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Almost Is Never Enough – Episode 6

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After 2weeks bertha had gone it was only me and was excited no one only me and my boo.

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After some some months I was going to 7months wow and I was very curious to know the sex of the baby I did the scan at the clinic I was working from and it was a boy guess Ben would be so excited I called him and told him and was very excited wow am going to have a son after work I went shopping for the baby I called mom and mom inlaw and told them it was a boy and they where both so excited I went home after shopping I found hubbys car parked I thought to myself this time he was already home,I entered and found Ben with his colleagues watching football they all great me and Ben kissed me in front of his friends I felt embarrassed and went to kitchen and prepared something for them I served and went to the bedroom and I found a bike and many staff for the baby I was excited I called Ben and he said surprise my friends helped me shop and I even bought a car seat for me and Tristan Ben junior to be going on a ride I smiled and said is that the baby’s name I smiled and kissed him every thing was going well until…



It was bens birthday and bought wine and bought a cake with his face saying happy birthday cupcake I put them on the table and took a photo and send. Them to Ben on WhatsApp and immediately a reply came and it said”hey bitch this is bertha and with your stupid husband right now she then sent picks of Ben and her, I felt my heart skip I seconds I was so shocked how could Ben do tho to me after every thing I was so disappointed I cried and cried after 30min I slept on floor crying then Ben came in and started crying baby am so sorry let me explain please don’t cry do it for the baby I stood up and slapped him and told him how could you do this I cried he said he was dragged by bertha and he was fast asleep and took advantage of me I didn’t believe the story I just cried continuously I slept in the spare room I heard Ben crying and calling bertha its all your fault and he cut the call and continued crying,I cried myself to sleep.

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Next didn’t. Say bye to Ben I went to work frustrated and Ben kept calling then another call came I picked it up thinking it was Ben its was my sister she said hey sis hold your horses its me I apologized and she. Was asking for money sh was going educational tour I sent her by airtel money and a message came through from Ben saying am sorry but my sister is coming for the weekend I didn’t reply I went home to prepare for bens big sister I found Ben and I ignored him was not in the moon for talking went and took a bath and started crying in the bathroom Ben heard me and knocked baby am sorry please stop it I told him to get out and I continued crying I was out of the bathroom and applied lotion Ben came in and kissed my thighs I tapped out and left him kneeling he shouted baby am sorry,after minutes a knock on the door I opened it was bens big sis with her baby girl we hugged and immediately pretended to be happy I gave a fake smile and pretended we where ok with Ben.


Me: come in


Mildred the big sis to Ben.


Mildred:wow you’ve grown big


Me :I laughed its baby that’s putting weight on me just then Ben came out with red eyes


Ben big sis am glad you visited its been long.


Mildred:yes its been too long what’s wrong with your eyes



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I coughed and excused my self to get drinks,we drunk while we watched a movie a dozed. Off and woke up to get water I heard voices from the living room.


Mildred saying I know you you not ok.


Ben started crying I messed up big time I stood there and peeped and he was crying and they talked for 10min then I passed they they paused and I drunk water and went to sleep. More interesting stories available…


In the morning I heard.a knock I opened it was Mildred she came in and said sit down I need to talk to you I said go on.


Mildred:please mwelwa my brother is sorry please forgive him.


Me:I started crying I said how could he do this to me after every thing I did go him.


Mildred:its ok don’t cry Mildred left after 3days .


It was now months and my baby was 9months ready to be born at anytime I was cleaning when I felt a sharp pain in the back my water broke and I was in pain I called for a taxi since Ben was in ndola for his aunty’s funeral I didn’t manage to go since I was heavily pregnant I went and I couldn’t give birth since I was thinking about Ben and how he cheated on me until I went for c-section after hours i delivered a bouncing baby boy my aunt came to support me and all my family and friends came i was happy they all smiled mom said he looks exactly like you when you where a baby we laughed.






to be continued…..

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