responsibility for it. He almost threw me out”




Alexis: “For once I support him. How could you have done something like that to him? I would have acted the way he did if I were in his shoes too so I cannot blame the dude right now. All I can think of is you going back to beg him but I doubt he will accept since he fears commitment more than death itself. You really didn’t do well o”




Ahunli: “Yes I know I did not and I am paying for my sins right now. I pity the baby. I don’t even want to think of what its fate might be. My parents will not accept such an abomination”




My precious! I think I became an abomination rather than a bundle of joy. Already getting rejected when I wasn’t even out of the womb yet. I told you my life was twisted, can you see what I meant now? I was just a foetus who didn’t have to go through such a treatment in the hands of my own parents but this is just the beginning though.


Alexis: “Hope you aren’t thinking of abortion though?”




Ahunli: “I don’t even know what I am thinking right now. I am lost”




Alexis: “It’s gonna be fine don’t worry. Just don’t do anything stupid anymore”




She left the next morning as early as the second cock crow when she realised Alexis had no solution to her problem. She did not blame her for her outbursts though since she had warned her about the whole ghost affair on several occasions. She decided to walk home rather than take bike like she used to so as to clear her head and decide on what to do with me.






Let’s do a little mind play by guessing what my dad must have been doing after she left. He must have sat down with his head in his hands, thinking of what to do. Having mixed feelings and cursing at her for making him go through such. He must have called her dumb, stupid, selfish, thoughtless, naïve, crazy and even more of such names. He must have called his friend Nonso to tell him the latest development and who knows? That one must have advised him to run for dear life and act like he isn’t even aware she existed. You know guys, they will always have one another’s backs in this kind of situation especially when they are birds of the same feather.






Back to her: as she walked back home that morning by the express with drooping shoulders and a veil wrapped around her head and shoulders like Muslim ladies cars zoomed past her with most of their occupants trying to reach their destinations as early as they had planned before other road users joined in the mad race thereby constituting to traffic jam. A familiar car raced past her but suddenly stopped and waited for her to reach it. As she got to the car, the driver got down from the car probably as a sign of respect by not talking to her from inside the car.




Francis: “Hey hols girl!” he beamed with smile but it soon faded when he saw her face. Swollen like one who wept all through the night? “Hey what’s wrong with you? Hop into the car, I will drive you home” he said turning back to the driver’s side and got in. she hesitated for a while and hopped in with him. He winded up the glass and ignited the car.




Francis: “So why are you walking all alone on the express road so early in the morning? You are supposed to be at home sleeping since you are on leave” he cast her a side look taking in her expressions.




Ahunli: “I was at Alexis’ place. Just decided to walk rather than take bike” she replied.




Francis: “I still feel something is going on with you. What is it? You know you can tell me anything right? I have loved you since your first day at the office and I keep dreaming of us having sometime together like this but not with you looking the way you are looking”




Ahunli: “Yeah I know you like me and I will tell you point blank. I am pregnant for a guy who has rejected the pregnancy. So can you stop loving me now please?”


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Francis: “Hmmmm are you? Good then. Being pregnant is a good thing. Still wouldn’t stop me from loving you if you would permit me” he said and my heart skipped beats in the womb. What is he thinking now?





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