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Beauty Contests – Episode 3

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Beauty contest (UNEDITED)


Episode 3




Common bobby you and I know this unfortunate child is n.. before she could finish I already covered her mouth and she instantly send daggers at me with her eyes oh what a mother.



Muna come and sit and that include all of you as well I have good and bad news for you guys..” I said and gave muna a reassuring smile first before sitting down with the rest.


Muna..” I called, yes Bob she answered with sweet baby voice oh common bobby snap out of it. Well muna you remembered the day I forced you to write a scholarship exam to Beauty high? I asked.


What bobbbby how dare you get her to write a scholarship exams without my permission huh how dare you? And you this bastard I just pray you don’t get accepted because you can’t come and spoil my daughter chance of marrying Alvin you can’t no way because everywhere you go you alwa.. before she could complete her sentence I dropped the bomb shell.. Mom before you kill yourself she passed already no need for this drama…I said

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What mom no you can’t let her come to my school you know beauty high is a battle ground for survivors and beauty queens mom she is too beautiful if you let her come then I will never get close to my love Alvin mom no noooo… Jennie screamed and started shedding fake tears which I know everybody here knows it’s fake but I know my mom she will never admit it she always support her no matter what.


Jennie my love don’t worry I will never let that happen and that is final my mom said standing up to walk out on us but what I said next made her halt and looked at muna with pure hatred revolving in her eyes.


Mum take one more step then I will take my hands off this family and Jennie won’t go to school again same with Anna and your so called dream of getting her married to Allin or Alvin what ever that mother fu.cker name is will never come to reality…i threatened her and I meant it.


What about muna? I will take her and she will start living with me.. I replied and


her eyes widen in shock



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