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Average Boy – Episode 22

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Chapter 22






Mark Vega’s POV


I sighed and dropped the phone on my bed. What does Monika want with me again?


I met her 20 years ago. Before I got married. She was a sexy secretary to my friend and each time I came to his office, I couldn’t get my eyes off her. One day, I came to see him but he wasn’t in. Monika said I should wait for him since he was to be back in few minutes. She then served me coffee and as she was about to leave, I grabbed her and pinned her to the table. I told her that I couldn’t resist the urge to have her. She begged me, saying she was married. I was adamant about having my way with her when my friend came back. He caught us in that position and I could see the embarrassment on her face

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She left the office and I apologized to my friend who was not so surprised. He laughed and said he knew I had eyes for her.


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He therefore decided to help me and get her, despite the fact that she was married



flash back


Vin : seriously Mark, if you really want her then just let me fire her


Me: I don’t understand.



Vin: if I fire her on account of what I saw, she’ll feel like you caused it and get angry with you. You’ll try to pacify her and assure her of money and a good life because she’s not buoyant. You can have your way with her in any way you want


Me: are you sure that’s going to work?


Vin: let’s give it a try


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I nodded and left the office. Shortly after, Vin texted me that he already fired her. I was so happy, I took her number and called her the next day




hello Monika Oliver speaking


how are you Monika?


who I’m I speaking with?


I’m sorry you got fired. I tried to beg him to let you stay but he didn’t listen to me


Mr Vega? Gosh! How did you get my number?


chill girl, I just wanna help you since I’m the cause of your misfortune and how are you going to do that?


can we meet? I have two or more offers for you


The phone was silent for a while



okay.. Where?


I smiled to myself then gave her the name of the hotel and the room where I was






I lured Monika into my bed that day and gave her lots of money. She was happy and I liked that.


Monika and I kept seeing each other that I became so addicted to her body. We became very intimate and I always gave her money.



The problem between us started when she said she was going to divorce her husband so the both of us could be together without anything holding us back. I didn’t like that idea because I never loved her, I was just in love with her body. I didn’t want to marry her.


I made her forget about the idea of divorce


Trouble broke out between us when she saw an article about my upcoming wedding. She was so angry with me and cut off all ties with me. At first I didn’t care, but few months into my marriage with Veronica I began to miss Monika I contacted her again and tried to win her back. That was how I started an extra marital affair. I even employed her in my house as the chief maid just so I could have her when my wife was out


Soon Veronica took in, I was so happy. I suddenly felt bad for cheating on her. That day, I decided to do away with Monika for good


Unfortunately, that same day, even before I could tell her, she told me that she was pregnant for me.


I was so surprised and confused as to what to do


I didn’t want Veronica to hear of it at all. I immediately told her to abort the pregnancy




Monika : what?


Me: just flush out the baby. I don’t want to have anything to do with it


She got really angry and slapped me hardly on the face


Monika: are you crazy? How dare you say such a thing?


Me: what else should I say? Look, just do what will save our asses. This baby cannot stay here, it’s going to bring so much trouble. Your husband wouldn’t be so happy to hear that you’re pregnant for your boss and my wife will be so heartbroken. Besides, she’s pregnant too



Monika : so you’re denying your baby?


Me: I’m not denying. I’m sure the baby is mine, your husband has been away for some time now so I’m the father. But Monika please, get rid of it. I promise I’ll give you enough money and everything you need, as long as we can stop this naughty affair. It’s high time we focused on our families


She began to cry. I felt sorry for her but I couldn’t do anything


Monika : okay.. I’ll.. I’ll abort the pregnancy


I smiled happily. I later gave her huge amounts of money and made sure she had enough


Then I convinced my wife for us to relocate back to America..In less than a week, we were off from Canada and I never saw Monika or heard from her again


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Jade West’s POV


I took up my phone and called Andre. I needed him to write a song for me for the horror video clip I’m producing


hello Andre


hi Jade


write a scary song for me




I’m not repeating what I said


I don’t write scary songs


meet me tonight at Continental restaurant by 7:30pm but I’ll be…


you better be there



I dropped the phone and headed out of the house. Then Emily called me, I picked it up



what do you want?


hey, is that how to say hello to your favorite cousin?


and what makes you think you’re my favorite cousin?


Peter can no longer play soccer because of the major fracture he attained when we were just ten years. Because of that, Aunt Alice left LA, just so they could avoid you. Also, Molina, you tied her to a chair and poured glue on her eyes just because she broke your phone.


well, she went for surgery and her eyes got fixed but she still can’t see without the use of glasses


OK, maybe you’re my favorite cousin


good girl, now come over. I’m lonely


no, I’m hanging up. Bye



I hung up and walked to the garage, I brought out my car and entered. Then a phone call came in, it was still Emily



you’re disturbing my life


you know that boy Karie had a crush on. I remember telling you about him. He humiliated her at school today. Can you help us pay him back?


do you want some meatballs? Because I’ll buy them when I’m coming over to your house


yes! I knew I could count on you



She hung up and I cracked. I’m going to skip school on Monday because I’m going to Emily’s school


I just love bullying stupid boys




Monika Oliver’s POV


It was just few minutes to 7pm. I added the last touch of my red lipstick and picked my purse. I headed out of my room and walked down the stairs. I saw Beck pouring out some drinks into two glass cups.


Immediately he saw me he stopped and stared at me with his mouth open

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Me: where is Tori? Has she gone?


He sighed


Beck: no, she’s in my room


Me: you’re being stubborn aren’t you?


Beck: don’t even go there


I smirked, knowing he’s just trying to be stubborn. But he’s going to break up with her whether he likes it or not


Me: I’m going out


Beck: on a date?


Me: why do you say so?


Beck: mom, I haven’t seen you like this in years


Me: yes, I’m going on a date… with reality


I turned and left the room without looking back. I boarded a taxi and went straight to the restaurant.


I went to a table and ordered for an inexpensive drink while I waited for Mark




Andre Harris’ POV


I dipped my hands into my pockets and walked into the restaurant, I sighted Jade and sighed. I went to the table


Me: good evening… Jade


Jade: sit



I pulled out a chair and sat down


Me: you look good.


She smirked evilly


Jade: thank you


Everything about this girl is scary. She must be a villain in the making. And she even looks like Maleficent with her black makeup


Me: so why I’m I here?


Jade: look at these lyrics


She handed me a paper with a song on it


Me: a song?


Jade: it’s not yet a song. I want you to use those words and write a slow song for me


I read through the words and my face puzzled up


Me: where the heck did you get these words from?


Jade: from my personal dictionary of dark words


The waiter came and dropped two glasses of red wine, bowed and left Jade took hers and offered the other one to me


Me: when do you need it?


Jade: tomorrow morning


Me: what? You mean you want me to write this overnight?.


Jade: I thought you said it doesn’t take you an hour to write a song


Me: this isn’t a song Jade, this is a nightmare tune. If I stay up to form this, I might attend serious therapy for a whole year


Jade: then attend it


Me: please, I’ll write the song tomorrow morning and I’ll give it to you on Monday



Jade: I’ll need it tomorrow so I’ll come over to your house and get it


Me: but


Jade: no buts… Now drink


I sighed and took the glass


Jade: isn’t that Tori’s dad? I thought he was out of the country


Me: who?


She looked towards the right side of the restaurant, I traced her gaze and it fell on a man wearing a light blue long sleeved office wear and dark pants. He was also with a tie


I looked at the lady sitting opposite him on the same table, she looked really familiar but I couldn’t lay my hands on who exactly it was


Jade: why are you staring at that lady? Is she your mom?


Me: no but.. she looks so familiar


Jade: whatever


I kept looking at the woman, her face kept ringing a bell until I finally recognized her. I gasped immediately


Me: jeez, that’s Beck’s mom


Jade: that young lady?


Me: she’s not supposed to look that young. No wonder I didn’t recognize her. She’s looking so different and what is she doing with a rich man like Tori’s dad


Jade: and her outfit? It seems like they do business together


Me: trust me Jade, Mrs Oliver has nothing to do with someone of high status. It’s like they are two opposite people


Jade: well, their children are dating. Maybe they came to talk as future in laws


I sighed


Me: wwhy does it look as if Mr Vega is bewildered?



Jade looked at him


Jade: did she tell him something he wasn’t expecting?


Me: oh my God, his countenance just fell. He looks confused and dejected now Jade: I don’t think they met because they are future in-laws. They have something up their sleeves


Me: Jade, I think we should leave


Jade: why?


Me: nothing, well I’m leaving. Good night


I gulped down a little of the wine and folded the paper. I stoop up and tucked it into my pocket


Me: bye


I went out, making sure that Beck’s mom didn’t see me. I took a taxi and went straight to Beck’s house. I knocked and Tori opened it


Me: Tori?


Tori: wow Andre, hi


Me: can I come in?


Tori: sure


She opened the door well and moved out of the way. I entered inside and she closed it


Me: I hope I’m not interrupting any honeymoon here?


She laughed


Beck: yes you are. You’re interrupting my honeymoon


I looked up and saw Beck climbing down the stairs



Me: oops, sorry man. But I’m angry with you, how would you get married without telling me.


Tori: oh please help me punish him. I tried hard to have him invite you but he wouldn’t listen


We laughed


Beck: so what’s up bro?


Me: cool bro. Just wanted to check on you


Beck: let’s go upstairs and have guy talk


Tori: haha, I refuse to be jealous


Me: don’t worry, I won’t keep him for long


Tori: hahaha


Beck pecked her


Beck: I’ll be right back


Tori: okay


We went upstairs together while Tori settled down to watch TV




Tori Vega’s POV


I turned on the TV and then I heard a knock. It must be Beck’s mom this time. I walked to the door and opened it


Me: Jade?


Jade: Tori


Me: wow


She pushed me away and entered inside


Jade: nice apartment


Tori: it’s really nice


She sat on the couch


Me: let me get you something to drink


I went to the fridge and brought out two soda cans. I gave her one


Jade: where’s Beck?


Me: upstairs with…


Jade: I saw your dad


Me: my dad? He’s in London


Jade: I saw him today, few minutes ago of


Me: are you serious? Where did you see him?


Jade: at a restaurant


Me: maybe he had to come back


My phone rang and it was dad


Me: oh it’s him


I picked it up


hello dad


come home now


dad, I’m still staying with Beck. Remember?


Tori, come home now


He hung up and I looked at Jade


Me: he wants me to come home and he didn’t sound so good


Jade: maybe there’s a problem somewhere


Me: yeah, maybe


I stood up. Just then, the door opened. It was Beck’s mom


Me: welcome back ma’am


Jade just crossed her arms, looking at her


Beck: where’s Beck?


Me: upstairs


She looked me over then looked at Jade, she went upstairs without a word


Jade: Tori, let’s go


Me: my bags and…


Jade: I said let’s go.. You’ll get all that later

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I sighed and took my phone then followed Jade outside


















To Be Continued


Written by Hossy

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