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Bride To The Heir – Episode 42

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Chapter 42


Authoress Isabel






She shouted at me as I suddenly started thinking where she got the courage from.



She said something.. She still loves me and I’m glad she still does.. I don’t want her to stop loving me. Never!!!

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She stood very well trying to maintain composure as she tried walking away but she almost collapsed and fell to the floor


I was smart and fast enough to grab Her by her waist to prevent that. She stared at me as she looked deeply into my eyes before resting her head on my chest.


She raised her head up before finally saying something “Let me stand up well”


I touched her forehead as it burned so hot. Hot enough to boil a cup of water. “You’re hot, you have fever?”


I asked her as she stood up and rested on the chair “You don’t care about me so why are you asking?”


She closed her eyes as she touched her forehead and shivering “Just because”


She opened her eyes back as it was very red.. Just like hot coal


“You don’t have to worry, I’ll probably die waiting on love together with sickness”

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She signed deeply as she tried walking for the second time but she couldn’t.


Her legs keep betraying her.


“That won’t help, here”


I wrapped my hands around her waist as she opted


“What are you doing?”


She eyed me so hard


“Are you blind? I’m trying to help you climb the stairs and get to your room” I looked at her as she wanted to say something


“Don’t argue, just shut it up. I mean your mouth”


I continued as she stared at me..


I looked at her too


“I never knew you were this handsome”


She still stared giving me goosebumps


“I know, stop staring. I’m going up”


I held her waist tightly as I assisted her up the stairs and I opened the door to her room


Very neat, spick and span.


Everything in order.. How can someone be this neat. Nice fresh air jilted me as I opened the door and walked in…


I walked towards her bed as I gently allowed her to sit..


“Wait there, I’m coming”


I said to her as I rushed downstairs. I’m one of those brothers who hates to see someone they care for fall into sickness.


I walked towards the kitchen as I met Mrs Na. She’s always hearing of our quarrel but has never confronted or tried to stop us once


She’s gentle and cool. She stood up immediately she saw me.


“Mrs Na?”


I called in urgently


“Yes Young Master?”


She looked at me in surprise


“What drugs can I give to a person who has fever and is boiling hot?” I asked holding her hands


She turned immediately as she opened a cupboard, brought out a first aid box, removed some tablets of medicine and returned it back



She poured water into a glass cup and placed it on the tray and gave it to me “Is it for her?”


She asked curiously




I nodded twice in agreement


“Take her to the hospital if the symptoms refuse to decrease”


I nodded again as I rushed upstairs


I walked into her room and closed the door gently


I dropped the tray on the table as I picked the medicine


I sat down beside her in the bed as she only looked at me dumbly “Take this”


“What’s that?”


She asked


“Medicine of course”


I answered sharply


“I don’t want!”


She protested in anger


“What! You’re sick and you don’t want medicine?”


I asked in bewilderment


“Mr Kim I’m fine, drugs makes me weak”


She said worriedly


“It’s okay if you stay home tomorrow, just use this”


I stretched the drugs in my hand to her


“I said no!”


She shouted as I felt frustrated


She got me angry as I slapped her head in anger



“Ah! Aigoo! Why?”


She screamed out


“That’s for refusing, now use it”


I said smiling


“Aish! Slapping a sick person, you’re no fun at all”


She eyed me but collected the drugs. I passed the glass if water to her as I watched her clumped it down


She spoilt her facial expression as she looks cute, making me laugh..


“You’re laughing? You look like my mum”


She said giving the glass cup back to me as I dropped it on the table


“Why don’t you go to her place?”


I asked maybe that’s gonna make her more better…




I passed the glass cup over to him telling him he sounds like my mum “Why don’t you go to her place?”


He asked as I laughed not remembering I have a headache “She’s dead”


I explained as my expression turned sour


“Sorry about that”


He said as an idea popped into my brain


Best moment to talk about his mum


“What about you Mr Kim? Your mum?”


I asked pretending not to know anything


“She’s good as dead”


He said smiling


“Good as dead? Why?”


I asked in pretense


“Her corpse wasn’t found, though she was inside a building when she got burnt” He explained as I got the facts into my brain


“So she has been missing?”


I asked


“Yes, 10 years ago”


He said worriedly


“And didn’t you try to search for her?”


I asked in curiosity


“Dad didn’t allow me, he said she left on her own will, so it’s good if she’s good as dead”


He said as I became worried


He has a painful fact too..


This is really bad and he seems pitiful


“Is your Dad a bad person?”


I asked anxiously


“No, I don’t know”


He smiled..




“It’s good if you don’t know, rest well and don’t come to the office tomorrow” He said trying to get up


“Can’t you spend the night here, I’m scared”


I said holding his hand


“Why should I ?”


He asked removing my hands from his own


“I’m sorry, I forgot you don’t care”


I released his hands from mine as he stood up walking away


Crazy jerk!


Bad jerk!


He stopped halfway as he turned back and slumped on the bed “She threatens me”


He Whispered to no one in particular


I smiled as I felt happy


“I’ll wash up first”


I rushed into the bathroom and rushed out the same way back hoping to meet him still awake


But no luck!


He slept off already


“Is he asleep already?”


I asked no one


I crawled into bed as I slept beside him..


I looked at His face as I felt happy..


I wanted to say something but he’s asleep


“I only wanted to say Thank You”


I whispered to his ears


He really isn’t that bad..


I’m so happy he took care of me..


I drew my face closer to his as I landed my lips on his mouth giving him a peck on the lips..


I’m finally moving closer to you…





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