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Bride To The Heir – Episode 2

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Chapter 2




Authoress Isabel










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I got down from the subway bus. Today has been very stressful. Taking up on different jobs, jeez! I’m so tired.




I walked through the lane that leads to our house as my phone beeped .


“A message?”


I asked a rhetorical question




I opened the message and I almost got a heart attack.


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I could have been shocked to death!




500,000 won has been removed from my account!




“Oh my!” I screamed out




Jeez! I forgot my bank book and card


at home earlier


This must be the handiwork of Dad.




I rushed all the way home as I hurriedly opened the door.


There he was!




With three bottles of soju almost drinking himself to stupor.




Not again!




I called him as I walked towards his direction




“Oh! You’re back!” He said raising a bottle up




“Dad what’s this?”


I raised my phone up to him




“It’s your phone”


He said as he felt lost




“Not the phone, the message!!”


I screamed at him




“What’s with the message?”


He said glaring at me




“Appa. It’s you right? 500,000 won?”


I said as I tried to cage the tears forming in my eyes




“Ah! Yeah it’s me”


He said nonchalantly




“I left my bank book and card at home just because I forgot and you made use of it?” I asked angrily



“I used it!”


He tried smiling




“For what?”


It was obviously shown that I was angry with him




“My friends asked me to treat them to a meal and I have no money so I borrowed your bank book for a while”




He tried not to meet my gaze




“You used my hard earned money to treat your friends to a meal?”


Tears flowed down my eyes




“I’m sorry, I’ll pay you back”


He continued with his drink


He felt unconcerned




“You’ll pay? Do you have a job? Huh?”




I can’t believe my Dad did this again. He took my bank book without me knowing just to drink beer?




The last time he tried it, I left him alone and came back after 3 months


So not again!




“I’ll get a job to pay you so stop shouting at me!”


He glared hardly at me




“What! Appa are you crazy? You spent my money and you still have the mouth to say something?” Tears continually flowed down my face




“It won’t happen again. I promise”


He said dropping the bottle and facing me




“You promise? You’ve been breaking those promises! The same way you made a promise to me when you sent mum away!”




I blurted out in annoyance






He was surprised I said that




“She died because of your greediness Dad”


I didn’t think of anything before talking




“Don’t blame me for your mum’s death!”


He shouted




“No! She died because of you!”


He stared at me stiffly








“If only you hadn’t sent her away, she would have stayed here with us. She wouldn’t have died in a fire accident!”




I lashed out the words angrily




“Hey! Park Hye Ji!!”


He shouted my name. He was probably getting angry




“Don’t call my name, I hate you”


Tears dropped without stopping




“Hye ji?”


He tried calming down




“Appa I hate you so much, you bring nothing but sadness to me!”


I screamed before rushing into my room




I didn’t wait to listen to him after he tried to call my name



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I slumped on my bed as I broke into down in tears.


I hate my dad so much




He’s always overturning my efforts!


I tried considering him by leaving him alone because of his bad health




I did all the work. All he knows is to sleep and eat!




I brought out the necklace my mum gave to me when she left that particular night in the rain. I cried so much



I miss my mum so much


She died because of him




If only he hadn’t tried to be selfish


If only he listened to her


She wouldn’t have died!




Dad sent her away!


He claimed she’s after another man!


He sent her away just because of his greediness




Isn’t he supposed to stay calm.


I’m always working just like a bell because he’s too weak to work




I can’t tolerate this anymore


I’ll look for a permanent job and leave this house for my dad!




I don’t wanna care about him any longer.


He takes my attention for granted


I don’t care if he dies from his sickness




“I hate this man that claims to be my Dad!”


I said to myself as I stood up to pack my clothes




I’m leaving this house tonight!






Do you think Hye ji should leave the house?


Remember her dad is weak!



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