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Average Boy – Episode 14

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Chapter 14






Beck Oliver’s POV





The phone stopped ringing and I texted her Then I tucked the phone into my trousers


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I’m busy




Me: Tori let’s get to work


She came forward


Tori : but this place looks pretty clean to me


I looked around




Me: well, let’s still get some things in order.

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She crossed her arms


Tori: okay, you can get some things in order




She went to the couch and sat down then brought out her phone




What a lazy girl




I turned and went to the dinning table, I then took some gloves from the kitchen and began to push the coconut shafts and straws into the trashcan.


Then I cleaned the table and arranged the chairs


I looked back at Tori who now had her ear plugs on and nodding her head rhythmically.




I shook my head and went to the kitchen, I first of all washed my hands then washed the dishes. I checked his fridge and saw some raw spaghetti.


I brought a bowl and took little of it, enough to feed two people.


I took a clean pot and set it on the cooker. Added water then washed the spaghetti and poured it into the pot.




I went to the fridge again and took out some necessary ingredients.




In less than two minutes, my sauce was already frying in a pan.


If only I could get some chicken to add and make the meal complete.




I washed my hands after turning off the gas and I mixed the spa and the sauce. And my spaghetti was ready to be served


I went back to the living room and snatched the phone from Tori




Tori : hey what was that for?


Me: are you this lazy?




She crossed her arms


Me: now be a good wife, get up and assist your husband




She chuckled


I pulled her up and made her arrange the pillows on the couch




Me: when you’re done with that. Take the vacuum cleaner over there and make this room spotless. Do you understand?




Tori : yes sir


I nodded and went to the bedroom with her phone.


I arranged the bed and used the plastic broom to sweep the floor and I packed the dirt into the trashcan in his room




I came back to the living room and almost laughed at the sight I saw. Tori was sweating and panting




Me: just to vacuum a little room?


She looked at me as I moved closer




Tori: you’re so wicked. You said this was going to be fun and that we were going to dance




I laughed and took the vacuum cleaner from her


Me: I’m sorry. I even forgot about the music



She sat on the couch and I smiled and gave her a tissue to clean her face I squatted and watched her clean her face.



She’s so pretty, even without makeup




Me: close your eyes


Tori: why




Me: just do it


She closed her eyes and I stood up and walked to the back of the couch, directly behind her




I bent over and held her face then kissed her lips. She smiled into the kiss and kissed me back. I unlocked



Me: now just help me by arranging the flowers beside the TV while I go check out the bathroom




She kissed my lips and stood up


Tori: okay. But promise me we’re gonna dance




Me: definitely…




Tori Vega’s POV




I finished arranging the flowers and was about to go when I saw a paper in a flower vase




Me: what’s a paper doing here?


I brought it out and it was an envelope ✉ and OPEN ME was broadly written on it





I dropped it on the table and went to check on Beck




Me: Beck?


He came out almost immediately




Beck: hey baby


He pecked my cheek




Me: are you done?


Beck: yeah, just finished




Me: okay. I’m done too, can we get going now. I’m really hungry




He smiled and held my hand then led me to the kitchen




Beck: I knew you’d be hungry so I cooked




I was really surprised


Me: Beck, you can cook?




He chuckled


Beck: of course I can. Back in Canada, I was a chef in a small restaurant




Me: wow…


I walked to the counter with him and watched as he uncovered the pot. I looked in and a sweet savour braced me.








Ain’t I a lucky girl




Beck: grab some plates and let’s eat


I hurriedly moved to the plates basket and took two plates. I grabbed two spoons too and handed it over to Beck. He dished them and set them on a tray




Beck: get some drinks from the fridge


I nodded and did so




We walked to the dinning table and sat down to eat




Me: I hope this is as good as it looks


Beck: trust me. It is




I smiled as I dipped my spoon in, I lifted it up to my mouth but my gaze met Beck who’s eyes were closed. I dropped my spoon and watched him for a minute




Beck: amen


He opened his eyes and his eyes met mine




Me: were you praying?




Beck: I pray before every meal. Sometimes with my eyes closed, and sometimes while they’re open




Me: wow.




He began to eat while I watched him. He took a spoon up and brought it to my mouth




Beck: open up


I opened my mouth and he gently fed me


I chewed in and my eyes widened




Me: this is so good


Beck: told’ya




I dropped my left hand on the table and began to eat.


Beck is really a good cook. The food is so simple yet delicious




I felt something on my left hand. I looked and it was Beck’s hand. He smoothed my hand and played with my fingers. It felt so sweet. The feeling you get when your crush has body contact with you




I took a spoon of the food and moved it to his mouth. He opened up and took it in. A single spag slipped from the spoon and stained his lips before falling to the table. I stood up immediately




Me: I’ll get it


I took a napkin and went to his front, I lifted his face up with my index finger and gently wiped the stain off




Me: there you go


I smiled but his face was expressionless


I turned to go back to my seat but he stood up, turned me around and pulled me closer


Before I could look up, his face was already close to mine




Beck: kiss me


My eyes widened




Well I knew we were going to kiss but.. I didn’t expect him to ask me to do it first




I stared at his face closely before looking away


Beck: is she shy?




Me: no I’m not. Come on, I’ve kissed you before




Beck: but you haven’t totally made the first move




Me: yes I have…..


Beck: don’t argue with me. Just kiss me




His fingers rubbed my back and I felt tingles


I dropped the napkin on the table and raised my hands over his neck




I tiptoed a little and placed my lips on his. I closed my eyes and I felt his tongue slipping in. It felt good and just as I was about to relax and enjoy the kiss perfectly, he disengaged




Beck: you’re supposed to be kissing me but I’m the one taking over




I frowned and hit him on the chest


Me: is that why you had to stop the kiss. You’re so unbelievable




I left him and walked back to my chair


He sat down and crossed his arms then stared at me as I ate.




Me: your food will get cold


Beck: I’ll warm it up and eat it while you braid my hair




I laughed


Me: just because your hair is somehow long doesn’t mean it’s meant to be braided




Beck : we’ll break that rule


He sat up and then started eating


I smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear






✂Jade West’s POV✂




I checked the time and sighed


Me: we’re supposed to be at the game now




Cat: my nose feels like it’s in an oven




Me: then bake a cake it in


Cat: cup cake




I groaned and paced around the room.


A nurse came in




Me: are we leaving now?


Nurse: yes. But take this….




Me: no thanks


I pulled Cat up and led her out




Nurse: you need to take this medicine for her to heal quickly




I turned and glared at her, I snatched the envelope from her and turned to go




Nurse: you have to sign here…


I groaned loudly and glared at the nurse. She moved back a little




Me: give me that fu.cking paper


I snatched it from her and sighed then threw it back to her




I began to walk out of the room




Cat: sorry for the way she yelled at you. She’s a bully




I turned abruptly


Me: CAT!


Cat: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!


I huffed and walked out. She followed me out.


We reached the car and I sat in. She hurriedly sat inside and I brought out my Cat strings




Me: give me your hands


Cat: oh no! But I thought you said you weren’t gonna tie me to the car seat.




Me: yes I said I won’t tie you to the car seat but I didn’t say I won’t tie you up




Cat: you’re so mean and evil




I tied her hands and drove to the bowling alley. I opened the door and led her out of the car




Me: I tied your hands so that you won’t touch anything. But if you disturb me too much. I’ll tie both your mouth and your legs




Cat: which means I’ll just sit down and watch you




Me: exactly


She shrugged and followed me inside




I made her sit down and watch me. After a while, I looked back and saw a boy trying to tease Cat. I frowned and walked there




Me: what’s going on here


Cat: Jade he’s making jest of my nose




I turned to the boy


Me: why are you making jest of her nose?




Boy: because she looks pathetic and I wonder who tied her up. Hahaha




I punched his nose and he staggered back




Me: before you pick on someone, try to know who they are.




He retorted


Boy: do you know who I am?




Me: I don’t care but don’t you dare mess with my friend


I pulled his arm and threw him to the ground. People gathered and watched us




The boy stood up and tried to punch me but I kicked his stomach and pulled him by the hair




Cat: do it Jade. Rip his hair off. Show him what you’ve got




I brought out my scissors and ripped off the bunch of hair that I packed up.


I let the boy fall and I went to help Cat.




Me: let’s go


We walked out of the alley




Cat: OMG . You were so good back there. Like a WWE star. You’re my hero




I sighed and sat in the car. Cat kept talking about the fight that I got exhausted and I tied her mouth to let my eardrums rest






Emily Brown’s POV




I paced around the balcony. What is Beck so busy with that he can’t even pick my call. I want him to come here before he takes dad out. I really want to see him again




I went back to the living room and met dad taking coffee




Me: dad are you going to your leisure house today?




Dad: no. I’m staying home today






He looked at me




Me: sorry, just that I wanted you to get barbecue for me again




He sipped his coffee and looked at me




Dad: well I could call Beck so you guys can go and get the barbecue




I jumped up


Me: yess!


I ran upstairs to go and tell Karie






Beck Oliver’s POV




It was time to leave and I held Tori’s waist. My jacket was in the other hand and we walked gently to the door. I saw an envelope on the table. It wasn’t there when we came in




Me: did you drop that?


I pointed to the envelope




Tori : no. But you should check it out. I saw it in a vase and it says OPEN ME




I walked to the table and picked it up


Me: should we open it?


Tori: I don’t know




I hummed


Me: hmm, let’s see




I opened it and there was a paper in it


I read it




Me: dear Sichowitz students, I your teacher have found you worthy and decent. This was all a test for you and you passed. Meet me in the evening and get your scripts to feature in an upcoming movie


Tori gasped




Tori: OMG, I hope he’s talking about the movie HER ROMEO




Me: there’s a movie like that


Tori: yes, I hope it’s the one




She took the envelope from me


Me: seems you’re really happy for this


Tori: of course I am




Me: so what if we refused to come for the clean up


I crossed my arms


She laughed and hugged me




Tori: thanks for making me come. Because of this, I’m taking you out to the most expensive restaurant tonight




Me: wow, she wants to spoil her boyfriend




We laughed and I kissed her forehead


Me: thank God I’m not taking my boss out tonight




He chuckled and we walked outside. I locked the door and we walked out of the building, hand in hand
































To be continued

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