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Bride To The Heir – Episode 48

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Chapter 48


Authoress Isabel




________PARK HYE JI_______


I looked at her as tears formed in her eyes. What’s wrong with her?


She seems like she knows me before?


But from where?


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“Park Hye Ji?”


She called again for the second time


Oh God!


This is killing me…




I called her to confirm something


“Come let’s sit”


She grabbed my hands as we went to sit on another chair


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“Sorry, please I need to see Ms Choi”


I said to her feeling uncomfortable with the way she’s staring at me


“Is he fine?”


She asked making me feel like hell




Who’s she talking about?


“Who? He?”


“Je Na”


“He’s good and…..”


I looked up to her as I widened my eyes


Who’s name did she call?


How did..




“I mean Kim Je na”


She repeated again


“How did? How do you know him?”


I asked in surprise


“Who are you looking for?”


She asked again


“Choi Min Ha”


I said noticing a striking resemblance for the first time


Oh my gosh!


Don’t tell me!!


“Perhaps? Are you….”


“Yes, I’m Choi min ha, Je na’s mum”


She said as tears streamed down her face cutting me off my words




I couldn’t complete my words any longer


This is surprising and Disbelieving


This is so….


“He must be so angry with me”


She dropped her gaze downwards


“Why did you leave without a word?”


I asked in surprise and anxiety



“It wasn’t my fault, I was only late”


She said still not lifting her gaze up




I asked in curiosity


“The necklace on your neck, your mum gave it to you right?”


She asked again as I looked in disbelief


“How do you know that?”


I asked anxiously


“I can’t explain that to you now but I’m sure you’re now his bride”


She said as I wondered about different things


So she also knows about this bride stuffs?


How many people exactly knows?


“How do you know?”


I asked


“You’ve been betrothed to him ever since”


She said as she finally lifted her head up


“Ever since?”


I asked trying to see if she’s gonna say something


“I can’t explain that to you now”


She’s just repeating that again


“But why?”


“I’m sorry Hye Ji”


“We really need to talk, you must meet Mr Kim”


I said as she smiled


Her smile is so beautiful just like Mr Kim’s


“Mr Kim? You’re calling your groom Mr?”


She asked still smiling as I also bursted into laughter


“He’s still my boss”


I said trying not to meet her gaze


“It’s okay, but I can’t bring myself to meet him”


“Why? It should be easy, right?”


“I know but I’m ashamed. I left him long a while and I can’t just appear again”


“So what are you gonna do?”


I asked in curiosity


“I’ll be leaving here in 2 weeks”


She said as I immediately lifted my head


“2 weeks? To where?”


I asked surprisingly


“To Los Angeles, I’m leaving the countryside” My heart missed a beat immediately she said that


“Los Angeles?oh my!”


I blurted out


“I’ll be here tomorrow, come and check on me, please”


She held my hands


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“I will be here tomorrow”


I smiled


By that tomorrow I must be here with Mr Kim.


He must meet his mum immediately


He mustn’t long for her warmth anymore.


“Thank You Hye Ji”


She smiled at me as I stood up and she hugged me


We disengage from the hug as I walked outside of the restaurant.


This is a risk I must take


I’ll have to do anything..


My phone rang up as I looked at the ID


Mr Kim?


Talk of the devil




Talk of the angel..


I smiled to myself before picking the call


” Hye Ji?”


His sweet voice streaked into my ear


“Yes Mr Kim?”


“I’ll be leaving home but I’ll bring back tomorrow”


He said as my heart missed a beat


I had it in mind to explain all to him tonight..


It took a long step for Mr Jang to see his mother’s whereabouts


It took a while for me to find her


Now that I’ve found her, she’s leaving and I only have tomorrow


“Are you listening?”


His voice reminded me as I realized I was on a call


“Yes I…..”


My eyes twinge in dizziness as my head turned


What’s wrong


I felt pain in my head as it felt like real hell


“I’ll be back tomorrow, bye”


He hung up on the call




What’s up with me?


I’m seeing doubles and triples


My chest dimes in real pain..


I need to go home and rest for a while..


First mission accomplished first…




What could be wrong with Hye JI



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