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Bride To The Heir – Episode 54

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Chapter 54


Authoress Isabel







I turned back as I saw no one was following me. I heaved a sign of relief not until I saw the person in my front again


Oh gracious!!


I almost had an attack!

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I couldn’t see the face of the person but I know it’s a woman.




This woman should stop following me.


What does she want?


I decided to stop looking at her as I walked past her but she kept following me. What the hell!


“Hye Ji”


I turned immediately


That voice….

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I couldn’t find her again as I kept walking..


That voice is very familiar like that of the one I know..


I don’t know why but I had goosebumps…


I kept searching for her as the moonlight shined below the sky giving me a light to path and find my way..


“Hye Ji”


I heard my name again as I looked back


It was…


Oh God!!!




I ran towards her as I hugged her…


If not for the moonlight, I wouldn’t have seen her


She hugged me back tightly


“Mum, I missed you so much”


I disengage from her


“I miss you too Hye Ji”


I sat down together with her


“Where are you going?”


She asked worriedly


“I don’t know, I found myself here without knowing”


I said twitching my fingers




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“Yes, but I’ll go with you mum since I can’t find my way”


“You wanna go with me?”


She asked worriedly


“Of course, we can be together with dad also”


“Nah, you still have someone who needs you”


She said holding my hands




I asked in slight anger


“Je Na, he loves you sincerely”


She said as I gave a quick thought


I forgot about him completely already


“But I wanna be with you”


I complained


“You’ll be with me but not now”


She said hugging me


“Mum, I’m tired of living in that world, I’m going through pains”


I complained bitterly


“I can understand but it’s your time to enjoy now”


“What of dad? Why am I a bride to Mr Kim?”


I asked anxiously


“I love your dad, but he’s gonna explain all to you”


She stared at me smiling


“I love you mum”


I hugged her in smiles


“I love you more and I’m sorry for leaving like that”


“It’s okay mum”


“Take care of your dad and Je na”


“I will mum”






The rays of sunlight hit my eyelids as I felt lazy to open my eyes


I opened my eyes slowly as I still felt dizzy…


I looked around as I noticed an unfamiliar environment.


I looked around as my eyes became clear…


I noticed someone holding on to me and the rest laughing



I shake up my hand as I looked at him


Mr Kim?


“You’re awake?”


He asked in surprise


I nodded my head as he jumped into me in happiness


I hugged him back


“She’s awake!!”


He screamed out as others came rushing at me..


“Hye Ji, how are you?”


“Bby I missed you!”


“Aunty, how are you?”


Voice of Hyun Jung’s son


“Are you okay daughter?”


Mr Lee came rushing towards me


“I’m…I’m fin..fine”


I stammered


“Hye Ji, I love you and I’m sorry!”


Mr Kim said facing me


“You just realized that?”


I asked in tears


“I’m just so sorry, you’re innocent!”


He said whipping tears off my face


“It’s okay!”


I smiled


“Hye Ji, how are you?”


Hyun Jung asked smiling


“I’m fine sweetie”


I said holding her son’s hand


Something immediately came into my mind as I changed my expression


“Mr Kim?”


I called looking deeply into his eyes


“Yes dear”


“How many days have I been here?”


I asked impatiently


“Over two weeks dear”


He said as I almost screamed out


“Oh my!”


I started crying


“What’s wrong?”


Everyone surrounded me asking if all is well


“Mr Kim, your mum! I’m sorry but go to Chamnamdoeng! She must be waiting!!” I said holding his hand


“My what?”


He asked shocked


“Go Je Na”


Mr Lee said convincing him


“Hye Ji!”



“I’ll explain everything but please go before it’s late”


He stood up immediately as he hugged me


“I love you”


He gave me a peck on my cheeks before walking out..”


Oh Lord!


Please let him meet his mum…


I smiled Sheepishly to everyone though I was fu.cking worried…




I walked into the restaurant as I know that’s the only place that has that name


Hye ji tried everything possible..


Even looking for my mum?


Oh God!


There was a lot of people in so I couldn’t get to see her quickly


I’ve made up my mind not to accept mum anymore..


She left me..


I just wanna catch a glimpse of her face then turn away…


She ain’t worth my love…


I was about to get to a waitress as I heard my name…


“Je na!!”


My head got stuck at that voice!


Plates got crashing as it got to the ground


I turned back to behold the woman whose hopes gat me living….




Je na found his mum


But he doesn’t want her


. Bride to a heir

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