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Bride To The Heir – Episode 26

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Chapter 26


Authoress Isabel








I Walked into Je Na’s office quickly..


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I smiled to myself as he caught me


He sat working on something on his system..


I walked towards the arm chair as I sat on one of them



“And why do you keep smiling?”


He said without looking up


“That’s… Nothing!”


I bluntly said to him


“And what’s keeping Hye Ji?”

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He muttered to himself


“That reminds me”


I said trying to raise the topic up


“What’s that?”


He asked without even bothering to look at me


“Hye Ji! I mean your PA…”


“What’s wrong about her?”


He asked worriedly as he lifted his head up immediately..


So the mention of her name alone can make him concerned


“Does she have a boyfriend?”


I asked pretentiously




He said after staring at me for a very long minute




“No, she doesn’t. Why are you asking?”


He said smiling


“It’s because… Never mind”


I said but I knew Je na wouldn’t mind knowing anything that has to do with his PA..



“What’s it?”


He asked in surprise


“She has a boyfriend!”


I said almost whispering


“What! Who? Hye Ji?”


He asked almost rolling in laughter


“Yes and I know him”


I said grinning widely


“So who’s he? But I think you picked the wrong person”


He said still in smiles


“It’s Park Jin Ho! Our legal adviser”


I said in smiles




Je na exclaimed in surprise


“I saw them kissing few minutes ago!”


I blurted out!




He asked stammering


“Yeah, you can ask her ”


I said standing up..


“I should ask her but are you sure it’s Jin Ho?”.


He asked again


” Of course! ”


With that I walked out of his office..


My plan is going exactly the way I want it..


Very good plan


It’s just a few minutes before you get to start hating her!


Come on Mi Rae..


You have such a smart Brain!




I was left in utmost surprise


Hye Ji?


Jin Ho?




In his office?


No! Never!


I can’t believe it..




The door creaked open as Hye Ji walked in..


She walked towards me with that smile..


Very tempting today!


“Mr Kim I gave him the files”


She said smiling


“What took you so long?”


I asked with an expressionless face




She seemed surprised


“You really spent some time with him”


I said standing up and walking towards her..



“That’s.. That’s….”


She stammered without knowing what to say


“He used you Hye Ji! He played on your feelings!”


I bluntly said to her


“I know! Yes he did!”


She screamed


“So why did you kiss him?”


I asked




So it’s true she kissed him already


Mi rae wasn’t telling lies


“Why the hell did he kiss you?!”


I screamed out


“He claimed to love me!”


She said in anger


Very obvious anger




I asked in surprise


Wasn’t he who said he has a girlfriend?


Wasn’t he the one who said she isn’t worth loving?


“At least, I get to know someone loves me!”


She said as tears formed in her eyes




Hye Ji don’t make me do the same!


“And is he the only one who does?”


I asked in a worrisome voice


I was concerted


I’m not sure if I’m catching feelings for her..


“If he isn’t the only one, then who?”


She bluntly asked




I kept stammering all along


“I’m okay with anyone who loves me! I just need some love!”


She seem to be frustrated




“I’ll also use him for a while, at least he loves me!”


She said


“Hye ji stop this!”


I shouted


She seems to be naive


“Why are you telling me to stop?”


She asked




“Perhaps do you love me Mr Kim?”


She asked as my heart missed a beat..


It started beating so hard and fast..


“Are you in love with me?”


She asked again as I stared deep into her eyes ready to talk..







Only God knows what Mr Kim will say


Who can guess?



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