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Average Boy – Episode 36

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By Hossana Isaac O.


(Hossy American Series)



Chapter 36



Tori Vega’s POV



Benedict and I were arranging the cushion pillows. He just finished having a shower and we decided to arrange the living room before I get dinner ready


Someone began to scream and we stopped. The screaming got closer and it came to our front door. The door bell rang and Bene looked at me

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He went and opened the door and Tessa bursted in, screaming.


She looked around and saw me. She ran into me. I was quick to catch her


She hugged me tight and sweet


Benedict : looks like someone just got a wish come true


She giggled and dropped down


Tessa: I’m so happy!


Me: me too. I think I’m even happier


Then Beck opened the door and walked in

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Bene : it’s my turn to hug


He ran into Beck’s arms and they hugged



Beck: this young man is pretty heavy


Bene : I eat too much


We laughed. Beck dropped him and bent down


Beck: how about I make up for the time we spent apart


Bene : yes you are … You have to


Beck: let’s start with questions and answers


Bene : like what’s your favorite food?


Beck: and what’s your hobby?


They chuckled


Me: and Tessa and I are gonna have some splendid time together. So we can bond


Tessa: I can’t wait


Benedict : but right now I’m hungry…


Me : Beck… Let’s go prepare dinner


I pulled his hand and we walked to the kitchen and I closed the door


Me: I guess it went well


Beck: yeah. She was understanding


He pecked my cheek


Me: Now let’s start cooking. Let’s cook a Mexican dish


Beck: which one


He held my waist as I faced the counter and he kissed my neck. I chuckled and washed my hands in the sink


Me : wash your hands and let’s get started, would ya?





These two weeks has been the best. So many fun things happened.


We went scuba diving. Snorkeling. Speed boating, picnicking. We went on a rubber dinghy too




Sometimes Tessa and I played Frisbee while Benedict and Beck played pool the bar





Well today, we went to one of the restaurants in the hotel. A very expensive one. Tessa was so excited but Benedict was just normal and it made Tessa yell at him for not joining the excitement


I’m so glad at how Beck and Bene are bonding. He already calls him dad. Tessa still calls me Tori. I wish she could call me mom, though I’m not officially her mom yet. I hope Beck makes that happen


After dinner, we had chocolate eclairs and Swiss rolls for dessert


Tessa: daddy, are you really eating that?


We all looked at Beck


He looked at his plate


Beck: I don’t know


Me: why do you ask Tessa?


Tessa: because daddy doesn’t take sugar


I looked at Beck again. He smiled and took a bite from the Swiss roll


Beck : tastes good


Tessa: wow…


Benedict : I don’t mean to spill the beans but… I saw mom feeding dad with sundae three days ago… In the kitchen


Me: busted!


We laughed


Beck: well, I miss chocolate and ice-cream. And all that…


Tessa: it’s good though. But please go back to your strict veggie diet so I won’t have someone to share my chocolate cake with


We laughed


Me: how about I order a chocolate fountain tomorrow?


Benedict : yes… Yes please


Tessa: yes… A big one


I looked at Beck who was concentrating on his Swiss roll


Me: agreed?


Beck: huh?


Me: the chocolate fountain


Beck : oh yeah sure. As long as its cold. And sweet


Tessa: I’m in love with my new dad


We laughed


Me: oh I told Jade about you Tessa


Tessa: who’s Jade?


Me: my best friend


Beck: someone I wish I could dodge


Benedict : if you meet her, just make sure you don’t laugh or smile. Or giggle



Tessa: why?


Me, Beck, Bene :



wwwwwwwell……. Nothing


She looked confused


Tessa: is it Jade West you guys are talking about? The lady who acted as Tana in Survive, that scary Vampire movie?


Me: yep


Benedict : that’s her


Tessa: oh my God. I love her. She’s always acting as the badass girl in all her movies. No one defeats her. But I heard she’s actually nice real life


Benedict: wow, the person who told you that needs to go to jail


I chuckled and held Tessa’s hand


Me: don’t worry. Jade is nice. She can’t wait to see you


Beck cleared his throat and Benedict laughed quietly.


Tessa: Benedict, can you please give me lessons on Jade West tomorrow?


Benedict : Now you’re talking. I definitely would


I laughed and looked at Beck


He dropped his left hand from the table and I immediately felt it on my leg. He rubbed his fingers on my lap and I smiled and dropped my right hand, taking his hand and playing with his fingers


After dinner, we went home and settled in Beck’s living room. We decided to watch a movie with the kids. They were sitting on the floor in front of the television and we sat on the cushion, eating a bowl of caramel popcorn


Benedict : mom we’re out of popcorn


I sighed


Me: this is the second time you’re running out of popcorn in thirty minutes


Benedict : two months are eating it


Me: and how many mouths are eating ours


I pointed to our own glass bowl which was still filled Tessa: you guys are adults you know


Beck chuckled and brought a big popcorn to my lips


I took it and Benedict sighed softly


Me: okay… Go and get it.. Before you eat me up


Tessa chuckled and stood up with him. They went to the kitchen together Beck : you do know they might fight over it in there right?


Me: and end up pouring all the popcorn on the floor


He chuckled and fed me again


Beck: you didn’t notice anything?


Me: what?


Beck: that I shaved


He brought his face closer


Me : wow, why didn’t I notice. Gosh! I love it this way


I kissed his lips


Me: you look younger. You could even act as a teenager without being noticed


He chuckled and gave me another popcorn. I fed him in turn and then leaned on his shoulder while he caressed my bare arms


We watched the movie for about ten minutes. The kids weren’t back yet Beck: I told you the duo would fight in there



Me: let me go and check


I wanted to stand but the two came back with different bowls of popcorn. They smiled awkwardly and sat down in their positions


Beck and I looked at each other


Me: did you guys do anything?


Benedict : yes we did


Beck : what?


Tessa: we got popcorn


They lifted up the bowls


Me: okay


I don’t trust them. I went to the kitchen and met it normal. I wanted to leave then my eyes caught the trashcan behind the fridge. I pulled it out and it was filled with popcorn and sugar. A broken bottle of honey was also in it.


I stormed to the living room


Me: what happened!


Tessa: it was Benedict! He began to hide all the popcorn in a leather bag. I tried to stop him but it poured on the floor


Benedict : though we made new popcorn. And the bottle of honey fell from her hand


Me: that’s it. You two, stand up


Benedict : mom…


Me: up!


They stood up from the floor still eating popcorn


Me: Benedict! To your room! Tessa! To my room! Now!

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They groaned and walked away. I followed them and locked the doors.


I went back to Beck and sat down


Beck: they’re a headache


I rubbed my temples and drank water from the table


Beck pulled me to himself and began to kiss me. I responded quickly and sat on his legs while he held my waist. My hands were around his neck as I kissed him and my head was lowered to meet his lips.


His hands moved up to my back and down to my waist. My own hands then clutched unto his jaw


We kissed for minutes before disengaging to catch our breath


Beck: you’re beautiful baby


I giggled and sat on the chair. Then I placed my head on his legs and he played with my hair


Beck : how long are you staying here?


Me: supposed to be one month but dad wants to see you ASAP


Beck : so?


Me: should we go to USA soon?


Beck : I’m okay with it. Tessa would love the idea of visiting US


Me: so after that you would come back here?


He was silent


Beck: what do you want?


Me: come back to USA Beck














To Be Continued


Written by Hossy


Average Boy

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