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Bride To The Heir – Episode 49

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Chapter 49


Authoress Isabel





_____Park Hye ji______


I entered the password to the door as I opened the door a wide.




Where’s this crazy headache coming from?

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It was like I crawled all the way home.


It was like hell


I entered as the lights was on..


Who’s home?


Mr Kim said he’s traveling and would be back tomorrow..


Ms Na went home already and would be back next week.


I’m probably the only one who’s supposed to be home


So who could be in?

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I walked into the house as I found no one.


I was about to enter Mr Kim’s bedroom as I heard a familiar voice


“You’re back?”


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What’s she doing here?


“Hey! You almost gave me an attack!”


I screamed out


“He isn’t around so why are you entering his room?”


She walked towards me


“Look, I’m not in for any argument so just leave”


I sat on the arm chair after dropping my bag on the table


“Why should I leave?”


She stayed in my front


“You said it now! Mr Kim isn’t around so leave!”


I shouted as I regretted doing that


My head twirled in pains as I became irritated


“You think you’re winning right?”


She asked as I looked at her immediately


“Winning? A match or what?”


I asked angrily


“You’re always causing him troubles!”


“What troubles?”


I asked as I was irritated by what she’s saying


“Leaking out information, stealing shares!”


She screamed


“What if I say someone was behind all those?”


I stood up to her as she was shocked




She stammered


“I didn’t leak any information neither did I steal his shares”


I explained to her trying to see her response


“Break that stuffs! You did them!”


She screamed as I looked at her


“Why are you concerned about him this much?”


I asked twirling my eyes


“He’s my friend, best one!”


She pointed her hands at me


“But I’m his bride!”


I looked away from her gaze




She made an O with her mouth


“I deserve to be with him than you!”


I said again


“Trash! Look, more things are gonna happen! trust me”


She carried her bag as she moved away from me but still stopped halfway to say whatever she wanna say




I stretched my hands out


“I just came to drop some files!”


With that she walked out of the room


I picked my phone immediately


I must call Mr Kim to tell him about his mum


She’s leaving in two weeks but she said I should come tomorrow So I must go tomorrow..I must!


My head still whirled around in pain




This is killing


I’m dying




Mr Kim picked the call as I tried talking


“Hye Ji what’s it?”


He said but I couldn’t talk


“I…I…i.. Can’t.. Your m…mu”


My eyes whirled as I felt dizzy


“Hye JI what’s it?”


He asked but that was the the end!


I slumped down on the ground as I collapsed crashing into the glass table… My eyes closed as I struggled for breath


“Help…help me”


That was the last thing I said before closing my eyes down in the lane of death…




______Kim Je Na______


“Hye JI??”


I shouted over the phone as I heard the glass breaking


Oh my!


What’s wrong with her


Is she in need of help


My head whirled in headache too as my heart aches..


What’s this?


Is someone with her


I suddenly remembered she’s the only one at home


Holy shit!


Where’s my key?


I picked my car key as I entered into the car driving off at a high speed


“Please stay with me Hye Ji!”


I said in pains….




What’s wrong with her ooo






[I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her]

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