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Anything For Rachel – Episode 26

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I followed Octavia out, and we rode the elevator together, with Cromley in tow, to the fifth level where we both exited, but she went right with a wave while I went for the left corridor to find my beloved library.



I pushed open the old wooden doors and the smell of old book paper wafted out, making me smile. All I need now is a nice pot of coffee to really relax me. I avoided the Latin section with a giggled and went for the British literature, pulling down a big book that seemed to get a lot of reads by the condition of its spine. I cuddled up on the red velvet couch like I had seen Calvin do before and tried to immerse myself in the story, but my mind kept wandering off to what Calvin is doing right now, or if Rose is awake right now too. I was staring at the pages, but I wasn’t paying attention to them at all.


Eventually I got so lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t even hear someone else walk in until I noticed her shadow looming in the doorway. “Hi.” She muttered, her jet black hair hanging straight down her back and her flattering jade skirt and white knit sweater making my comfy clothes look like trash.


“Hi.” I said back courtly.


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Lexton pursed her red lips and frowned. “I think we need to talk.”



==== == == == == === === = ====


Calvin P.o.v ✔



=============== === ====================



Even as the door clicked shut with her on the other side, I had to battle myself not to rip the door back open, toss her back into the bed, and stay hidden beneath the duvets and pray that no one ever finds us.


I had to force myself to swallow back my desire, and the memories of her warm soft skin against mine, and stride across the hall into my own room. Her scent was everywhere here too now. I loved it, reveled in it, and bathed myself in it. Her scent hanging around the room means she’s here. She’s real, no longer a fantasy of mine, and even better, she loves me. She’s forgiven me, and my black soul feels light again.



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She’s taken all the broken pieces of me and mended me back together, making me even stronger than before. I knew this was why the people had feared her before, she had and still has, a hold on me like no other. I don’t give a damn when I’m in her presence, I am reckless, and I am overcome with love. It’s true that she weakens me as a ruler, a single glance at the clock, telling me I’m already over an hour late for my appointments is evidence of this, but I just don’t care. I don’t give a damn that the guards in the hall saw me emerge from her room with my ripped shirt and missing a shoe. I don’t care that I’m late for another senseless meeting where the council will likely give me fake compliments, then follow them with more requests. I don’t care about anything but that woman in that room, and the little part of the both of us out there with Pedro.


Remembering my mission with Rose gives me incentive to dress quickly and make my way to the first council meeting so that I can make my appointment with the head of the unit appointed to track and kill the rebels that threaten her.


Distraction are everywhere on my way to the conference room: people wanting to talk, guards needing orders for the day, and official’s trying to take the moment to kiss my ass. But the majority of the distractions lie in my own mind. Rachel’s eyes as the roll back slightly, her perfect red mouth opened, the noises that come out of it….The way she digs her nails into my shoulders, the way she breathes out my name…over and over…


“Calvin!” Octavia snapped at me from down the corridor, stepping out of the conference room and pulling the door shut behind her. She rushed to me, giving me a knowing look, disapprovingly for once, then she shook her head. “Do you know how late you are?”


“Of course I do.” I told her, pointing to the watch on my wrist.


“Well, they are not happy.”


I sighed and we began walking that way. I noticed that she was abnormally quiet today, but I made a mental note to call her on it later, not while the council is within ear shot.



I pushed open the door and allowed Octavia to pass in front of me, pulling out her seat for her and then I moved to my place at the head of the table.


Although Octavia told me they were less than pleased by my tardiness, they didn’t dare convey it on their faces…not to me. The fake smiles, and the overly enthusiastic head bows were something I had become accustomed to with this lot.


“Your highness, so nice to have you join us.” Master Marco crooned.


I nodded my head to him, not giving him the pleasure of my eye contact. “Yes, I apologize of course for my timing. I was otherwise engaged.” I said dismissively and they nodded, pleased little servants to their king. I see through these people like glass, but they are convinced that I’m a fool. “Catch me up please.”


“Of course.” Miss Angela smiled too warmly. “First we covered the issue of the blood shortage.” She told me. “As we discussed in the last meeting, our supply has been depleting at a much higher rate than is usual.”


“How are our numbers?” I quizzed her and she swiped her long red fingernails across her tablet a few times.


“This time last year we were near a maximum of capacity with 102,837 bodies here in Castrum de Petra. After King Gordo’s death, and the rebels, we dropped to 100,012, not counting the twenty eight humans we had here at the time of course. Our normal supply amount from the two feeder schools here in Ireland were more than covering our need then, right up until the lockdowns, but this year, we only have 98,647 bodies at present, which I expect to jump higher as the competition begins, and our supply for the next three months is already down to only a few weeks’ worth.” She said gravely.


I rubbed my jaw and frowned. “How many weeks on what we have right now?”


“Three or four.” Angela answered quickly.


I sighed. “What was the consensus on this topic?” I asked the group.



Master Joseph cleared his throat. “Well, Majesty, we suggest that we ask for a loan on blood from England, and we double our feeder’s intake.”


I shook my head, and Marco sighed. “I think that is the best course of action for us.” He let me know and I nodded once to him then turned back to the rest.


“I don’t like it.” I admitted. “The feeder’s are already taking thirty a month, and doubling that would cause an overcrowding in the feeder schools. How do you suppose we house that many children? They’re already being taken younger and younger now. I won’t support a raise in numbers.” I said bluntly. “I agree with the loan from England.” I amended. “Their last reports I saw showed they had an influx of blood supply this quarter anyway, so I see no issue with that. I am more concerned with why our blood supply is being spent so quickly.” I shook my head as I thought. “Someone is taking more than their share, or many are being wasteful. Either way, I don’t want to create a panic. No word of this leaves this room, but I do want two trusted guards posted in the blood wing to oversee the transactions.”


“Very well.” Marco sighed.


I ignored his obvious disapproval and folded my hands on the table in front of me, remembering where my hands had been just a few hours ago. “Next topic.” I prompted and Lady Maggie grinned. Great. Maggie is the tactical head of the force assigned to foreign affairs and possible uprisings. No news from her is good news.


“Not to be alarming,” She started with, smiling again. “I have been getting numerous reports lately of a possible disturbance in Britain.”




The last thing I need is her sticking her nose into the rebels in Britain.


“What kind of disturbance?” I asked carefully. I had hoped these rebels were a little more careful than this.


“Nothing major yet, but it seems to be generating from a smaller area in Great Britain, within the civilization there.” She said.



“Just concerned citizens reporting suspicious behavior. Seems the group is very small as well.” She shrugged. “They haven’t gotten anything substantial enough that I would advise a team check it out.”


I wanted to sigh in relief, but I contained it. “I second that.” I nodded. “Do notify me if that situation changes at all.”


“Of course.” She smiled cheerily.


I checked the time on my watch and then looked back up at the council. I need this to move along. “Anything else I need to be privy of?”


“Do you have somewhere else to be?” Marco asked and I narrowed my eyes at him. He’s the only one who ever tests his limits so blatantly.


“I’m the king, in case you forgot, I am a very busy man.” I muttered.


Marco straightened his red tie and nodded with a fake wrinkled smile. “The only other topics on our agenda today are the menus for the next two balls, whether or not to bring back our team from Bosnia since they were unsuccessful in establishing a good location for an expansion of our people, a Miss Frankie requesting a meeting, and the schedule for the competition and the events that will go with it.” He informed me quickly.


I spent a few seconds thinking, then sighed as I checked the time again. I needed to move these things a long so that I can get back to her.

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“Ok.” I started. “I don’t give a damn what the menus for the balls are, and I don’t want two, only one.” I added. “They take up too much money, and the lavishness leads to heavier feeding and as we just discussed we are already short in that department, so make one more ball work.” I huffed. “Oh, actually, add cobbler to the list, but other than that, you all pick without me.” I told them, wanting to smile at my little inside joke, but setting it aside for now. “The men in Bosnia can decide for themselves. They were the ones who desired to go so badly, so if they are ready to call it quits, fine, but if they wish to continue to search, that is fine with me.” I ticked down the list in my head, but then I was stumped on who Miss Frankie was,



until it suddenly clicked and I was confused all over again. “What does Frankie want?”


It was Octavia’s big eyes that meant mine this time. “She wants to go home.” She said softly.


“I see.” I muttered. I remember her being a dreadful girl, always throwing herself at me, but no self-respect or respect for others. Not like my kind Rachel. Many times since Rachel was gone from here I have tried to ask myself what Rachel would want me to do in certain situations, and I knew in this one she would want Frankie released. “I don’t want to meet with her.” I said coldly. “It would be a waste of all of our time, I was already kind enough to her to offer her the choices to stay here or go work in her feeder school. She made her choice.”


I gave Octavia a small look, letting her know it was something we would revisit later. The council would never support releasing her with all of the information she knows, but I know it would be right to free her. I should offer the same to that other girl. I had just honestly forgotten about them over time. “Very well.” Octavia nodded courtly.


“Now someone quickly tell me the plan for the competition.” I requested.


“We plan to begin tomorrow night.” Marco said. “We’ll open with some clips and teasers from Miss Rachel and Miss Lexton from the last competition. Just a little something to hype the crowd.


They will both make a short statement, then we will have you pick Miss Lexton for the first date.” He informed me. “This year we also plan to display the whole date live to the people to watch.” He smiled, pleased with himself. “There will be two dates a week, and I guess the next ball will be on the night before the final pick is made.”


“No.” I snapped quickly.


“No?” Marco repeated me.



“I will not pick Lexton for the first date. That’s a slap in the face to Rachel seeing as she is the current queen, and a fan favorite. It would look cold of me to cast her aside on the first night. Also,


I will not allow the entire date to be broadcast. You can do the clips just like last time.” I said firmly.


“With all due respect, Majesty, we have already voted as a council before you graced us with your presence.” Marco replied evenly.


“With all due respect, I think you forget who the king in this room is and who put who in power.” I said back icily.


“Highness, you are the one who formed this council.” He shot back. “Why have us if you don’t plan to honor our choices? Why are we here?”


I stared back at him as I stood. I couldn’t tell him the truth, that I formed the council to slowly begin to cycle out royals from our people. I needed to distance myself from the power, hoping that in time I might be no longer needed at all, and then my sole heir would be of little concern to anyone anymore. I was trying to protect Rose’s legacy by turning things into a democracy instead of a monarchy, but right now, Rachel needs me to have the power.


“I am the King.” I said again. “I am the one who gets final say on any decision made by this council, which like you said, I brought together. Don’t forget how easily I could dissolve it. You think the people would give a damn if I go back on the council I


created? Who do you think the people fear more?” I asked coldly, just barley holding the black back from covering my eyes. “You?” I laughed. “Or their king ?” I stared him down and he lowered his eyes like a dog. “Don’t forget your place again, or we will see how much the people love you as I have you burned alive on the live television that you love to use so much.” I smiled to myself as he kept his eyes down like the coward that he is, and then I looked at the rest of the room. “Anything else?”


“No.” Angela snipped, then added a quick smile. “Thank you for your help.” She added.



I caught the look Octavia was giving me from across the room, but I ignored her as


I walked out angrily. This idiotic competition is going to be the death of me. I


know I probably should have tried to be more diplomatic with Marco, but he


reminds me too much of my father. I refuse to let another person control me.


Well…all but two beautiful girls. Like Rachel had said, I will do what I have to do,


and if making a fool of Marco in front of the entire council is what I needed to do


to put him in his place and watch out for Rachel’s wellbeing, then oh well.


Live dates would have been disastrous. Rachel wouldn’t be able to resist watching Lexton’s dates, and vice versa, which would only put me in a worse place. Plus, I want to do what Rachel asked of me, and that is to make the best of our time together, and we couldn’t have done that with the world watching us.







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