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Average Boy – Episode 28

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⏩Chapter 28⏪


Mark Vega’s POV


Well, Monika is behind bars for now. She’s still going to court but her chances of winning the case is 0.1%. She’s really doomed



Tori’s surgeries were all successful. The doctor said she’ll wake up in a day or two.


We’re all happy but there’s still something bothering us. Beck is nowhere to be found. It’s been two weeks already since he ran off.


I’m just scared. We’re all hoping he didn’t commit suicide. His friend has searched all the places he is likely to be.


The police too have tried.

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He’s just nowhere to be found.


I thought when my baby wakes up, I’ll give her the good news that Beck isn’t her brother afterall. But the bad news of Beck’s disappearance is still here.


If he’s somewhere, he should have heard that Tori is doing fine. Its all over the news that she’s recovering.


God please bring back Beck


Beck Oliver’s POV


I washed my hands and feet after Mordecai and I fed the horses. It was so stressful. These horses are really stubborn and hard to control


I stood up and wore my shirt though it was dirty. I’m just going to shower now and find something to eat. I didn’t eat throughout yesterday, just water and milk from Mordecai


Just as I strolled out of the farm where I worked, I heard my name

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Voice: Christophe!!


I looked back to see Vanilla, the farm owner’s daughter.


I waited for her



Vanilla : hi Chris


I smiled


Me: hello Miss Emilio


Vanilla : please just call me Vanilla


I smiled


Me: how may I help you Miss?


Vanilla: nothing. I just wanted to say hi and commend you for your good work here


Me: thank you miss


I bowed my head


Vanilla : why don’t you come have dinner with us tonight?


The sound of dinner made my mind leap for joy. I really need a good meal. For the past two weeks I haven’t had good food.


I’ve seen the Emilio’s food table before. Once when I ca( More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App) me to the farm in the evening, I passed the farm house and saw them having dinner. The tantalizing smell of roast beef and warmed milk hit me. I saw them passing some homemade Mexican dish and I had to stop, just to stare


Now she’s inviting me to dinner?


Me: thank you Miss. But I’m sorry to reject your offer today. Maybe another time. Thanks again


I smiled at her and walked away. I slapped myself once outside the farm. I just missed a good opportunity to eat well. But it’s for the best, I can’t bother any family.


I’m now known by Christophe Rudy. I changed my name so no one will know me by my past life.



I changed everything about me. I sold my phone to get few clothes.


As you already know I work in a small farm. When Dickson and I crossed the border, I thanked him for helping me then left the ranch where he came to deliver goods.


I left the village to another one, I stayed there for only a day before going to another village. I had some cash with me that I took from the house and I changed it to Mexican currency. It wasn’t much but it helped with the transport.


After everything I found a job as a farm boy Mordecai is also a farm boy.


Ever since I came I’ve been reserved. Only talking when I’m asked a question or when I want to greet the farm owners.


No one actually talks to me except Mordecai who I work with and Vanilla who just wants to make me her friend.


Her name is funny. Though I like it. She’s a Mexican beauty.


Tori Vega’s POV


I woke up feeling dizzy. My eyes were so heavy and it took me a long time to be


able to open them fully. The first person I saw was dad, he was holding my hand


and looked like he was in deep thought


Me: dad?


He jerked and looked at me. His gloomy face immediately turned bright


Dad: Tori.. My Tori!


He hugged me with smiles


Dad: I’m so glad you’re awake. Just hold on, I’ll call the doctor


He left and I tried to stand up but couldn’t. Zero strength



The doctor came in with dad. He seemed happy to see me awake. He did some things then called on a nurse to attend to me. She turned some machines off and turned some on.


Changed my drip and the room temperature too


Dad was just grinning from ear to ear. I smiled when I saw how happy he looked. I remembered what happened


I ran off from Beck’s house and then I heard a horn from a car. I was too slow or maybe too fast and I got hit and blacked out.


I wonder how long I’ve been here. Maybe just few hours. Or maybe a day.


Me: how long have I been here?


Nurse: two weeks and two days


Me: what??


I was so surprised


Dad sat beside me and took my hand


Dad: we were so scared. I’m so happy you turned out fine


I managed a smile


Me: where’s Jade and Cat… And Beck?


Dad: uhm they’re fine. I already called Trina. She’ll alert them


I sighed and looked at what the nurse was doing. I suddenly felt down. Like a heavy metal was placed on my heart. I tried to find out why I felt that way. Then I remembered, I’m Beck’s sister


I closed my eyes at the thought


I didn’t want to remember. I tightened my grip on dad’s hand


Dad: Tori, are you okay?


I looked at him without a word and his face turned gloomy again. I quickly smiled, I don’t want to ruin his happiness with my problems


Me: I just can’t believe I was unconscious for two weeks. And it felt like hours to me


He chuckled


Dad: I thank God it’s just two weeks.


I smiled and nodded.


Nurse: well Miss Vega, you’re okay now. You just need some rest. You’ll be discharged in a week


Me: thank you


She nodded and left.


Few minutes later, Trina and Cat ran in. I closed my eyes as they screamed in unison, like they practiced it.


For heaven’s sake this is a hospital, not a funfair


Beck Oliver’s POV


It’s already three weeks. Three weeks of loneliness and hurt. Three weeks of running away. Everything that happened haunts me. Even in my dreams, Tori’s accident scene keeps reoccurring. And something keeps blaming me for everything. Blaming me that I shouldn’t have insisted we move to America to start a new life. Blaming me for falling in love with a girl way above me


Sometimes I scream and cover my ears to stop hearing those voices


Lately, I’ve been avoiding anything that might remind me of my life in Los Angeles. I stopped listening to music, any kind of music. I don’t even pass by any place where there’s music.



I stopped social media, not like I was even doing it because I sold my phone but I determined not to ever have anything to do with the internet just in case things about her death are uploaded. How she unknowingly dated her brother and eventually died after hearing the news.


I screamed again when I thought of this. It was choking me


I also shoved off my love for dancing. What’s the need of dancing in sorrow. To hell with dancing, that’s the reason I came to Hollywood Arts High School in the first place.


I also lost interest in movies.


Vanilla had invited me to watch a movie or two with her in town but I had rejected the offer..I don’t want to be reminded of anything that has to do with Tori. It hurts. It hurts so much!


Tori Veg( More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App) a’s POV


I sighed as I entered the living room with dad and Trina. All the servants had gathered to welcome me home. Some of my uncles and aunts were also there with my cousins.


I was happy to be back home. I went round hugging each cousin. They were all happy to see me.


After hearing about how Mrs Oliver wanted me dead, I became more understanding and caring. Because I felt like I was supposed to be dead and there’s no way I would see loved ones again. But I’m alive and well. I just have to appreciate the gift of life from God and love everyone while I can.


The mini party started. It was just fun and cool. We ate and drank and talked. When they all left, I went to my room and showered then laid down. I began to think about Beck. So he’s not my brother afterall. I miss him so much. I can’t wait for him to come back from Canada. I’ve been trying to call him but he’s not even connecting. I wonder why.


Dad said he went to his real father’s grave in Canada, so as to tell him about all that has happened. He is going to come back next week, so said Dad



As I lay, staring at the ceiling, I began to imagine life from now on. I hope Beck will still love me like before. I hope his feelings won’t wear off.


I really love Beck. I wish to spend the rest of my life with him. I don’t want him away from me


Me: I love you Beck. I love you so much




I woke up in the evening. I must have slept off earlier. I stood up and walked to the bathroom, I showered and came out. I wore pyjamas since it was already late. I decided to go downstairs.


As I approached the floor, I saw Dad speaking with police officers. I stood still to hear if it’s about Mrs Oliver but they were talking about Beck


I wonder what Beck has to do with the police. Is he in trouble?


Dad: please, keep searching. You have to find him


Police: we would do everything we can sir


My dad nodded and they stood up, shook hands and the officers left


My dad sighed and looked towards my direction. He was surprised to see me there


Me: what happened to Beck?


He didn’t answer, he just stared at me. Instantly I became scared


Me: dad


He looked away and cleared his throat


Dad: come and sit dear


I looked at him as he sat down, I then sat beside him



Dad: you see… Beck thought you were truly dead. He ran off after I broke the news to him in the hospital. His friend tried to follow him and call him back but he couldn’t find him. Ever since then Tori, no one has seen or heard from Beck


Me: what! But… but you told me he went to Canada…


Dad: I know. I’m sorry I lied. I just didn’t want you to worry. I didn’t want you to get depressed


Me: where could he have gone to?


My heart sank. In just few seconds, my mind had already traveled far. I remembered the Romeo and Juliet love story. How Romeo thought Juliet really died and he killed himself. Then Juliet woke up and found out he was dead then killed herself.


I’m scared. God please, Beck didn’t commit suicide

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My heart was beating fast


Dad: he’ll be found. He might have gone into hiding. I’m sure he’ll come out.


Me: what if he committed suicide


Dad: what? No, don’t think that way. Don’t. Beck is fine. Believe he’s fine


I heaved a deep sigh.


Me: Beck is fine


Dad smiled at me


Dad: let’s go have dinner




Three weeks later, no information concerning Beck. No sign of him. He didn’t come back and he wasn’t found. Something kept telling me he committed suicide



and I kept pushing that thing away. I just couldn’t comprehend with the thought of suicide.


Beck can’t commit suicide. He can’t leave me like this.


I paced up and down the pool side where I went to be alone.


Suddenly my head began to ache again. This has been going on for days now. Severe headache and my throat dries up often. I drink lots of water but I never get enough of it.


Maybe I need to see a doctor. Just for some medications to keep me balanced. Or maybe, I need therapy. I can’t afford to get depressed over the issues on ground. Depression won’t help at all


I took my car and drove out. I was already healed up partially from the injuries I got in the accident. It’s nearly two months since then


I drove to the hospital and went to see our family doctor.


He insisted on running tests before giving me treatment. I agreed to it


After waiting for a few minutes, he came with the results.


It happened that I’ve been pregnant for the past six weeks












To Be Continued


Written by Hossy

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