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Bride To The Heir – Episode 19

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Chapter 19








Authoress Isabel






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I stared into space as I couldn’t look into anyone’s eyes.




Did I make a mistake by saying yes?






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I left everyone surprised with my response.




I looked at Mr Kim as he stared at me with shock all written over his face.






Everyone stared at me


This is embarrassing..




“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”




I whispered to everyone and at the same time bowing as I quickly and quietly walked out of the cafeteria




Jin Ho still followed!


What’s his problem..




I walked away quickly as he caught up with me.


“Hye ji!”


He called me but I pretended not to hear




“Hye ji, can’t you wait!”


He said again as I was frustrated




“Jeez! Can’t you just leave me alone?”


I screamed turning to face him




I was glad that the lobby is empty.


Everyone isn’t back from lunch yet




“Why should I?”


He asked walking up to me..


He’s just so frustrating..




“Look! I no longer have a crush More very interesting stories available


on TOPSTER STORIESon you, so get the out of my life!” I screamed again



“Stop telling me to leave!”


He also screamed




“Oh! Now it’s my fault right? After using up my feelings”


I said




“Used up your feelings? Hye ji stop being childish!”


He said pleadingly but I wasn’t ready for anything




“You had a girlfriend all along and you knew I had a crush on you”


I said trying to lower my voice






He stammered




“Well, yeah. You’re stammering”


I said to him




He walked up to me as I continued moving back..


My back is now against the wall..




“Jin Ho move away!”


I screamed


Still he walked up..




“Jin Ho move!”


I said with tears already forming in my eyes




“What if I don’t?”


He asked grinning




“Jin Ho please just go!”


I said to him




“I said I’m sorry so why should I move away from you?”


He asked as if bewitched




“Move now Jin Ho!”


He was only an inch away from me now..


I was getting uncomfortable




“What if I don’t?!”


He shouted




“Of course you will!’


A voice said answering him




I looked side wards to find Mr Kim


I don’t know why but I felt a ting of relief…


I’m glad!





” And who are you to tell me that?’


Jin Ho still argued




“Go whine to your Girlfriend!”


Mr Kim said in smiles..




Jin Ho angrily left…


Mr Kim walked up to me..




“Are you okay?”


He asked with a worrisome voice




“Yes! Thank You”


I said bowing




“It’s Okay”


He replied




“Erm..about what I said earlier, don’t take it serious”


I said …




“It’s okay, I can understand”


He said as I heaved a sign of relief






I bowed..




He turned as he walked away..


He’s just like a guardian..


Thanks to him…






I walked into the office to find Mi Rae




She said to me




“Welcome? It’s not like I’m just coming”


I said smiling




“You went to console her again right?”


She asked smiling




“Oh! Maybe”


I said smiling too




“Does she like you?”


She asked me as I surprisingly stared at her




“Who? Hye Ji?”


I asked in laughter








“No! Never”


I said still smiling




“But she gets special treatment from you, isn’t it?”


She asked again as I looked on


“Special treatment?”


I asked with surprise




“Yeah, like consoling. As far as I could remember, you hardly console women but…?” She said stopping halfway



Is that true?


I hardly care about women truly but why Hye Ji?




Is it because she’s my PA


Or because I feel her pain whenever she’s hurt?




“It’s because she’s my PA”


I said jumping into conclusion with my thoughts






She asked still probing forward…






I said not quite sure of myself




“Do you see her as your PA or you see her as a woman?”


She asked making my heart miss a beat..



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“Huh? A woman?”


I asked with bewilderment




“A woman you could love! Or in other words, Do you love her?”


She asked the question straightforward




I was left into confusion


On many other days I would easily say my answer but why am I hesitating?




Do I love her?






Guys does Mr Kim love Hye Ji?




I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her

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