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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 5

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episode 5




by Authoress Simrah .




Kay’s POV.


I stood there shock to the core. What the heck! not even my parents have ever raised their hands on me but this commoner just did, not once but good twice! whats wrong with this girl? she have the gurts to slap Kayden Brooks..


I walked to my car trying to put all the things that just happened together..


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MIA LOCKHART, you don’t know what just hit you.


You will regret ever crossing paths with me..


I drove straight to my mansion lashing out at the anger in me to the maids and guards .




I went into the bathroom almost immediately and too a long shower to cool off my head .. I cant wait for her to become my wife so that i will show her what hell looks like .. Damn.. I’m so angry right now..






The next day , Ryan came over and I told him about what happened last night but my stupid nigga was laughing like a maniac. I don’t know what’s funny…


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you mean she slapped you?” he asked in between laughter..




if not for the fact that you are my best friend, I could have punched you right away” I said frustrated while he stopped laughing as he noticed I wasn’t joking..




but man that was a funny story, I’m happy for you, you finally met your match ” he said bemused and focussed on the TV.




you know what ? suit yourself, i got my back , i will make her pay I promise” i said and walked out of the house ignoring his calls.. No one always support me, I don’t know why but I care less.. I on my own can shake the world…




I just love driving my self so I entered the car and drove off. I must think of something to teach that psycho a lesson in a very hard way…


But for now , I need to plan everything and the wedding too … If we get married then she will have to be nothing but a poor slave in my house…




Mia’s POV…


Its been a week since i saw Lucifer and today he texted me he was gonna pick me for shopping so right now I’m dressing up.. Oh , I told Jenny each and everything but the only thing



she could do was to squeal and tell me how lucky I am to be spending time with ‘ Kayden Brooks’ .


I know he’s been my crush but I can’t worship him like a demigod . no now.. and hes been seized from the position of a crush to that of an asshole . Don’t blame me he’s too full of himself. Gosh !




“ow , Mia I’m so jealous of you right now” Jen said feigning hurt while holding her chest dramatically while i rolled my eyes..




” it’s not a big deal” i replied shrugging…




“don’t tell me you aren’t happy, many girls will kill to be in your position right now ” she grimaced and i refused answering her …


She continue ranting when we heard a car horn in our compound..




oh my God, Mia he’s really here, I can’t believe this” Jenny said while pushing me to go already when the thought of what I did to him last week flashed through my mind making it Skip. What if he punishes me? God! I hope I won’t regret it.. Pushing the thought off my mind, I went downstairs going out to see Lucifer standing behind his car hands back…




“hey” i greeted as I approached him smilling..




“Hi” he said back looking at me with a glint that I couldn’t know what it was..


“let’s go already” he said while i nodded heading to the car but I stopped when something hit my nose..




“Nooo, noo, ” I shouted and look towards lucifer who has a grin on his face…


It was lasagna. and I’m allergic to it. That was my greatest weakness, the last time I mistakenly ate it, I stayed in the hospital for a whole day.. How did he know about it..?


I’m gonna pass out already..




I told you psycho that you shouldn’t mess with me but you wouldn’t listen, now look who’s suffering, aww sorry sweetheart” he said and started going while I was staggering, the smell was disturbing me so badly and it can’t be wiped off…


Tears welled up my eyes as everything became blurry, the only thing I heard was someone shouting my name before I passed out…




oh my God! Kayden’s come back was terrible now Mia fainted…


oya gather here lets pray for her quick recovery, she’s still our Mia..






7days with my crush .

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