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Bride Competition – Episode 7

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“Who dey inside that place na? You dey born pikin?” Maria asked, banging her fist on the door for the umpteenth time.

“Oh God! Maria leave me alone let me take my bath now? Abi what’s all this?” Natasha said, exhausted.

She never knew it was suicide mission sharing a room with Maria.

“Na only you wan bave? Abeg hurry make I take my own bath too…”she was still talking when the scream outside was heard.

En! Wettin dey happen outside!” Maria shouted, jumping out of the room. A little while later, Natasha dressed up hastily and rushed out too.

Outside the veranda, Cindy was almost half na.ked!

She was screaming and scratching her body. Aunt Linda rushed along too,with oil in her hand.

Without wasting anytime,she sprinkled olit in Cindy making her short the more.

All the other girls had gathered, wondering what was wrong with her.

“What happened to you! What’s the meaning of all these!” Aunt Linda’s voice rose.

Cindy was still scratching her body and Shouting. “I don’t know where they came from!

They just jumped out of my clothes after biting me all over my body!” Cindy cried.

Chai. I don suffer abi na which kind people Dem carry come meet person,bikonu??

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So, ordinary because of ochicha you dey cry dey disturb the whole house like this?”Maria shouted.

” Don’t mind her.” Becky laughed.

“Witch! I Know it’s you. I Know it was you that put those horrible creatures inside my clothe!” Cindy shouted pointing at Becky who quickly raised her hands in the air. She immediately denied it.

“What evidence do you have! What? Did you see me putting it!” Becky defended.

And what’s going on here!” Arnold asked, coming out.

This girls are something else and it’s high time we begin to disqualify some of them.” Aunt Linda said.

We are sorry about the whole thing. It won’t happen again.” Natasha pleaded. Aunt Linda looked at her and walked away. Arnold followed her.


“Aunt Linda,you don’t need yo get crossed with the girls.

To me,they are all fun to be with but I just hope this competition will come to an end as soon as possible.

Let me call Gerald so we can know whet to do next.” Arnold said and picked up his phone.

He dialled Gerald’s line and told him to come up to his room.

Gerald opened the door and came in. Aunt Linda was still standing. “Everything alright? I don’t want the girls getting suspicious about me.” Gerald said sitting down on a chair.

I was telling Aunt Linda about this whole thing. I know you would have already had an encounter with each girls. So,which one of them won your heart?” Arnold asked.
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Gerald smiled. ” As a matter of fact,she dud not only win my heart,she’s stolen ot away.” He answered, thinking about Natasha.

“Wow!!” Aunt Linda exclaimed, clapping. “Are you serious? Who is it? Which one of the girls? Want,let me guess. Natasha? Maria?”

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Gerald laughed. ” You are really a witch Linda but yes. Both of them won my heart but Natasha….I think she’s my choice.” Gerald said.

” Thank goodness!” Arnold inhaled.

Both aunt Linda and Gerald turned to look at him. ” What?”

Oh. I think we might end up falling in love with the same girl! I think I’m falling for that local girl.” Arnold said and laughed. Gerald and Aunt Linda stared at each other amazed and turned back to look at him again.

Arnold shrugged. “Yeah. It is a surprise to me too…like…I’ve promised myself not to fall in love again after Melissa and I broke up.

But I think Maria is trying to make me break that promise. God,that girl’s so funny.

I forget about all my worries whenever I see her or hear her voice and recently since this competition started.. she’s been the best!”

No no no!, She’s not. My Natasha has been the best.” Gerald chipped in, feigning to be angry.

You don’t say! Maria has been the best!” Arnold agued.

Gerald agued back and aunt Linda fell on the her, laughing at her brothers.

“Guys stop this. Look,you don’t need to ague over that. Maria and Natasha might win this but first things first. They must be tested. As usual.” Aunt Linda said, suddenly looking very serious.

Tested? How?” Gerald asked.

Come on man! Don’t tell me you did not know that the girls will spend one night with me each.” Arnold said.

Gerald flared up. ” Over my dead body will I agree to that. That means, Natasha will spend the night with you too?” Gerald thundered.

Keep your voice down, Gerald! What’s your problem? This is where we Know if she’s actually for or not.” Aunt Linda scolded.

Arnold laughed. ” Just watch her jump into my bed,bro.”

” Shut up, bastard.” Gerald warned and left the room.

Arnold and aunt Linda stared at each other and shook their head.

Natasha retired to bed for the evening after pulling out her clothes from the hanger outside.

She was thinking about Gerald. She was thinking about all sort of things she could do with me. Hugging her pillow to herself, Natasha smiled and imagined how it would be to be kissed by him.

“Oh stop it, Natasha. You should e thinking about Arnold. He’s the reason why you here.

But…I don’t love him at all.” Natasha said to herself.

You say?” Maria’s voice came. Natasha turned sharply and saw her coming inside.

Natasha smiled,and breathed in. “Maria, I need help. I’m falling helplessly in love with the wrong man.”

Maria listened to her and sat on the bed beside her, looking at Natasha. “Bia, Natasha.

I fit to slap your mouth for this thing wey you talk na.

No man be wrong man for this life so far you love that person. So,na Gerald the gate man you come fall in love with? Na wa oh. God go help you.

As for me,I like Arnold well well oh. And he be like say he like me too. I just dey pray say make I win. I go happy oh.” Maria said and laughed.

Natasha turned to look at her and smiled. She covered her hand with hers. “I hope you win, Maria. You are a good woman.” Natasha said and Maria laughed.

Both of them had suddenly become friends and very tight one too.

After a brief discussion,they both went to sleep but Natasha couldn’t sleep.

Her mind was still on Gerald and she continued fantasising about him.


It was almost getting dark when Gerald came out of the gate house, looking worried.

He was worried sick. What if Natasha falls into his brother’s bed?

He was really so much in love with her right now to risk her spending one night in his brother’s room.

Breathing in,he stood up and walk across the compound.

He was startled when he looked up and saw Natasha standing at the door way.

Even in the dark,she looked so beautiful.
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“I… couldn’t sleep. Mind if I join you?” Natasha whispered.

Gerald smiled and offered her a hand.

Natasha took it and they both went went to the back garden.

They sat on the swings there in silence. Gerald suddenly breathed.

“What are you thinking about?” Natasha asked, turning to look at him.

“You.” Gerald said, smiling at her.

“Me too. I couldn’t sleep…..” Natasha was saying when Gerald suddenly stood up

and lifted her up on her feet. They looked into each other’s eyes.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Gerald asked,his breath ragged.

Yea! I want a kiss! A kiss! Please kiss me…oh kiss me Gerald!” Natasha said and threw her arms around his neck.

Gerald gathered her into his arms as their lips met in a fierce… hungry wet kiss filled with passion and love!!


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