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Average Boy – Episode 25

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Chapter 25






Jade West’s POV


He looked down at his phone again and sighed.


Andre: Beck just texted me. He’s at the hospital


I furrowed my eye brows


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Me: why?


Andre: Tori got knocked down by a car and she’s in a critical condition


Me: what? Oh my God. Which hospital?


Andre: I’ll call him now



I crossed my arms and began to pace round the hall. I was so tensed up.


Me: I’m going to find Cat


I raced back to the class and she was dancing with a red headset over her head.


Me: Cat

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She didn’t see me


I walked to her and removed the set


Cat: what’s that for?


Me: get your bag, we’re leaving school


Cat: why


I sighed


Me: Tori got knocked down by a car


Cat screamed and I closed my eyes


Cat: is she dead?


I opened my eyes to see tears streaming down hers


Me: I know she’s in a critical condition. We have to go and see her


She hurriedly took her bag and followed me out. Andre was still waiting in the hall


Me: what’s the address?


He showed me the phone, I read it


Me: I know the hospital. We’ll take my car


We went outside and entered my car then we drove off



Andre Harris’ POV



When we got to the hospital, we saw Beck pacing around the reception hall with blood stains on his hands and shirt.


Sitting on the long bench was his mom and Tori’s dad.


Me: Beck


I ran to him with the girls


Me: how is she?


He sighed


Beck: I… I don’t know. The doctors haven’t come out


I sighed and tapped him


Me: chill she’ll be okay


He looked down


Me: are you okay?


He looked at me then at Jade and Cat


Beck: hello


Cat: HI Beck


Jade: hi


Jade: let’s go say hi to Mr Vega


Cat: okay


They left and I tried to follow them to say hi to Mrs Oliver but Beck pulled me back


Beck: Andre I’m doomed


Me: what happened? Why are you saying that?


Beck: Tori… She’s..


Me: what?


He sighed


Beck: she’s my sister


Me: huh?


I looked at him in a way that will make him feel like he has lost his mind


Beck: mom and Mr Vega once had an affair back in Canada. She got pregnant and he wanted her to abort, she didn’t and pinned it on my dad instead. It turns out I’m a Vega


I was speechless. A part of me didn’t believe it

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Beck: when Tori heard it, she ran out and got hit by a car


Me: how did Mr Vega take this


Beck: I think he has known for awhile. That’s why they wanted us to break up


Me: this isn’t happening. You love Tori so much, you guys shouldn’t be going through this


Beck: I’m doomed Andre. I’m doomed


He rested on the wall and closed his eyes


Me: stop saying that.


Beck: I had sex with her




He sighed out. My voice was so loud that Jade and Cat looked to my direction. Mr Vega and Mrs Oliver weren’t there anymore


I held his hand and took him to a corner


Me: Beck, why did you? I thought you didn’t want to do it with her yet?


Beck: I don’t know. I don’t know. I just don’t know


He squatted down and covered his face. I bent down too


Me: it’s okay. We’ll think things through. Let’s just pray she gets out of this alive okay


He nodded and stood up


Beck: my mom is coming


I looked back


Me : I’ll excuse you


I turned back


Me: good day ma’am


Mrs Oliver : how are you


Me: I’m fine. I’ll excuse you


I left and went to sit beside Jade and Cat. I noticed Cat was wiping her face and sniffing while Jade just leaned against the bench and crossed her arms


Me: are you girls okay?


None of them answered



Beck Oliver’s POV


Mom: get a hold of yourself Beck. What the heck are you doing to yourself


Me: mom, if anything happens to Tori. I’ll do something you’ll so hate


Mom: nothing will happen to Tori.


Me: mom, I don’t know what you’re up to but I’m never going to be a brother to Tori. I rather kill myself than being alive to be a Vega


And that’s it, she slapped me


Mom: don’t you do anything stupid. Beck, you don’t know the guilt I feel raising you with a lie. Raising you like a pauper when you’re supposed to be a prince. You were supposed to be told the truth a long time ago but I was scared Mark would reject you. But now that you two are about to do a terrible mistake, what do you expect us to do?


I sighed, I don’t blame her. It’s not totally her fault


Me: but mom. You know I love Tori right?


Mom: I know


Me: then I can’t live with her being my sister


I walked away from her and was going to Andre when Mr Vega called me


Vega: Beck, I’m sorry you both have to go through this. I wish I could stop this somehow but, it’s so complicated


Me : it’s okay. You don’t have to apologize


He sighed and looked at the door where the doctors were attending to Tori


Me : she’ll be okay sir


Andre walked to me and I faced him


Andre: Beck, shouldn’t we go home so you’ll freshen up


I looked at my blood stained hands. Tori’s blood


Me: okay, I’ll just tell my mom


We walked few steps when Mr Vega called me again. Andre waited for me


Me: yes sir


Vega: do me a huge favor please. Conduct a DNA test


I stared at him without a word



Mrs Oliver’s POV



I was angry at Beck. He’s trying to ruin things out. The idiot has an opportunity to live a life that he has always dreamt of on a platter of gold but he’s being blinded by stupid love.


Why can’t he be reasonable?



But I’m also scared. He can do something terrible. He might even run away with Tori. I don’t want to loose my son.


What I’m I going to do now? Something has to be done to keep Beck down


I walked to a nurse who was going to Tori’s room


Me: please may I have a word with you?


Nurse: I’m sorry ma’am but I’m really busy


Me: please, what’s your name?


Nurse: Tasha Roberts


Me: thank you. I’ll get back to you later


She nodded and entered the room



Beck Oliver’s POV



I showered and put on a different shirt then Andre and I came back to the hospital. Cat was crying terribly and so was Trina. My eyes widened


Me: what’s going on?


I quickly moved to my mom


Me: mom what happened?


She didn’t answer


Jade looked at me and walked out. No one was talking.


Andre seemed to be as confused as I was. Then the door to Tori’s ward opened and a body was rolled out. It was covered like a corpse.


Immediately Cat saw it, she screamed and began to cry even more. Trina began to call Tori’s name.


My eyes widened. I refuse to think that it happened. No way


Mr Vega walked to me and patted me


Mark: I’m sorry Beck…. My Tori didn’t make it


I looked at the nurses as they rolled the body away.


I felt a sharp pain in my head. I closed my eyes and screamed then ran out of the


















To Be Continued


Written by Hossy

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