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Almost Is Never Enough – Episode 1

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*Almost is never enough* ❤ #1




It was 3rd August when Ben my life time partner put a ring on my finger that was one of my happiest moments that I have cherished al my life,being called mrs chirwa was one of the things that made me smile whenever I think about him,my name is mwelwa and am a 4th year student doing nursing at Lusaka apex nursing school and Ben is an accountant, me and Ben have been dating fo 2years and we have finally tied a knot.the wedding preparations where not easy because of money issues but we managed to pull through the wedding was going to be held on the 29th of November,and I was ready every thing was going well not until I went to town and buy my wedding dress with my sister we got it and as I was walking my sister saw ben’s car parked near hungry lion I wanted to call him but I didn’t I wanted to surprise him with the wedding dress I just bought and have lunch together we then went inside my phone rang it was mom I told her about the dress and she was happy I found a fitting when I looked to my left I found Ben with a woman feeding her ice cream and cholates and he was holding her hand ,I dropped my phone the sound of my phone made him stand up and shouted babe its not what you think I slapped him and ran took a taxi and went home,I felt my whole world clash down too pieces I felt heart broken could it be that Ben cheated on me before our wedding I cried reached home and found everyone waiting for me to try on the dress they all paused and came to comfort me,everyone was like what’s wrong mwelwa tell us,I went straight to my room and cried my self to sleep I was so embarra*ssed,how will people think if the wedding was going to be in a months time I sat there and found a lot of missed calls from Ben,mom came in and asked what’s wrong my child I told her Ben cheated on me I found him in town.


Mom:oh dear am so sorry this happened please let him let him explain him self.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Me:no mom i won’t do that he has already done it.


I stayed one week in the house didn’t know what to do whether to call off the wedding and move on all forgive Ben and continue our journey




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Please show love by clicking on the "YouTube" button below 😫 I need subscribers, help me reach my target before deadline, please

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