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Bride To The Heir – Episode 51

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Chapter 51



Authoress Isabel





___ KIM JE NA ____


I walked into the hospital room as I dropped the toiletries. It’s going over to two weeks now and Hye Ji isn’t showing any sign of waking up


She needs to be strong for us. I don’t want her to land into any vegetative state. I only run into the Lord in times like this.


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Her dad has been supportive, even though he almost tore my clothes the day he saw his daughter in coma.


Her friend almost cried her brain out claiming Hye Ji was just too innocent to go through this. She has been coming to and fro since then


Jin Ho has been like an idiot always (smiles)


Always blaming me for forgetting her bath pad or her slip on…


But he’s actually a good friend to her




Mi Rae claimed she can’t come because of the company..


Mr Lee behaved like an uncle to her, always supporting and caring…


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She has good people with her…


I sat down on the chair beside her as I stared into space


Hye Ji please wake up for surgery…


The surgery also is on a 50/50 % chance..


Oh God!


My phone rang up as I looked at the caller ID “Nana?”


I Said to myself


Nana was my intern secretary before Hye Ji came.


She’s also intelligent and pretty with a nice innocent soul


But I became distracted the minute Hye Ji walked into the office…


I never had time for her anymore..


So she’s calling?




A problem at the office?


I picked up the call immediately




“Mr Kim”


Her voice seemed pale as it streaked into my ear


“What’s wrong?”


I asked her


“I’m in front of the hospital”


She Said as I beamed with laughter




“Meet me outside,I have something to say”


She hang up immediately


What’s up?


I stood up immediately as I looked at Hye Ji “I’ll be back”


I kissed her hands





I got outside as I met her immediately..


Her face was pale and seemed very worried


I walked up to her


“Nana what’s up?”


I asked as she broke down into tears


“I’m sorry Mr Kim, I was only jealous”


She cried so hard




“I don’t understand Nana”


I tried expressing my anxiety


“I did it !”


“Did? What?”


I asked curiously


“I leaked out the company’s information! I’m sorry”


My heart missed a beat immediately she Said that ..




“It wasn’t Miss Park, I only did it to get your attention but no”


She said as my brain went blank




“I don’t know who and why the blame was dropped on her head but I was happy” She still cried out loud…





“My conscience couldn’t hold it up that’s why I wanted to tell you, I’m so sorry please”


She said as it felt like I came in contact with shock


“But who put the blame on her?”


“You could ask Miss Kang, she caught the hacker herself”


She said wiping tears off


“I’ll see you later…”


I rushed away immediately with out waiting to hear what ever else she has to say…


Hye Ji was innocent?


And I couldn’t trust her?


This is crazy!!


Who then did this?


Who the hell?





I rushed into the company as I walked straight to Mi Rae’s office..


I need to confirm something and inform her that Hye wasn’t the culprit..


I’ve sinned against her a lot…


I got to to the door but she was receiving a call


I wanted to barge in but an inner mind stopped me from doing that…


I listened Viverently


“My plan hasn’t Been working since”


She said over the phone



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“Yeah, please be fast! She’s in coma right now so make it fast as possible!”


“I’ll send her details to you so please be fast! Just clear her off! I don’t wanna see her anymore”


She said as I wondered who that could be..


How can Mi Rae be so callous or did the person offend her?


Who could this be?


I’ll ask her


I was about to open the door as I heard her saying the name


“Oh, her name is Park Hye Ji!!!”


What the!!!”


Hye Ji?


Mi Rae?


She was the one Mi Rae was talking about?


My heart became very heavy as I felt like fainting


Why does she wanna clear her off?


What’s wrong?


I opened the door immediately as she got shocked


“Repeat the name you mentioned just now!”


I said as she widened her eyes in disbelief…




God don catch Mi Rae



Foolish witch….





I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her

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