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Bride Competition – Episode 3

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“You slut! You slutty bitch!” Cindy shouted as soon as Becky came inside the room.




What the hell!” Becky shouted back as they bumped into each other.




You think you are fast hun? You think so!” Cindy was really mad.


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Yesterday night, after witnessing the s3x scene, she had gone back to bed, boiling with anger that stayed with her through out the night.




“Oh, you must have seen me walk into Arnold’s bedroom?” Becky said and laughed into her angry face.




” Baby girl, now you will understand that I’m really here for business. ”




You should get disqualified. I’m gonna tell Aunt Linda right now! ” Cindy threatened and turned to go but Becky’s laughter stopped her.


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“If you dare do that, honey. Then we are both out of this competition cos you will have to also explain what you were doing in front of Arnold’s door last night! ” Becky threatened back.




Cindy groaned angrily into Becky’s face and stormed out of the room. She was gonna show her she isn’t the only fast finger here.




Valerie came out of the bathroom, going straight to her bag to dress for the day.




Becky stared at her as she lifted up her puppy from the bed, kissing and playing with it. “Haven’t you got any brain at all? Put that dog away from this room! ” She yelled.




Look. I’ve tolerated you enough. What’s your problem? ” Valerie asked. She hissed and took her cloth to the dressing room.




Becky hissed back and git ready to have her own bath too.




“Oh,Maria! What are you still doing in there now?




Arnold is going to call you out very soon. Please, be fast. ” Natasha voiced out.




She was selecting her dress for the cooking competition.




Maria was busy blasting igbo songs from the bathroom. She finally came out, still singing happily.




“Today na today! Everybody go no say I be better cook!” Maria boasted.




She was very good at cooking and she knew this was her only chance of winning.




Natasha only smiled and rushed into the bathroom to have her own bath.




Natasha knew she had nothing to fear. She was always good at anything she does.




Aunt Linda had bought a lot of food items for the cooking and they were all in the kitchen.



“So girls,I’ve decided to make everything easy for everyone. Two girls in a day. The next day,two girls will cook their own food and the third day,one of you girls remaining will cook her own food. Great,right?”




” Yes!” They chorused.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Cindy and Becky were the first to cook theirs while the rest of the girls visited the gym.




Natasha did not feel like sweating this wonderful morning so instead,she strolled out to the compound to enjoy the fresh morning breeze.




She went to the back garden and saw Gerald, standing and staring into the pool,lost in thought.




Their previous encounter rushed into her mind and for a second,she felt guilty to have slapped him.




She brushed off the guilt and approached him.




“You aren’t even supposed to be standing here. This is not your duty post.” Natasha said, standing beside him.




Gerald turned to look at her, annoyed. “And what’s your business with mine if I may ask?” He threw rudely at her.




Natasha breathed in she turned to face him. She couldn’t take it anymore. She knew she had hurt him.




“Okay fine. I’m sorry for what I did. I was angry. I’m not a bad person. So please,don’t get the wrong impression of me.”Natasha said.




Gerald looked away. ” Whatever.”




“Show me where the library is here. I heard there is a library.” Natasha asked.




” The next building after the second hallway.” Gerald responded, walking away.




Natasha stared at him as he left, feeling strange. She shrugged and went into the next building.




*******”” “”


“What’s smelling so badly! Do you want to poison him! Yuck!” Cindy laughed at Becky.




Becky frowned deeply and glanced down inside her pot.




She had been trying to mix the recipes for fried rice but she ended up cooking pepper rice.




She glanced over at Cindy. She was making groundnut soup and pounded yam and it smelled so nice.




If she, Becky would lose,then someone else will have to. Hmm!! Becky said in her heart as she watched Cindy in anger.




An hour later,the cooking was done. Becky was the first to serve her dish. All the time, Becky made pa*sses at Arnold, exposing her private parts to him just to make him lose concentration on the food but it wasn’t working.




Arnold was enjoying the view of her body but yet,he had this crazy hatred for her already. He would tell Gerald not to even make the mistake of picking her. She behaves totally like a dog.




“So,what did you make?” Arnold asked to Becky’s disappointment.
… it’s… fried rice.” Becky responded.




Wow. Alright. Open it..let me see what you’ve done ” Arnold said.




Breathing out,Becky opened the covered chinaware and a foul smell of pepper drifted into the hair.




Arnold’s brow knotted as he perceived the smell. “You sure this is good?” He asked, taking up a spoon.”




Y….yesss…” Becky stammered and closed her eyes shut as Arnold had his first taste.




The power and the loud scream that erupted from his mouth made her eyes fly open again.



“Jesus! Jesus!!” Arnold shouted, pouring himself water as he gulped down a whole jug.




“What is it!!” Becky asked, looking desperately at him.




Arnold shot her a glance as he stuck out his tongue and fanned it with his hand.




“You are still asking me what is it!! You are asking me what is it when you gave me pepper rice in the f*cking name of fried rice!!!! Take this away!!” Arnold yelled.




Cindy laughed so hard her ribcage hurt. ” I warned you! You must be a killer!, Gosh. Imagine giving my own husband raw pepper to eat. Nonsense. Just wait and watch him enjoy my meal. Learn,loser.” Cindy laughed as she carried her tray of food and walked out.




Behind her,Becky smiled evilly and bursted into laughter.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




“Oh,so sorry dear. She must have had it in mind to pull you with pepper. Can you imagine!” Cindy said as she served the groundnut soup into a plate.




Arnold was still recovering from the pepper.




He looked at the food in front of him. It looked nice and the aroma was great.




Arnold had the confidence that this would be better.





Such a bad cook. I almost collapsed.




Wow, this looks good. You made this?” Arnold asked, licking his lips and taking a handful of the pounded yam. He licked his lips again and dipped one full morsel into the soup.




Bringing it up,he threw it straight into his mouth only for him to spit it back into the plate with the loudest scream than before.




Cindy was shocked at the outburst and reaction. “What is it! What is it!” She shouted but Arnold wasn’t getting himself any better. He kept screaming and drinking water,jug after jug until he thought he would die.




He thought he just ate a live pepper!




When Cindy tasted her food,she screamed and spitted it out. The pepper in it would cook a whole full bag of rice.




Breathing heavily like a mad dog,Cindy let out one strangled scream.




“Becky!!!!” She cried and ran back into the kitchen.













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