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Bride To The Heir – Episode 14

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Chapter 14


Authoress Isabel












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I stared at both of them as I seem very lost on the words to pick Jeez!



“Hye ji?”


Jin Ho called me again when I was so lost




“Please wait.. I need to think!”


I said without looking at him




I looked at Jin Ho, then back to Mr Kim

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Who do I follow?




This is confusing!


They both held my hands as I stared at them




Then something stuck my inner mind.


I’ve made my decision!


I know who to follow




I’ll go with him!




“Jin Ho?”


I called him as he hurriedly answered








“Let’s go!”


I said to him as Mr Kim looked at me with disappointment.




He left my hand as something strick in my heart.


Jin Ho held my hands as he led me out of the house..




We got to his car as he wanted to enter opening the door..


He came back as he held my hands but I dragged it away




He looked at me surprised




“Go home Jin Ho!”


I said to him




“Hye Ji!”


He said in bewilderment




“I need to work with Mr Kim”


I said trying to explain




“I thought you decided to follow me”


He asked in surprise







I replied him bluntly




“So you’re gonna spend the night together with an unmarried man alone in his house?” He asked irritated



“Nothing is gonna happen!”


I said to him




“Hye Ji use your brains, stop being stupid!”


He tried to correct me




“Mr Kim is just my boss! Nothing more!”


I said trying to explain again




“So you mean you’re spending the night here?”


He asked again




“Yes, so you should go home! I’ll be fine”


I said to him




“Hye Ji?”


He called me again still surprised




“I need to go now, I’ll see you tomorrow!”


I said as I walked away from him walking back towards the house




Mr Kim probably thought I wanted to leave!


Hell no!


I think this decision of mine is right


Staying and helping Mr Kim is the right thing to do for now




.. .. ..~ ~ ~ ~






I can’t believe Hye Ji decided to leave earlier


Is she just so stupid?






This is freaking me out!


It’s crazy!




My phone rang up as I took it


I looked at the caller ID..






Who’s this calling?


Kang Mi Rae?




I can’t believe this!




I picked the call up immediately






I said in earnest




“Je na”


Her sweet voice creaked into my ear




“ actually remembered to call today”


I said to her




“I have a good news to share!”


She said




“Good news? What’s that?”


I asked in anxiousness




“I’m coming to Korea tomorrow!”


She said as the bubbles in my stomach burst out of happiness




“Oh my! Is this true?”


I asked in excitement




“Of course, so I’ll see you tomorrow!”


She said hanging up immediately




Till the same


Hanging up when she’s through saying her mind




But I can’t believe Mi Rae will be coming over


Mi Rae has been my best friend for over 7 years..




Now she’s coming back to Korea


I can’t…




The door opening stopped and intruded my thoughts




Hye Ji?


I thought she left




“Mr Kim I’m sorry about what happened earlier!”


She said bowing to me




“I thought you left?”


I asked in surprise




“No..I didn’t”


She said smiling






I asked again in surprise




“Even though he’s my crush, wouldn’t it be stupid to leave with him?”


She asked in smiles




“Yeah, it would”


I said in excitement




“You’re my boss after all!”


She reminded me again as I laughed




“Yeah, so let’s continue from where we stopped!”


I said to remember her of our work




“But I’m Hungry!”


She said as her face fell expressionlessly




“Will you eat Ramen?That’s all I have!”


I asked her




“Ramen? Sounds cool!”


She said grinning widely




“Let’s go then!”


I said as she followed me singing happily




She’s just so cute with her stupidness


Very cute!




Hye Ji is my personal person!


I’m sure of that…






person person indeed


But wait


Mr Kim’s best friend is coming oo


Let’s wait to watch what will happen






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