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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 6

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episode 6




by Authoress Simrah .




Kay’s POV


“Mia” I called as I ran to her . no! I didn’t bargain for this .


I didn’t know it will affect her this much. I carried her in a bridal style to my car when a girl probably of her age came running..


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“what did you do to her”she said in between sobs while I sighed as she ran without my permission to the back seat where I dropped Mia .




“just pray nothing happens to her or else I will kill you” she threatened which made me chuckle, this is the second version of Mia indeed.


I entered the car and drove off. I have never been this worried before . the sight of her beautiful face crashing to the floor appeared in my head.. I just called her beautiful . incredible!



I just wish I didn’t throw the lasagna on her face. I discovered yesterday that she is allergy to it and I took it as the perfect time to take my revenge on her.





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I drove down to Los Angeles yesterday after I did research that her father resides there. I need to get on his good side before the marriage something.


20minutes later, I arrived at his house with the direction my private investigator gave me. I gently knocked at his door waiting for response and in due time the door cracked opened revealing a man in his late 40’s. He seemed surprised to see me here , maybe he knows me, like who wouldn’t, I’m popular.




“ah Mr Brooks? ” he asked with a slight smile and a worried expression on his face…




“No sir, it’s Kayden, Mr Brooks is my father’s name” I replied politely giving him my warmest smile.




“oh I’m sorry my son you can come inside” he said stepping aside for me to enter.I guess he’s not going to be hard as I thought.. he seemed friendly. I sat down on the cough while he did same .




“so to what do I owe this visit son, hope all is fine or oh what has Mia did this time around” he asked as he shook his head . Thank God he knows the kind of daughter he have.




no sir she hasn’t done anything but I came in respect of her” I replied as he gave me a confused look ..




“what did you mean son” he asked while I told him my aim of coming here, he was surprised someone like me will love his daughter but thou he didn’t kick against it…


step one crossed successfully! noted✓



He even told me how good I am and he sure trust me to take care of his douchebag of a daughter.. while I laughed silently.. Some of his questions about how we met , I lied , infact all I lied just for him to accept me as his son in law …


I asked to know more about Mia and that was how I knew she was allergy to lasagna.




“she loves chocolate like her life depends on it but she’s allergic to lasagna son don’t do the mistake of putting it in the food for her when you are doing your romantic cooking for her because that’s where her weakness lies” he said and chuckled while I laughed with him.




I just found her weakness, the whole Mia has a weakness too .


wow! perfect, just perfect!.




{end of flashback}


Immediately I arrived at the hospital, I quickly took her out. yeah this is my hospital…




“when the hell are the doctors” I shouted . ah! I’m seeing that some people will get fired today..




“Doctor!” I yelled again before the doctors and the nurses came rushing out…




“Mr Brooks” one of the doctors called ..




“are you insane? can’t you see that someone needs attention? ” I snapped looking down at fragile girl in my hands. she’s so soft..




“I’m sorry sir! nurse the stretcher quickly” he said to the nurse as there collected her and rushed her to the ICU.




“you stupid lady, what are you still doing here , infact you are fired” I said angrily to the nurse who was staring at me with lust which disgust me..




“I’m sorry sir, I’m so sorry” she pleaded while I paid deaf ears to her signalling Mia’s friend I guess to come with me…




with due respect sir, you are not permitted to enter her ward till she’s examined ” the doctor said..




“you are stupid old fool! in my own hospital? you are giving me orders? did you want to get fired? and I will make sure you never get job anywhere else again” i shouted as he freezed . He made way for me to enter but not before he apologized.. nonsense! I hissed and entered ..


I watched as there run some tests on her..


I’m sorry Mia , you should be careful with me next time…






“doctor how’s she now” curiouscity was eating me up..




“she’s fine now, she just loose consciousness and she will be awake any moment from now all she needs is rest” he said and patted my shoulder walking out..


I saw as that girl ran to her bird crying profusely muttering some incoherent words before she


runs out….


I sat at the edge of the bed cupping her little face . Even as she sleeps, she looks harmless and innocent. I looked at the way her lips patted giving me some unknown feeling… What’s wrong with me?I’m sure this is not me..My face drafted to her lips, so pink I just wish to smash my lips on hers right now it’s so tempting.. oh goodness Lord! Kayden snap out of it.. I scolded myself…




Mia’s POV.


I woke up in an unfamiliar place with a banging headache. what the! What I’m I doing here? I tried standing up but I couldn’t I am so weak..


I tried to recall what happened earlier. that wicked man.. I’m still surprised how he gets to know about my greatest weakness..



I was lost in thought when the door open coming in view was a pale looking Jenny but when she saw me , her face brighten up…




“oh my God Mia you scared the shit out of me, don’t try this next time please” she said engulfing me in a hug..




“it’s okay, I’m fine now just remind me not to mess with Lucifer again” I said while she laughed..




fast¢ forward…


it’s been two days since I was discharged from the hospital but I haven’t set my eyes on Lucifer thou Jen told me he was worried for me but I couldn’t bring myself to believe that fatal lie..it pained me he didn’t come to check on me but who am I ? I thought and laughed…


Right now, I’m preparing to go to Kayden’s parents.. His driver brought me a dress this morning and the dress was unimaginably beautiful…


Jenny applied some light makeup for me for the fact that I loose the argument to her…




“now bitch, go see the new version of Mia in the mirror you look soooo…” she enthused while I went to see my self in the mirror..




The girl I’m seeing in the mirror looks so beautiful like a goddess .. to say I was beyond shock is an understatement.. I mean my curves and everything was showing clearly as the dress hugged my body…




“I can’t wear this Jen it’s too tight” I winced while she eyed me.




“you are joking ain’t you? cause there is no way you are taking off this dress stupid” she replied and focussed back on her phone ..




After what seems like ages , I am now going down to meet Lucifer who was impatiently checking his time again and again…He looked up and frowned..




“you are….” he didn’t complete his statement as his gaze got fixed on me as if am some kind of


food he’s ready to devour right now.. I looked into his eyes only to see different emotions….


that of lust? love? confusion? amusement?..


hahahahah I can be very funny, I take the love word back because this stone here can’t love.. Crap! he even forgot everything including himself. I cleared my throat and he snapped out of his trance.. Taking a last look at me he gestured me to get inside and he entered the car too.




“such a gentleman” I said sarcastically as I opened the passenger side to sit….


The drive was silent yet a comfortable one as I slept off the moment the car took off….




Kay’s POV.


This is a real definition of beauty. she have been hiding herself those baggy clothes she do wear. Not even any of those girls I screw have this curves of hers . She has the shape of a model.. I glanced at her face sleeping peacefully on my shoulder..


yes she’s asleep! the devil in me whispered..


this urge in me to kiss her is getting more intense.. I can’t do this anymore..


¿you can kiss her she won’t know anything happened ! my subconscious mind advised..


I tucked a strand of her falling hair back . I mentally packed the car bringing my self closer to her till we were inches apart…


Our lips almost got locked up when her eyes popped opened.. What! this is a death wish! oh Lord of Madagascar, just kill me now!




“what are you doing” she asked seating up.. jeez! think of something , think , think!




I …I ….I …I ..mean a fly, yes I was driving the fly away from your face” I said scratching the back of my head. I can’t believe I just stammered. For the very first time in my life I felt embarrassed.. She was just staring at me with a frown.. oh God tell me she did not know what I wanted doing………




he was caught red handed.. If not that Mia woke up he could have kissed her for real .


is he developing feelings for her? or is just lust because of how beautiful she looks today?


7days with my crush

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