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Bride To The Heir – Episode 13

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Chapter 13


Bonus chapter




Authoress Isabel








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I stared at Jin Ho curiously.


What do I do?






“Hye ji?”


He called me again




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I answered in anxiety




“You ain’t giving me a reply”


He reminded me again




“Ah! That…”


I just don’t know what to say..




I don’t wanna disappoint Mr Kim neither do I want to disappoint Jin Ho




But Mr Kim would be paying me and Jin Ho won’t..




I can always go to Jin Ho’s house later but we can’t receive the contract another day




Jin Ho is my die hard crush while Mr Kim is my nasty boss..




I’ll need to follow up with Mr Kim besides he asked me first and my pay IP depends on him






I called him again




“What’s it? Will you go?”


He asked me in anxiousness




“Can’t we go another day?”


I blurted out




“Nope..I need to go tonight”


He replied me








“Why? Can’t you make it?”


He asked as his expression changed




“It seems so”


I said disappointed in myself for saying that






He asked in disappointment




“I have some plans tonight”


I said trying not to meet his gaze




“I see”


He said



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“I’m sorry but I promise to make it up to you”


I said still not meeting his gaze




“It’s okay”


He said to me




“I need to leave now, I’ll see you later”


I said as I walked away




I’m so disappointed in myself for refusing Jin Ho


This is a long time opportunity but it got lost..










Anyways I’m off to the bossy heir’s house


Any single mistake and the crazy jerk will die by my hands




I grinned widely to myself…






We settled down immediately as she unpacked the files.


I lessened my tie before unknotting it.




She sat opposite me as she playfully looked at the papers




“Are you supposed to play?”


I asked in surprise




“Ah! I’m sorry”


She said as she continued working on the files..




I concentrated on my work…


Few minutes later I saw her starring at me again




“I know I’m handsome but can you stop looking?”


I said to her without looking up




“I’m sorry”


She said facing the files again




Few minutes again I looked up to her and she’s feeding her eyes with a look over the house..




This girl is crazy!




“Can’t you work?”


I asked in irritation




“I’m sorry but your house is so beautiful, I can’t help but to look at it”


She said smiling




“Stop smiling!”


I screamed at her




“Then should I cry?”


She asked as I stared at her




“Continue working but if you look up once more, I’m deducting your pay!”


I blurted out




“Yes Mr Kim”


She said concentrating on her work


That really got her








We worked for another thirty five minutes again..


I was about to ask her if she wasn’t hungry when the door alarm chimed




She looked up as I did the same


Who could it be?




“Mr Kim are you expecting a visitor?”


She asked




“No, I’m not!”


I replied




“Perhaps is it your girlfriend?”


She asked in smiles




“Just keep quiet Jughead!”


I shunned her up




Who could this be,?


“I’m not expecting anyone ”




I said to myself as I walked to the door


I looked up to the face acceleration as I met someone unusual




This crazy guy again!


Park Jin Ho or whatever he’s called




What’s he looking for?




I opened the door as he immediately bargee in…




“Hye ji!”


He screamed when he got to her




“Jin Ho?”


Hye ji called him in surprise


Obviously very bewildered




“So it’s true!”


He said as I looked on




“What’s true?”


Hye ji asked




“What are you doing in a matured man’s house very late in the night?”


He asked as I still stared at hye ji








“Let’s leave here now!”


He blurted out as I was surprised


Time to get involved




“She isn’t leaving here!”


I said to him






He asked ignorantly




“She’s spending the night here with me!”


I said grinning




“What! How can she spend the night in your house?”


He asked in obvious anger




“That’s non of your business!”


I said to him




“Let’s go Hye ji!”


He said walking up to her and holding her hand




“Stay with me Hye ji!”


I said holding her other hand






This is!




I won’t let her leave!!













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