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Bride To The Heir – Episode 36

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Chapter 36






“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”


Hyun Jung asked worriedly


“Of course, I have many black knights protecting me”


I said trying to laugh


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“It’s not funny, I’m so worried”


She said worrisomely



“It’s fine, I’m really gonna be okay”


I just wanna calm her down


“Beware of Kang Mi Rae, I don’t really like her. Pointy nose and mouth. She’s not


someone you can be friends with”


She ended up warning me again


This girl!

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“Why? She’s beautiful and cool”


I said trying not to come off point


“Exactly what I’m saying, just stay away”


Hyun Jung is just like my guardian.


I can remember vividly what happened while we were in middle school


She warned me about a blonde hair girl but I like her just because of a teddy. I refused to listen to Hyun Jung .


I ended up getting hurt by the girl. She has always got instincts. Hyun Jung’s instincts is sharp.


Once she sights you, she knows the kind of person you are. She’s always advising me and I always end up listening to her


So this isn’t an exception..


“Okay, fine! I’ll stay away”


I said smiling


“Call me if you need anything”


She said worriedly. She reminds me of my mum. Always jittery to send me somewhere else


“I’m the bride to a heir so I probably won’t need anything”


I folded my arms together


“Just call me”


She said hugging me tight .


“Thank you”


I whispered into her ears while she moved away immediately


“You know I hate someone whispering into my ears”


She said eyeing me


I only laughed her off


She looks cute!


“So I’ll call you when I get there, I’ll also…”


“Hye Ji”


I looked back when I heard my name. Dad!


He got himself a job and has a car already. He’s finally coming to his senses




I said as he walked towards me. He held on my hands


“Hye ji, I’m sorry. Everything is my fault. I haven’t been the best dad to you. I’m so sorry”


Tears flowed down his face.


I’m one of those sisters who hates to see their dad tear off. He cried bitterly. I guess he’s feeling remorseful


“Appa, kintanayoo. It’s fine. It’s not your fault neither mine”


I said trying to calm him down


“I’m sorry, I promise to make it up to you”


He wiped the tears off as I pulled him in for a hug.


I patted his back and I stroked his hair. He’s one of the people I have left now.


“I’m glad you decided to change, I also promise to be the best daughter” I disengaged from him as I crossed my little finger with his



“Pinky swear?”


He asked


“Pinky swears”


I said breaking it off.


“If that guy tries rubbish, just call me. I’ll deal with him with my skills.” He held my hands as I laughed


“Trust me Dad, I won’t let him have his way. Fighting!”


I said blooding my hands together


“Time to leave”


Hyun Jung called me back to attention.


The driver is waiting.” She continued


“Appa I’ll call you, Hyun Jung you too. Bye!”


I said entering the car and closing it before the car drove off.


It seems like I’m going into a cave or something. I’m feeling somehow scared.


I’m ready for this. Anything!




We got to the house as I got down from the car. The driver asked me to go on in. He’s gonna bring my belongings in later


His house is really big. Just like a mansion. I widened my eyes in disbelief as I stared as if in wonderland.


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He got the bucks! Mr Kim is really rich. He’s really a Heir indeed. Why do I have to fall in love with this kind of guy?



Geez! Homeboy really made his house nice. He got food things here. I got to the door as I pressed the door bell.


The door opened immediately. An elderly woman held my hands as she smiled


“You must be Miss Park?”


She asked still smiling


“Yes, Park Hye Ji”


I returned the smile back as she led me inside. It looks like this is heaven.


I followed her as she walked towards the stairs. We got upstairs as she stopped by a room with a white door


“It’s your room”


She said still smiling.


“Thank You Ajumoni”


I replied her smiling also


“Come downstairs for lunch when you wash up”


She tried to walk away but I stopped her


“Is he around?”


I asked curiously


“Yes, he is”


With that she walked back down the stairs


I suddenly felt a plush of excitement flow through me


I opened the door as everything glowed..




I said to myself


Everything looks beautiful..


The room also has a piano?


I love singing.


Does Mr Kim knows?


I don’t think so


Maybe that’s how he gas it in each of his rooms.


The driver brought in my luggage


I washed up almost immediately as I settled for a white shirt in which I wore a black bra underneath. I wore my shorts too.


I picked up my phone as I walked downstairs for lunch..




Mrs Na told me she’s here. I just can’t believe the fact she’ll be living here with me.


Sounds like nonsense. I wore a black trouser with a shirt as I walked out for lunch.


I walked out of my room as I got shocked!


Why should she be sitting and eating?


I can’t probably eat with her


I might suffocate to death!


I hate this. I walked to her as she lifted her gaze up but she dropped them down while she continued eating


She behaved like she didn’t even see me. This is crazy


“What are you doing?”


I asked in disgust


“Doing? Me? Of course I’m eating”


She said as she continued eating


I feel like slapping the cray rudeness out of her head! “Are you crazy? Why should I eat together with you?” I asked as her presence irritates me


“I’m sorry, I’ll be through soon”


She still didn’t lift her gaze up as I became tempted



I carried the water as I splashed it on her face! I picked up the side dishes as I Also poured it on her white shirt


I hoped she gets the signal now! I hate her and I don’t want her around me!


She looked up as tears streamed down .I can notice them apart from the water dripping down her face.


She got up as she looked at me with fury


“What did you just do?”


She asked in a low voice


“I think you’re smart, use your brains. I don’t want you around here” I said folding my hands


“Then I guess I gave no options”


She unbuttoned her shirt revealing a black bra that looks sexy on her




This is amazing. She looks pretty




What the heck am I thinking?


Get to your senses, Je Na


She removed the white shirt as she threw it on my face..




“Hye Ji?”


I screamed out her name


“Why? Are you surprised? I’m your bride so there’s nothing if you see me na.ked!” She said grinning widely


“How dare you drop the filth on my face”


I removed the cloth away



“Go wash it!”


She said as I stared in surprise




“Don’t disrespect me! At home I’m your bride, you can do anything you want in the


office but give me my respects at home”


She said walking away


I can’t believe this


This is unbelievable!


Hye ji talked to me in that manner!


Where did she get the courage from?


This is crazy!


I lost my appetite though


I tried walking back to my room but I got struck by a voice singing


Hye ji?


She sings?


I walked closer to the stairs to hear


It’s really her!


She’s singing


A beautiful voice






With my heart, I’ll look at you



With my heart, I’ll hug you



That’s enough for me,



Don’t be hurt because of me



Even if we just met eyes…..



I walked back to my room. My heart felt at ease. I felt remorseful for disrupting her meal.


This is …jeez!


Why am I even sorry for that?


Oh my!




I stopped singing as tears flowed down


It hurts to see the one you love put you in pains.


I was once hurt by love but not anymore


Once bitten, twice shy.


I’ll fight for this!


I’ll change you Mr Kim.


I don’t care what I go through


I’ll have to be strong!


Not giving up even though I know I’ll get hurt, I’ll keep going straight! Not missing my way.


This is the risk I must take because this is what I want.




I’m just so proud of our baby


She’s finally getting to her senses and she’s getting strong



Will you support her together with me?



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