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Bride To The Heir – Episode 35

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Chapter 35




I am yours till death do us apart_Hye Ji




“Just be prepared”


He said eyeing me


“What the hell am I preparing? I need no bride”


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I complained virtually


“I thought you have agreed already, should we start the argument over again?” He said standing up


“Mr Lee!”


I screamed out his name



He might be my guardian and more like my dad, but sometimes he might just be frustrating!


“Don’t worry, there’s only one chance for you to avoid this”


My ears straightened up immediately he said that.


“What’s that?”

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I asked anxiously


“We’re gonna call your bride and ask if she doesn’t wanna be yours” He explained


“And then?”


I asked again


“If two parties dislike it, then you’re free!”


He said to me


This really made me happy like hell. Hye ji will dislike the idea of being my bride..


I know. She’ll hate it


I smiled happily


“Wow.. Never mind at all, I’ll call her here to my office to decide”


I said admits smiles and happiness


I’m getting freed from this bride and groom stuff.


I’m so happy


“Just hope she doesn’t like the idea”


He said standing up and walking towards the door


“Of course she won’t”


I whispered to myself happily


“But I must really say, she’s beautiful and smart”


He said walking out



He just spoilt everything by complementing her.


Must he?


I also know she’s beautiful and intelligent but a back stabber!


She used her brains for something crazy, an idiot!




I opened his office in anger. My expression was boiling hot by now.


I wasn’t even a bit calm.


“And what’s this nonsense and hearing?”


I shouted walking towards him




He asked standing up


“This crazy stuffs about someone being your bride”


I screamed out


“Calm down, I also don’t understand”


Je na said in surprise


“You don’t understand?”


I asked still boiling in fury


“Yeah, I don’t”


He also screamed out




I exclaimed in surprise


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“But don’t worry, she’ll dislike the idea so I’m free”


He explained as my mind got stiff


“And how the hell do you know that?”


I asked in surprise



“Don’t worry!”


“Call her now and Tell her to back off”


I shouted at him as he faced my direction


“Hey Mi Rae, stop shouting at me! I know what I can do, don’t teach me” He said to me as I can’t believe it


“Je na!”


I called him in disbelief


“Look, I’m sorry Mi Rae, but I can sort it out”


He apologized back


I can’t believe this guy is so daft


“I’m gonna call her not to get her ass back here”


I said walking out if his office angrily


This is crazy. Someone I tried my best to send her away but a crazy man just cone to disrupt my plan.


This is disgusting. Everything was going on well until this man came. Oh my gosh!


I have to call this crazy devil not to come back here.


“Where’s my damn phone?”


I said to myself walking to my office..




Hye ji is Je na’s bride?


I can’t believe this.. Not at all.


So I’m actually loosing her?



It’s cool as long as she’s safe! I just want her safe and sound. It’s true I used her love for selfish reasons


But I’m regretting it and ready to change. I don’t want her in danger.


Mi Rae is planning on calling her not to come back.


This is a chance for her.


A chance to reveal who framed her up.


I know she was framed.


She can never hurt a human flesh not to talk of her boyfriend. Hye ji can be crazy but she’s nice at heart.


Very simple and easy going. I must be on her side to help her always.


At least to make up for my mistakes.


Nothing must happen to her. She’ll have a lot of obstacles but I trust her to overcome them.


I’ll protect her.


Because she’s …


She’s my friend.


I hope she sees my good intentions very soon.


I mean no harm .




“Yes Ajushi”


I answered him over the phone


“You’ll always be the right person for him, don’t make a rash and hasty decision” He said in a moody voice.


“No matter what, you’ll always be by my side right?”


I asked anxiously


“Of course, I’m your fan”


He said laughing


“Thank you Ajushi”


I said almost tearing up


“Bye Hye Ji”


He said as he hanged up


He’s always nice and helpful.


I just like him like my dad.


Jin Ho called me earlier to advise me.


He told me to do what I seem to be right.


I shouldn’t be oppressed by just anybody.


He said he only meant well for me.


He apologized for everything!


He still remains a good friend to me


Kang Mi Rae also called saying trash and hell.


I just don’t have a feeling for her.


She’s just good on the outer but bad inner.


My phone rang up as I looked at the caller ID.


Mr Kim?


Just the call I’ve been expecting


I picked up immediately


“Come to the office right now”


He said as he hanged up immediately


It’s time to make my decision.


I hope it’s right









I walked into the office majestically as I saw Mi Rae, Mr Kim and Mr Lee. I bowed to them one after the other


“We called you to know your decision”


Mr Lee said smiling


He also seems nice


“What do you think of it? Disregard the idea right?”


Mr Kim asked impatiently


Is he too happy to get rid of me or what?


I just can’t understand


“What’s it ?”


Mr Lee asked


I turned to Mi Rae


“Seeing the way you acted over the phone earlier, I’m not so confused that my decision is right”


I said to her as she looked at me in surprise


“What’s that decision?”


Mr Kim asked


I faced him immediately


“I’ll be your bride forever, till death do us apart”


I said smiling as I left him in shock


“Are you sure?”


Mr Lee asked once again


“I’ll love him forever like my groom”


I said facing Mr Lee




Mr Kim finally found something to say


“You’re mine now, Kim Je Na!”


I said smiling..


It’s high time I face everything!


It’s my time.


I’m using my chance.




[Bride to a Heir]


I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her….




Who else likes this decision


Chop knuckle hye ji



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