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Average Boy – Episode 27

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Chapter 27


Beck Oliver’s POV


I had slept off for a few hours while Dickson kept driving. He woke me up at night and offered me a beef sandwich. I took it and thanked him


Me: where are we now?


Dickson: we just left California boy. But where exactly are you headed?


I didn’t reply because I didn’t have the answer.


He looked at me intently before facing the road


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Dickson : are you running away?


I didn’t answer



Dickson : just know life is rough out there. Especially when you’re on your own. Be careful kid


Me: thanks Dickson


I finished off the sandwich and drank the water he kept for me


Dickson : we’ll pull over soon. So we can grab a drink


I leaned on the seat and looked through the window. I remembered Tori. My Tori. My sister who I had sex with. My girlfriend who died because she found out I’m her brother

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This guilt is too much for me to take in. I just want to leave. I don’t want to be reminded of Tori. I don’t want to have her memories stuck in my head

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I want to forget every damn thing I knew about America.


I covered my face and determined to let go of the past


Mrs Oliver’s POV


Andre came back without Beck


Me: where is he?


Andre: I lost sight of him


Me: where could he have gone? Home?


Me: I don’t think so. He’ll come back, I’m sure


He walked over to the red-haired girl and she hugged him crying. I sighed and fanned myself with my hands. I’m suddenly feeling hot.


Maybe I should go home since there’s nothing for me to do here. And I better call Beck



I walked outside the hospital and saw Mark with Tori’s friend. I walked towards them and immediately she saw me, she stopped talking and stared at me.


I don’t like this girl. She has guts


Stupid guts.


Mark looked back at me


Me: Mark. I need to go home and shower. I’ll be back later


He rubbed the back of his neck. That was a sign that he was stressed out too


Me: Mark you need to rest


He sighed and turned to the girl


Mark: we’ll see tomorrow okay


The girl nodded and walked off


Mark: I’ll drop you off


I nodded and followed him to his car. I entered and he drove out of the hospital


Me: you look so tired


Mark: I should be


Me: it’s not good for you


Mark: I have no choice


Me: don’t worry. Everything happens for a reason


Mark : and there is a reason for my daughter to die?


Me: she doesn’t deserve death


Mark sighed and rubbed his hand then placed his hand on his lap. I looked at it, sighed and placed my hand on it then squeezed it lightly



Me: just know you have me. I’ll stand by you and be of help in any way. And also Beck, you still have Beck.


He cracked a smile.


Mark : thanks… Monika


I was happy when he didn’t remove his hand from mine. I hope he becomes comfortable with me again


When he came to my house, I tried to lure him to come inside


Me: why don’t you come in. Take a cold drink before heading home


Mark: no. I’m okay. Thanks


Me:no I insist. You can’t drive all the way home with a heavy heart. You need to loosen a bit


I rubbed his shoulder and touched his cheek


Mark: you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still Monika


Me: of course I haven’t changed. Not one bit


He smirked and sighed. He must be really tired to keep sighing like this


Mark : I have to go. I’ll see you later


He started the car and waited for me to go out of the car. I didn’t have a choice. He


really wants to go home.


I came out of the car


Me: be careful


Mark: I will


He drove off and I watched as the car went out of sight. I entered the house and showered then ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate my upcoming success.



I’m already on the road to success. I can’t wait to get Mark back. I’ve always regretted letting him go


And it’s high time I start bearing Vega. The one I always wanted To hell with Oliver


Jade West POV


Just as I was about telling him that his daughter is alive, the murderer showed up. I stopped talking and stared at her. Mr Vega looked back and I could see she had eyes for him.


Is that why she wanted Tori out of the way? So she’ll be able to have her dad.


I rolled my eyes


Mr Vega : I’ll see you tomorrow okay?


I nodded and walked away.


After he drove her out, Andre and Cat came out. I called Cat’s grandmother and she came to pick her.


I think Trina drove off with her own car


I was left with Andre


Me: Andre, what really happened at Beck’s house? I know you weren’t there but Beck must have told you


He sighed


Andre: I’m only telling you this because I trust you. You won’t tell a soul


Me: thank God you trust me in that aspect


I crossed my eyes and met eyes with him. Ready to know how Tori got hit by a car on a road when she’s supposed to be in her own car and not crossing a road


Andre: Beck and Tori.. are siblings



I raised a questioning brow


Andre: their parents had an affair years ago in Canada. Beck’s mom got pregnant for Tori’s dad. He asked her to abort it and she didn’t. That’s how they became siblings


I dropped my hands


Me: oh my God


Andre: after their parents told them. Tori screamed and ran out of the house. She ran into the road and a car hit her


My mouth dropped open. I was speechless.


Beck and Tori are siblings. Those two love birds?


Me: I… I can’t believe this


Andre: worst… They already..


He didn’t complete it


Me: don’t tell me they already..


He nodded and I hit my hand on my forehead.


How will Tori live with that guilt?


Me: and Mrs Oliver even wants Mr Vega


Andre: you noticed that too?


I nodded


Andre: I feel she’s the one who actually wants Tori’s father. She has always been after money. And when she doesn’t get it, she becomes the worst drinker in town


I sighed. That lady is worst than Lucifer himself. She’s just after money


Me: where’s Beck?


Andre: he ran off and I can’t find him yet



I swallowed a lump


Me: I’ll… I’ll just go now. I’ll see you later


He nodded and I walked few steps then turned back


Me: uhm are you gonna go home now?


Andre: yeah


Me: I’ll drop you off


He nodded and followed me


Mark Vega’s POV


I showered and gulped down glasses of water. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t even think of food.


When I passed through the hallway, I saw Tori’s door.


So my baby girl isn’t going to open that door and hold unto my arm, begging me not to stay in Chicago for long.


She’s not going to gulp down my drink and hand me the empty glass.


She’s not going to shout ‘dad’ while running down the stairs just to show me a video from her phone


After thinking all these things, I smashed my glass on the wall. I huffed out hot air and placed my hands on the dinning chair for support.


I called on a maid to get the shattered glass away.


I headed outside, it was already late. I was surprised that no one called me to console me. The news should have gone viral already The press should be outside the gate already.



Just as I thought of the press, the gate opened and a car flashed in its light. I thought it was actually the press but it was just Trina who came back home


She rushed up to me


Trina: dad Tori’s not dead!


Me: what?


Trina: she’s alive. She’s doing fine


Me: I don’t understand


She dragged my hand and ran towards my car


Trina: I saw her myself. She’s in a different ward. Tori’s not dead

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I quickly entered the car and drove to the hospital without Trina. Though she entered hers and followed me


When I got to the hospital, I quickly ran and asked the doctor in charge what was going on


Doctor: your daughter is doing fine. You can go and see her if you want.


Me: but how is that…


Trina: dad


She came and dragged my hand again, pulling me through different hallways until we got to a door. She opened it and I saw Tori, lying down peacefully. She had bandages all over her but she was breathing fine. Jade and Cat were sitting on the bed


Me: Tori


I rushed inside and stood by her bed. She was truly breathing. I began to laugh, Trina joined me. Cat took over, Jade just chuckled.


But in no time, we all were laughing so hard.


I was happy. We all were. But I needed explanation.


Me: how did this happen?


Cat: long story


Trina: dad, you really need to know.


She tapped my arm


A nurse came in


Cat: hi Tasha!


Cat waved her


Tasha: hi Cat


She turned to me and smiled


Tasha: Mr Vega, it’s nice to meet you


I nodded


Me: please how did Tori come back? I need to know


She smiled


Jade: let’s talk outside


Trina: can I come along


Jade: no!


Cat: come here Trina. Jade is so mean


Trina went over to her and Jade shook her head and we left the room.


Well they explained everything and I was shocked. They showed me the evidence.


I couldn’t believe Monika will want to take away my child just to impose someone’s child on me. So what if Tasha wasn’t Jade’s sister, then my Tori would have really died.



I sighed and went to the police station with the two of them. We tabled our charges and proofs then they followed us to Monika’s house.


She was coming out, dressed all sexy when we arrived. She was surprised to see me with police officers.


Inspector : are you Monika Oliver?


She was bold at first


Monika: yes


But when the nurse came out she shivered visibly.


Inspector : you’re under arrest for attempted murder and abuse of rights. We have enough evidence against you and you will be put behind bars for your crimes


An officer came and took her hands, she tried to protest but instead, glared at Tasha. The officer handcuffed her and she was put into their car and locked in .












To Be Continued


Written by Hossy


⏩Average Boy⏪


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