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Bride Competition – Episode 5

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Natasha smiled as she watched him eat. It was so obvious he was enjoying the food.




“Wow. This tastes good. You made this?” Gerald asked. He was so impressed with her.




“Yeah. I took my time in preparing that, you know.” Natasha said smiling.


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She watched Gerald closely. Something about him gave her a strange feeling. He looked more than a gate man.




His accent was so rich and great.




She decided to ask him a question. “Why did you choose to become a gate man? Like… I mean… You could have gotten a better job. ” Natasha said.




Gerald stopped eating to study her. He smiled. “So, dose that make me a lesser guy?


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As in…. Does it stop me from getting a woman of my choice and making it in life?





Natasha laughed. ” Of course not. You are handsome. Everyone woman would fall for your looks. ”




” Hmm? Like this woman here… In front of me? ” Gerald asked.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Natasha blushed. ” Yeah.. like this woman in front of you.” Natasha said and laughed. She stood up and quickly left the room.




Gerald could not believe his ears. He laughed and shrugged. Hope he isn’t falling for her right now?




In the evening that same day, the sat in the living room, watching movies and chatting.




They were all dressed and looking beautiful, waiting for Arnold.




Minutes later, Arnold and aunt Linda came into the living room.




“Hi.” The girls greeted




“Hmm. You girls are looking elegant. Hope you are all having a great time? ” Aunt Linda said.




The girls giggled to themselves, showing off.




“And before I forget, I will like to recommend that person who created time on cleaning the whole place.




Everywhere is looking so brand new. Bravo. ” Aunt Linda said.




Natasha smiled and everyone turned to look at her.




Shey na you? You for call me make I help you na ” Maria said, smiling too. Cindy and Becky turned away, hissing silently.


Arnold stood up from his seat look all over at the girls. “You all are looking extremely pretty and I’ve come up with something too.




Yes. It’s the next line of action now for you girls. So, aunt Linda will tell you right now ” Arnold said, smiling at them.




The girls looked at aunt Linda who smiled and cleared her throat. “Although, the winner for the food competition hasn’t been announced yet but we are going to do everything together.




Today is about natural look. Yes. We want to see the natural you. All of you. We want to see what you’ve got behind these heavy makeups.” Aunt Linda said.



Gbaons!! Ghen ghen ghen ghen!! Halloween night don come!” Maria said, whistling.




There was total silence. Everyone was dead silent that Aunt Linda thought she had said something bad.




“Wake up girls. Chill. Relax. Don’t you trust your natural looks? I want to see your natural hair… Your natural Lips… Yeah.. natural everything.




Look at Maria. She’s wearing her natural look..that’s what I want you to do.”Arnold said, smiling and touching them one after the other.




Becky looked away,her eyes filled with confusion. The last time she checked,make up had already been part of her life!




“So, we will be back in an hour to check you girls out. We are waiting. “Aunt Linda said and left with Arnold.




Maria bursted into laughter. “See them! Make uping! Una still sit down? Abeg make una go offload!” Maria laughed. As for her, make up wasn’t her thing. She preferred her natural look.




Sighing deeply, the girls left the living room for their bedrooms.




Natasha was the first to come out looking natural. Her natural hair black and long and she looked just the same.




“Babe you gallant! See as you still fine. Make we see them Mrs makeup maid we see how them go be….. Jesus!!!! “Maria shouted, flying out of her chair.




What! What is it!” Natasha panicked, and turned around to see what made Maria shout.




She did not need to ask again when her eyes landed on Becky.




“Ewoo!! Ewo!! I don die! Omo see Halloween!! Omo come see Halloween ohhh !!” Maria laughed so hard that tears started to fall off her eye.




“Stop it, Maria! She’s not looking that bad”. Natasha said, trying to control her own outburst.




Becky hissed and sat down. Maria continued laughing.




Valerie and Cindy came out too, looking good in their natural self.




Na wa oh, make up dey hide confussion oh.” Maria said and everyone bursted out, laughing hard.




“I don’t blame you, village witch!” Becky yelled at Maria who only made more fun of her.




“You no see as you be. So na make up dey cover your secret all this days, ba? Ah, your own don finish oh. Ugly muchocho.




“What! How dare you! How dare you call me that!!” Becky shouted and rushed at Maria. Maria flew out of her chair and ran, all the while laughing.



“Ah, onye Ara! She wan take her own kobalize me.




He no go work for you! ” Maria shouted over her shoulder.




She was about opening the door so she would run out when it suddenly opened revealing startled looking Arnold and aunt Linda.




“Oh!!” Maria laughed, pretending to be stretching her body. Becky halted to a stop, smiling and stretching her body too.




“And what’s going on here!” Aunt Linda demanded.




“Oh! Exercise oh! Na exercise!” Maria laughed, sounding like an idiot.




Aunt Linda and Arnold stared at each other and back at Maria.




“Exercise? Inside the living room??” They both chorused.




” Ahh! Yes sir! Na change of environment!” Maria exclaimed.




Arnold stared at Becky, wondering if she was actually the one or not. “This is terrible.”




Behind them, the rest of the girls fell off laughing hard.








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