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Bride To The Heir – Episode 39

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Chapter 39


Authoress Isabel







This is what I call a surprise kiss, this is what happens when you tempt me so much_ Je Na…




I sat down in my office retaliating on the kiss I had with that witch yesterday.

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A witch? Yes, she’s a witch.


Tempting me all around. I almost tried something else this morning when she came downstairs with just a towel tied around her chest.


I came out of my room as she hot shocked and the towel almost came off her body. Gosh!


Temptations everywhere!


The way she locked her mouth Ruth me in a passionate kiss still replayed vividly in my brain.


God! She tasted like chocolate candy. Very sweet. Her breath on me felt warm as I didn’t feel like leaving her even for a second.


She suddenly jerked me off herself as I got surprised..


“Je Na stop thinking about this!”

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I whispered to myself as I concentrated on the files on my table


I need to wake up and get to my senses but it seems by brain isn’t working out..



There came a knock on the door as I signaled her to come in since it was her voice..


“Come in”


I said bowing and trying not to meet her gaze..


She walked towards me as she dropped some files on my table and tried walking away immediately but she turned back


“Perhaps are you shy ?”


She asked placing her hands on the table




I asked anxiously


“Because of last night?”


She laughed at me mocking me intentionally


“Why should I be shy?”


I asked raising my gaze up




She turned as I suddenly remembered my phone


That’s right!


It’s with her


“Wait a minute”


I said suddenly




She asked turning to face me




I stammered suddenly but she didn’t even bother to hear me out but she walked away instead


She’s just too rude.. Very rude


Crazy Jughead attitude!


I need to receive a call from Mr Jang and I don’t want him to know all what’s going on yet


I hope she doesn’t receive the call..


If she does and blabbers her mouth, she’s dead!






I walked out of his office as I decided not to give him his phone yet. I still remember vividly about what happens last night..


He seemed shy and anxious. My plan is working. I have to meet Jin Ho during lunch for my work out.


My phone rang as I removed it from my jacket but it seems it wasn’t the one that was ringing


“Oh, Mr Kim!”


I removing his phone from the other pocket..


I looked at the caller ID


“Sweet Mi Rae?”






Who’s sweet?


That crazy look alike of a devil?


I picked up the call


“Why are you calling?”


I asked immediately


“Hye ji?”


She asked





Why are you picking his calls? Doesn’t he have a hand?” She blabbered out without waiting


“Maybe! I have all right to hold his phone”


I said smiling and walking into the Resources department to drop a file


“Just because you’re just a crazy bride?”


She asked bluffing over the phone


“Of course, I’m still better than a best friend”


I walked out immediately after dropping the files


“You must be out of your mind”


She screamed


“Not like you, I’ll be holding his phone always so back off”


I hanged up immediately as another call creaked in..


Mr Jang?


I smiled within myself


“Hi Ajushi”


I happily greeted


“Hye ji?”


He asked over


“Yes Ajusshi”


“Oh! You’re with his phone now?”


He laughed as I joined in with him


“Does he knows you’re aware?”


I asked in curiosity


“No, he doesn’t but I need to tell him”


He said worriedly


“Yeah, do that”


I assured him


“I’ll have to call on his business line then..”


He said


“Okay, bye”


I hanged up smiling


I have a lot of supporters by my side though..


I walked towards the cafeteria laughing


I need more advises to win my groom’s heart.




I ordered my food as I saw Jin Ho from afar.


We waved his hands at me as I walked towards him..


We’ve became the greatest of friends..


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“Thank you Jin Ho”


I said after sitting down


“It’s okay but do you know something?”


He asked dropping the chopsticks


“What’s that?”


I asked anxiously


“You were a woman to me and even now”


He said smiling


“Jin Ho”


“I had no girlfriend, I only said that to make you jealous”


He said in laughter


“But.. You..”


I stammered not knowing what to say


“I had loved you since high school but I guess Its late now”


He said changing his expression


“I’m sorry Jin Ho”


I barely apologized not knowing what to say


“You’ll forever remain a friend and a first love to me”


He said picking up his chopsticks


“I only wanted you to know this, I didn’t play on your love, I only lacked courage” He continued


“Thank you”


I picked up my chopstick too as I started eating and at the same time smiling


Few minutes later he tapped my hands


“Je Na is coming”


He said as I looked back


He’s walking towards us..


I tried to maintain my balance on myself


“Hye Ji get up!”


He said as I looked surprise


I thought he was only going to blabber




I asked surprisingly


“Just get up!”


He screamed


“I can’t!”


I said as I continued eating




“Stay out of this!”


He cut Jin Ho off


“Why won’t you stand up?”


He asked me again


“Because I’m not through with my meal”


I said facing him then smiling


“Then I guess this is right”


He said as he overturned the table pouring all the food away and breaking the plates..


“Kim Je Na!”


I screamed out his name for the first time


People watched us intensively


He didn’t bother about that


He dragged my hands up forcefully as I followed him..


I don’t know what’s wrong


People only watched us


“Mr Kim”


I called to see if he’s going to stop, my wrist hurts


“Just shut up”


He shouted entering his office and pushing me towards the table


“And what’s all this about?”


I asked holding the table as my hand hurts


“For blabbering all about!”


He said moving closer to me


“If this is all about the surprise kiss last night, please stop”


I said holding the table still




He asked smiling




“This is what a surprise kiss is”


He landed his lips on mine immediately holding my waists as I sat on the table


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What the!


Mr Kim kissing me?




He held me tightly as my boobs rested on his chest.


I got lost in the kiss as I needed to play along


My chance!


I crossed my hands over his neck as I allowed my hands to do their jobs ..


Passionately but seductively…




Mr Kim don dey fall oo




I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her

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